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Chapter 246
Someone, somewhere a voice was heard shouting for help . Everyone looked around to see where the sound was coming from and what they saw was two hands and a head bobbing up and down .

"HELP! HELP! Please, someone, help me!" The sound was coming from a woman who looks likes she's drowning .

Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald looked at each first, asking who's going to save the woman? It's a matter of life and death, but they were hesitating for some reason .

"Guys! Aren't you all going to save her?" All three ladies asked their man in unison .

"Ethan, what are you waiting for, your the best swimmer out of us three go!" Jeff coaxes Ethan to save the woman, unwilling to go .

Ethan didn't have any choice but to dive into the freezing water without shedding a piece of clothing to keep the woman from drowning . He reached the woman in no time and able to bring her ashore .

"Huh, huh, huh! I want to die! Sob, sob, sob, why did you save me? I want to die! Huh, huh, huh!" The woman kept on repeating she wanted to die in between hiccup and sobbing .

This situation did not go well in Jeff's hearing at all . He doesn't have any patience when it comes to crying women . "If you wanted to die so bad, why in the hell did you cry out for help then?" He growled to the woman .

Ann pinched Jeff sides, 'Honey! Don't you have compassion at all? The girl almost died, and you're scolding her for asking for help only because she's saying she wanted to die . You're too cold-hearted . " Ann bent down to speak with the girl and apologize for her husband behavior .

"Miss, I'm sorry about the way he spoke to you just now . My husband could be cruel sometimes, but he didn't mean it alright!" Ann was lightly stroking the girl's hand as she holds it to give her comfort .

The girl looks at Ann's beautiful face before she gives Jeff a once look over then make a face . She then turned her attention to Ann before speaking while her voice was still cracking . "I'm sorry! I'm not myself right now, part of me want's to die, and another part wanted to keep on going . Sob, sob, sob!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you say that . What could it be so hard in your life that you wanted to end it? It must not be too bad if you still wanted to continue living . " Ann was speaking with her with the mildest tone of voice she could conjure as not to upset her any further .

"Why don't we go to our place first, so could change out of this wet clothes . "-Ann touches the wet clothes on the girl to get her attention . - "Then you can tell us all about it, alright?"

The girl was hesitating; she looks at everyone gathered around her . She looks at the other girl who has a sad look on their faces, then to the men .

First to Jeff who has a stern looking face, then to Ronald who has concerned look on his eyes while listening and watching, then to her rescuer . He looks like a drowned rat with his hair all mushy and shivering from the freezing water .

"Yes! Let's get you both into dry clothes; it's freezing right now . It's not good for both of you to catch a cold, especially you Ethan, we don't want you bringing any bacteria back to Asia . Hahaha!" Ronald suggested to everyone .

Ann, Lea, and Eva helped the young girl up . They guided her all the way to the villa where they're staying without delay . Ethan ran to the house to get changed living Jeff and Ronald walking behind the women .

Jeff has a severe look on his face deep in thought, 'the girl looks so familiar but he cannot pinpoint who,' while Ronald just following along behind without a care in the world .


Ethan had informed the elders of the situation ahead of time . Grandpa Go ordered someone to contact a physician to come and give the young girl a thorough check-up .

The girl was about the same size as the three women; they had no problem finding an item of suitable clothing for her to wear . She was ushered into the guest bathroom to change, while everyone gathered in the parlor to discuss what had happened .

A couple of minutes later the girl came out of the guest bathroom all clean and fresh . She shyly stands at the threshold of the parlor waiting for someone to acknowledge her presence .

Sophia was the first one to glance and saw the pretty young girl by the door, but she didn't say anything . She only took a glance and continued her conversation with Ann as if she didn't see anything .

"Hrmph! Cough, cough!" Ethan made a noise from behind to get the girl attention . "What are you doing standing here, why don't you go inside so the doctor could give you a check-up . "

The girl turned around to reply, but unable to utter a world . What she saw in front of her was the Angel that saved her from drowning earlier . She gave him an admiration look, eye glistening with anticipation, a broad smile showing on her pretty young face .

Ethan looked away with a concerned look on his face . He doesn't like the look the girl was giving him, and he doesn't want Eva to be getting a wrong idea . He didn't wait for her reply, instead, he announced to everyone their presence .

"She's here!" Ethan shouted loud enough to wake up the dead . He then hurriedly went to sit beside Eva to show the girl his not available for the taking .

The contour of the young girl face changed from admiration to hatred while staring at Eva . She secretly smiles to herself while thinking . 'A devil has a hold of my Angel; I need to free him from hell!' She then walks toward Ethan and Eva with intention .