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Chapter 247

Just as the girl was about to reach her destination with full intention to be in between the couple, Lea and Ronald walk in coming from the garden .

"Wow! My dress looks better on you! You have what it looks like a million dollar leg . " Lea gives the young girl compliments to get her attention .

The young girl turned around shyly, "thank you! I don't think so; I'm too tall for this dress . However, a beggar cannot be choosy . " She replied sarcastically .

Sophia's eyebrow raised from what she heard, and about to say something . However, Ann beat her to it,-" If that dress is too short, I have plenty that would fit you . We're about the same height I think . " She said calmly with a frown on her face .

The girl was oblivious to her surroundings; she seems to have her own little world . "Older sister, you don't need to concern yourself . My assistant is arriving soon with my clothing; I would change out of this cheap no-name brand clothing the soonest . "

Jeff who's speaking with Albert Tan by the bar saw what's going on and decided to interject . "Everyone! We all should be getting ready, our flight within an hour . " He then went towards his wife to help her up from her seating position on the sofa .

"Let's go, my babies, we got a long flight back home!" He stretches his hand towards his wife, eyes full of love and care .

Ann accepted Jeff's helping hand, once she was up and face to face, she gives him a sounding kiss in front of the girl to mark her territory .

"Lea, I'm leaving our guest to your hand, make sure she's properly taken care off . " Ann turned her attention to the young girl and bid her goodbye before going to their room to rest for a little before the flight .

Lea understood what Ann meant by taken care, 'she knows what to do to a bitch like her . ' "Miss, how about the driver take you back to your home or hotel, we only have a little time left before our flight . I hope you understand; we are not trying to get rid of you, we need to get ready that's all . " Lea made it sound urgent .

While Lea and the young girl was speaking, Ethan and Eva got up and left without the young girl noticing . Eva has an idea of what's going on, but not entirely sure that her hunch was correct .

"Thank you for your offer; there's no need . I was able to make contact with my Assistant and Manager; they should be here anytime soon . " - The girl looked around and saw that only the elders were left, everyone else had gone .

"I would appreciate it if you don't divulge to them what I had done . I will make sure to compensate you very well . " The girl said it with a sarcastic smile plastered on her face .

Lea's eyebrow raised, she didn't like the sound of it one bit . "Look here missy, whoever you are and whatever it is that you do, I don't care about any compensation whatsoever . You don't have to tell me not to divulge anything to your Assistant or Manager, for I have no interest in speaking when them . "

Lea was pissed and ready to kick the girl's ass . However, she needs to hold her horses, or she would get in trouble with Ann when she finds out .

" You may sit and wait here for your assistant and manager, or you could go ahead and wait by the front door . It's up to you; I have to go and get my things ready . " Lea didn't wait for the girl's reply, she storms off and heads for her room .

"Don't ever let me meet you in a dark alley for I would beat the shit out of you, bitch!" Lea mumbles as she walks in their bedroom . Ronald who's packing their belongings heard every word of what Lea said .

"What's going on? What got you all riled up, that girl?" He whispered to Lea while back hugging her .

"You got that right! That girl is evil, Ethan should off let her drowned . "

"Now, now, now! That's not nice to say, your heart sweety, your heart . . . " Ronald was trying his best to calm Lea . He knows if he doesn't she would be in a bad mood all the way back to Asia .

"She's pretty lucky we are leaving soon, or she would receive something from me . " Lea finally calmed down a bit and turned around to give Ronald a fat kiss on his lips .

In the meantime at the parlor, recognition dawn at Sophia after staring at the young girl for a while .

Horror showed on her beautiful face when she realized who this person .

The young girl is a supermodel from Asia who's continuously a headliner in social media . She was famous for her million dollar pair of legs .

The last news Sophia read was about a young socialite who's now a famous supermodel who loves causing trouble . The name of that supermodel was . . . Sophia couldn't recall the name .

Sophia was about to get up and ask the girl personally . However, just as she was about to do it, a person came walking in . "Miss Si, I'm so sorry, I had to go through too many checkpoints before they let me through that door . " She pointed with her perked up lips towards the door of the villa .

Sophia heard what the newcomer called the young girl Miss Si . 'That's right! That's her the famous supermodel Jane Si . She's supposed to be here in Hawaii for an endorsement commercial, but why was she trying to kill herself?' Sophia was in deep thought; she needed to find out what's going on with this girl . She's a trouble maker, and Sophia could sense it from miles away .


Finally, it was time to depart and go back home . . . What awaits them in Asia would be in the next chapter . . .