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Chapter 245
Grandma Tan loves to cook spicy food . When Grandpa Go told her to prepare whatever she wants, she decided to make her favorite dish, [Beef Bicol Express . ] with lots and lots of red chili pepper .

However, she never let anyone know that her palate was not the same as it used too . She could no longer tell the difference if it's salty, sweet or spicy . It never bothered her before since they have a cook at home, but now she's worried, sweat started forming on her forehead .

Grandma Tan hurriedly backs away immediately after placing a spoon full of Bicol Express into grandpa Go's mouth . Everyone noticed what she did, besides grandpa Go who's blindfolded at the moment .

Grandpa's face transformed into red like a blazing flame as soon as the food reaches inside his mouth . At first, he was going to be a gentleman, hold it in and continued chewing as to not embarrassed Grandma Tan .

Unfortunately, besides being spicy, the Beef Bicol Express was also very salty . Therefore, he had no choice but to get up hurriedly and calls for someone to help him slowly make a ran towards the kitchen sink to spit out the food in his mouth .

"Pwe! Pwe! Pwe!" He gurgles a glass of water into his mouth before spitting it all up to get rid of the nasty taste .

Grandma Tan was too embarrassed; she slowly made her way out of the dining room with a sullen face . By the time Grandpa Go made it back to the dining room, Grandma Tan was already gone back to her room to sulk .

Everyone was speechless, especially Albert who had grown up eating Grandmother Tan's cooking . "I wonder what happened?" He reached out the plate of Beef Bicol Express and took a teaspoon; he then scoops a small portion of a spoon full to try it out .

"Pwe! Pwe! Pwe!" He couldn't even wait to get up and go to the kitchen sink; he looks for a napkin before spitting it all out loudly .

Everyone got curious and took a piece of the meat, and sure enough, they found out the reason . Ann and Sophia looked at each other before they started secretly laughing . "Hahaha!" Everyone else was unable to utter a word, afraid of Grandpa Go's wrath .

They realized that Grandma Tan was no longer with them in the dining room . " Where's Grandmother? " Ann curiously asked around .

Everyone looks at each other and then raises their hands simultaneously indicating they don't know .

Bentong who was watching the whole thing unfold went to Ann and tags on her dress . "Older sister, I saw grandma Tan leave and go back to her room crying . " He said it sadly .

"Oh? I wonder why?" Ann said curiously .

"What should we do? Should we go and talk to her? I didn't mean to act that way and made her feel bad, is just . . . You all know what I mean . " Grandpa Go trying to justify his action .

Ann was about to go and check on her grandmother when they heard a voice from behind . " I'm sorry! I ruined the fun, I should have the girls tasted it while I'm preparing it, but we agreed to cook on our own without asking each other help . " Grandma Tan explained .

"Oh . . . Mother-in-law, it's not a big deal, we all tasted it, and it's not that bad . " - Sophia was trying to butter up to Grandmother Tan and trying to make her feel better . - "Right? Guys?"

"What do you mean it doesn't taste that bad! That thing is horrible, it's salty, and it's freaking hot!" Albert interjects without batting an eye .

Sophia; "Albert!!!"

Ann; "Father!!!"

Grandpa Go "I'm going to beat the shit out of you!" He then slowly made his way to Albert .

Albert was quick and went behind his mother for protection . "Mother . . . are you going to let him beat me?"

Everyone started laughing, the atmosphere changed quickly, and it was back to harmony once again .

"When are we going to eat? I'm starving!" Bentong loudly asked afraid they would not be able to hear him from all the laughter .

Don-Don was going to second Bentong . However, he decided against it and sat down in his own accord and started putting food on his plate and Bentong . "Forget asking, just dig-in . " He told Bentong with a sweet, happy smile on his young face .

Bentong followed suit with his older brother and started reaching for food and filing it up on his plate . He was about to reach out the Bicol Express when . "NO!!!!" Everyone shouted and in unison before they continued laughing again .

Bentong was stunned from everyone screaming at the same time; he dropped the spoon quickly before looking around with his eye-bulging . He then spoke tears started forming in his eyes . . . "Gosh, I know it's especially for grandpa, but you all don't have to yell at me . " He then sat back down and started sulking .

"Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!" The laughter got louder and louder; everyone was having a stomach ache from laughing so hard, including Don-Don who understand what's going on .

Grandpa Go went towards Bentong and sat down next to him . "Son, if you want to try that special food grandma made for me, I'll let you?" Grandpa Go was consoling Bentong and wanted him to stop sulking .

"GRANDPA!!!!" Everyone yell's in unison again .

"Oh! Forget it, let's all sit down and have dinner, foods getting cold by the minute . " Grandpa Go ordered everyone .

Their last night in Hawaii was something to remember by; it's a story that the twins would repeatedly hear as they get older . [That's for another chapter]

Everyone was up very early the next day, the flight back to Asia would be at noon . The elders and the two boys stayed at the house and lounge by the fool .

The three couples decided to go for a stroll by the beach and take in the scenery . Each pair was happily holding hands while they were playing around as they stroll when suddenly they heard someone shouting, it was coming from the Ocean .

"HELP! HELP! Please, someone, help me!" The sound was coming from a woman who looks likes she's drowning .

Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald looked at each first . . . Who's going too?

"Guys! Aren't you all going to save her?" All three ladies asked their man in unison .