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Chapter 242



Ethan was still waiting for Eva's replied, he doesn't want to take advantage of the situation when shock waves of pleasure sizzled, and Eva started shaking; The climax came at her in drugging waves . Eva clutched fistfuls of his shirt before she convulsed with her orgasm . Ethan got his answer and stopped himself from entering her .

However, Eva circled his neck with her arms and let him collapsed on top of her . Ethan was once again delighted with her excited anticipation . He was about to start the second round when someone started knocking at the door .

"Someone is coming . " He whispered to her ears lovingly while he kissed the slender column of her throat

"Oh! Shit! Who could it be?" Eva pushed Ethan away and scrambled to get up before answering . "Who is it?"With a voice that sounds half asleep .

"Sister Eva! It's Bentong, can I sleep with you, pleeease!" He begged loudly from the other side of the door sounds almost in tears .

Eva looked at Ethan's direction asking for help? However, Ethan was not in the mood to give in, after being interrupted just then . He raised his hand and motioned like I don't know and shook his head .

Eva had no choice but to open the door slightly ajar, then went outside to console Bentong . "Sweetie, sister Eva is not feeling well tonight, is it ok if you come and sleep with me tomorrow?" She embraced the little boy and gave him a peck on his chubby cheek, hoping that's enough and he would go back to their room .

Bentong felt terrible for bothering Eva when she's not feeling well at all . "Sorry! Sister Eva, I understand, tomorrow is fine . You can go back to sleep now; I'll go see if brother Ethan would let me sleep with him instead . " Bentong was about to turn and go to the direction of Ethan's room when Eva stopped him .

" I think your brother Ethan is sick as well, better not bother him tonight . Why don't you go back to your room first and I will check with your brother Ethan and tell him you want him to sleep with you alright . " Eva's praying that he would listen, she's sweating bullets from worrying that he would not agree .

"Ok!" Bentong replied with a grin on his face; he hugs Eva very tight before turning to leave .

"Phew!" Eva felt relief after seeing that Bentong went to the direction of the room his sharing with Don-Don .

After carefully making sure that Bentong went inside their room, she hurriedly went back inside her room to inform Ethan of Bentong's request . "You better go now before anyone sees you coming out of my room . " She pleadingly asked Ethan who's laying comfortably on her bed .

Ethan decided to tease Eva a little, "what if I don't want to go?" With a sly grin on his face .

"If you don't' then pay the consequences and be caught leaving my room in the middle of the night . " -She responded while grinning secretly . -"You don't know what I'm capable of doing when someone doesn't listen to me . "

"Hmmm!" Ethan got the hint and got up very quickly . He straightened his clothing and combed his hair with his fingers . Then he remembers where his fingers had been; he chuckled from his thought .

"Alright! You win my lady; I wouldn't want to pissed of you off . Not before and not now either . " He hurriedly closed their distance and kissed her soundly on her lips before bidding her goodnight . "Hahaha! My lady, please! Dream of me tonight, it's for sure that I'm going to have a 'wet dream' about you . " Ethan left laughing from his last remarks .

"Wet dreams?" Eva mumbles while she was getting ready to climb back to her bed . "Holly! Shit, I forgot about his needs; His probably in pain right now, he was not able to finish . " She said to herself a little louder than usual .

Ethan wasn't trying to be inconspicuous; he wants everyone to know their relationship . He didn't even see his older brother coming from the kitchen with a bowl of something on his hand until .

"What's up brother! You better make sure that you will make an honest woman out of her alright!" Jeff warned Ethan then went to the direction of their bedroom still grinning from ear to ear .

"I'm planning on that; I'm just waiting for you to make an honest woman of my sister-in-law first . Hahaha!" Ethan yells back at his brother as he walks towards the children's room .