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Chapter 248

After a long seventeen hours flight back to Asia, the private jet of Mega World had landed . Everyone was exhausted and worn out, as soon as the private plane landed they were all in a hurry to embark .

All their respective drivers were waiting for their arrival at the gate . The airport was in a frenzy when the crowds saw Sophia coming out of the VIP gate .



"We love you, Sophia!"

"Please!!! Give us an autograph, we love you!"

"When are you returning to stages, Sophia!!!"

The crowd was going crazy trying to get close to their idol . Luckily, Jeff had enough bodyguards with them; he ordered them to protect Sophia at all cost .

Sophia was kind enough to stop and give her fans autograph and allowed them to take her picture . Even though she's worn out and tired, she didn't show it to her fans . Her face shows a bright smile with appreciation to her fans . Albert Tan accompanied his wife the whole time without complaint .

While the crowds surrounded Sophia and Albert Tan, the rest of the group continued walking out of the airport without anyone bothering them .

Grandpa Go, Bentong, Don-Don along with Grandma Tan were the first to leave; Grandma Tan had asked to ride with them, she was too tired to stay and wait for Albert and Sophia to finished .

Old Ron, his wife, Lea, and Ronald went together in the same car, while Jeff, Ann, Eva, and Ethan went in another car . The scene as they were leaving the Airport was a sight to see . Limousines after limousine were seen leaving . People that saw them was trying to figure out who could they be?

However, no one was able to take any picture, Jeff's bodyguards were very fast in covering them with their bodies .


Everyone in Jeff's household was waiting for their arrival . They were all lined up at the door waiting to welcome them back with a big grin on their faces . Everyone knows that they would be receiving "Pasalubong" Gifts from Hawaii . The anticipation was high; everyone excited to see what they would be receiving from their beloved employer .

As soon as the Limousine pulled-up and came to a full stop, Mr . Butler rushed to greet them with wide smiling face eyes brightly shining . He as well couldn't wait what everyone brought back for him .

The driver opened the door, and Jeff was the first to come out, followed by Ann who looks so worn out still looking beautiful .

"Welcome home! Sir Jeff, Mam Ann!" Everyone shouted in unison .

"Oh . . . You guys didn't have to wait for us at the door like this . Tell the truth everyone; you're not waiting for us . You all waiting for your gifts from Hawaii . " Ann was joking, but she spoke with her usual straight face in which had embarrassed the household help .

"No-no-no!!!" The Chef and Mr . Butler said simultaneously .

"Sir Jeff, Mam Ann, with or without gifts we would still be standing here to welcome you back home . " Mr . Butler butter up to the couple .

"However, it would be a pleasure standing and waiting for your return if we are to receive a gift . Hehe!" The Chef banter for everyone to hear and all the staff started giggling and laughing secretly .

"Alright, alright! That's enough . We are tired and hungry, feed us first, and you might get something!" Jeff growled acting angry with a half smile on his face .

The Chef quickly went back to his domain whistling all the way followed by his assistant to start preparing his new recipes . Both have a big grin on their faces, thinking of the surprise present they would be receiving from the couple .

Jeff and Ann went straight to their bedroom to freshen up and relax before dinner while Ethan invited himself to have dinner with them so he could spend more time with Eva while they were waiting .


Meantime, in Hawaii Jane Si was making a fuss, she doesn't want to finish the shoot any longer . She wants to go back to Asia asap . "Cancel the deal; I don't want to shoot anymore . If you insist on continuing, I will drown myself into that big ocean . " Jane was shouting from the top of her lungs while throwing things to her assistant and manager .

"Jane! Listen to me, do you know how much is the penalty that we have to pay to break this contract?" Her manager furiously asked,

"Excuse me! I'm not poor by any means, pay whatever they want and let's go! if not, you will be on your own because I'm flying out of here no matter what . " Jane Si insisted and continued throwing a tantrum in the process .

Jane manager has no choice but to do her bidding or she would be left out on a cold . Jane is a hard-headed spoilt brat, who grew up getting whatever she wants . This time, the one thing she wants is Ethan, and she would do everything in her power to get him . No matter what the cost .