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Chapter 244
Lea contacted the wedding planner; it's time to finalize the detail for the wedding venue they would have a final meeting when they get back . The Idea for the site would be on an island in the Pacific . A party for a whole week before the wedding day was the plan, this way, it would give enough time for all the guest to have fun before the day of the wedding .

While Lea was busy speaking with the wedding planner, the other ladies were busy preparing the wedding invitations . There are too many people to invite for the wedding, by the time they finished it seems they had asked the whole Country to celebrate with them .

Ann suddenly remembers that her special guests were from a different part of the world . "Lea, before I forget, make all the arrangement and pay all the expenses for my special guest alright!"

Lea started calculating in her head the amount of money Ann would be paying to bring in all her special guest . Her eyes began bulging after realizing how much money it would cost, but then this is for the people that had been supporting her and Jeff from the beginning, It's all worth it . "Alright! Whatever you say, boss lady . " Lea happily complied .

After the invitations were sent out, it was time to do some pampering . They called for a masseuse to release some stress from their body, then a home service spa pedicure and manicure . While the woman was getting pampered, the men and the two boys were having a fun day as well .

The whole day was something no one will ever forget; they enjoyed every minute of it without being disturbed by their man .

Same goes with the men; they enjoyed playing round after round of golf, It's a much-needed relaxation for all of them after being through the ordeal .

Jeff and Ethan took the opportunity to do some brotherly bonding . Same goes with the Father and Son Old Ron and Ronald . Grandpa Go also took the chance to bond with the two boys along with Albert Tan .


For their last night at Hawaii before going back to Asia, the ladies offered to prepare dinner for their loved one . The men get to request one dishes each, and their respective partners would make it for them . There's one catch with the deal; the men must eat what the ladies would cook no matter what the taste like .

Everyone agreed, and the ladies busied themselves in the kitchen . The men kept themselves busy playing cards and drinking while waiting for the dinner to be ready .

After what it seems to be an eternity finally, it was time to eat . When the men arrived at the dining room, they saw a table full of dishes with a cover on them . Not one of the recipes were visible to the naked eye, which made the men weary .

"Grandpa, since your the eldest, how about you be the first to try the food . " Jeff jokingly asked his grandfather .

"Why? Don't you trust your wife cooking? Hehe! Remember everyone, we all agreed that we would eat whatever it is they cooked . You all better not renege on the deal . " Grandpa Go was so sure that Grandma Tan knows how to cook .

"Yes! Grandpa, we know . " Everyone replied in unison, then took their respective seat at the table .

The women decided to make it fun, all the men where blindfolded before they get to try the food . To make it fair, they draw a stick to determine who would go first . The lucky person to pull first was Old Ron; it's was a given that the food would be tasty since his wife had been cooking for him for many years .

The second one was Albert Tan; the men were watching intensely to see his reaction after taking a bite . When he was continuously chewing without a complaint, then it was considered a success .

The next was Ronald; he had a taste of Lea's cooking before . Therefore he was not afraid at all . He secretly grins before taking a huge spoon full then acted like the food was terrible . "Yikes!" He then made a face before he started laughing . "Sorry! I was playing with you guys; it's delicious . "

Now it's Ethan's turn, Eva blindfolded him before lifting the cover of the food . She then scoops a spoon of the dish and put it on his mouth . Ethan had already decided that no matter what the taste was, he would it eat with gusto . Well, he didn't have to worry about the food it was delicious .

Then it was Jeff's turn; the brother was thinking the same thing . They would like and eat the food, no matter what the tastes . However, the same goes for Ann's cooking; she had a lot of practice since she was young, it was so delicious that Jeff took out the blindfold and continued eating non-stop .

Grandpa Go was elated watching the men eat . Therefore, he rushed Grandma Tan to put his blindfold so he could try his food . "Hurry up! I'm starving, look at them pigging out . " He was talking about the rest of the men who are busy stuffing their mouth like it's the last meal on earth .

Grandma Tan nervously put the blindfold on Granpa Go then scoop a spoon full of the dish . Grandpa Go had his mouth wide open waiting . " Aaaah!"

Grandma Tan hesitantly put the food in his mouth . As soon as the food hit Grandpa Go's mouth, she dropped the spoon then backed away as far as she can . . .