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Chapter 243
Ann was lounging at the sofa reading some documents when Jeff walks in with a grin plastered on his handsome face . "Here you go, cookies and cream ice cream as per your request . " Jeff handed the cup of ice cream to Ann who's reading intensely .

"Thank you! Oh, you're so sweet, that's why I love you!" Ann accepted the cup of ice cream, set at the side table then continued reading . That did not go well with Jeff, he grabs the document from her hand and lay it down at the coffee table . "You asked me to get you ice cream so that you could put it aside and let it melt . No-no-no!" Shaking his head vigorously .

Jeff grabs the cup of ice cream from the side table; he then scoops a spoon full before, "Ahhh . . . Open your mouth . " He ordered Ann without giving her a chance to decline; he then slowly feed her the ice cream .

"Honey! You're spoiling me too much; I could feed myself you know!" She then tries to take the spoon from Jeff's hand . "No-no-no!" Jeff's raised his hand with the spoon away from Ann so she couldn't reach it .

"Oh, ya!" Ann got up and tried to reach the spoon, however even though she's almost as tall as her husband, he's smart enough to raise his heels, so he's about a head taller than her . "Hahaha!" Jeff's laughing hard while being playful with his wife .

When Ann couldn't reach the spoon, she decided to tickle Jeff so he would lower his guard . To no avail, he's not tickled at all . "Sike! You thought you could tickle me, let see who's ticklish . " Jeff's started tickling her instead .

"Hahaha! Stop It! Hahaha!" Ann was giggling so hard her stomach started aching . "Ouch!" She then bends while holding her stomach . "Ouch!" She cried out once again .

Jeff heard and saw her holding her stomach, he hurriedly put down the cup of ice cream and spoon and bends as well to see what's going on . "What's wrong? Where are you hurting?"

That's all Ann needed, she straightened up and grabs the cup of Ice cream and the spoon and run to the bedroom laughing . "Hahaha! Got ya! Sike! Hahaha!"

Jeff's could only scratch his head and grin; he couldn't believe how gullible he was when it comes to his wife . There's nothing else he could do but to follow his wife to the bedroom like a little kitten .

Ann was seated comfortably on top of the bed one hand scooping ice cream and eating, while the other hand was holding a document and reading .

Jeff didn't have much choice but to go to bed and wait until Ann finished reading . He lay his head on her lap to get her attention . However, Ann was so engrossed in what she's reading that she only stroke Jeff's hair while reading .

Jeff didn't complain; he loves what she was doing . Soon enough Jeff was in deep slumber, the next thing he knows it was already morning . He wanted to sleep some more but Ann was no longer in bed, she had gotten up early and already doing her morning exercise .

'Hmmm, I must have been overly tired to fall asleep just like that . ' He thought before getting up to look for his missing wife .


The elders and the two boys were already in the dining room eating breakfast while Ann, Eva, and Lea were exercising . Ethan and Ronald were discussing some business matters involving the Wen corporations, that's was the sight Jeff arrives into and it gave him a satisfying feeling .

"Good morning!" Jeff greeted everyone at the table before seating down to have some coffee .

The atmosphere was delightful and harmonious; they were chatting and laughing while they were having their breakfast . "Now that everything is under control, we can resume the wedding plan . What do you all think?" Grandpa Go asked everyone at the table .

Grandma Tan face lit up with excitement . "Yes! We should start sending the invitation while we're here, that way they could have the wedding us soon as next week . "

"We could do that, we could start right after breakfast," Sophia told everyone .

"Well, that's fine and dandy, but I think the men shouldn't be involved with sending the invitation," Albert interject . He wanted to play golf, and it's a good time as any while the women were busy making wedding plans .

"I don't think so honey! We need men's input as well . Don't think of running off to play golf or you'll die by my hand . " Sophia threatened Albert seriously .

Ann walks in just as Sophia was threatening Albert . "Mother, it's better if the men's were not around we could make all the decision without arguments . Don't you think so?" She then secretly winks at her father .

"Oh . . . ? Well, if you say so . You're the bride, you decide . " Sophia gave in, without a fight .


Right after breakfast, the men left to play golf while the women were busy at the dining table writing names of the people they plan on inviting to the wedding . There's so many, and the numbers keep on increasing .

Suddenly, Ann remembers all the people that had been supporting her all this time . However, there just so many of them . 'What to do? What to do?' She's deep in thought how to proceed; then it suddenly hit her how she's going to go about it .

"Lea, I have some special guest that I wanted to invite, can you write down their names please!"

"Sure! Who are they, so I could make sure they all receive an invitation . "

"I have so many to invite, but for now send the invitation to the first twenty people alright!" Ann happily informs Lea of the names of the special guest .