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Chapter 249
The following days were very hectic for everyone . It was time for the wedding preparation . Invitations were sent out, and the news of the impending marriage was the talk of the town .

Many famous wedding planners from all over the world offered their services for free . They know that this is one big event that everyone in Asia had been waiting .

To be associated with the big event would make any business grow tenfold, that's why so many had offered their services for free .

However, after carefully thinking it over, the whole family agreed to use one from Asia . The lucky wedding coordinator they choose was RRWP located in the most expensive district in the Country .

Lea had contacted RRWP before leaving Hawaii . They don't have much time left; Grandpa Go wants the wedding asap . When RRWP received the call from Lea, they started the preparation ahead of time to be ready by the time they arrive back in Asia .

RRWP was not the wedding planner for the elite and wealthy family in Asia for nothing . They are the best of the best; usually, the customers had to book a couple of years in advance for their planned wedding, but that's not the case for Jeff and Ann .

RRWP was the one who had to submit a bid and competes with many famous wedding planners from all over the world . They had sent the proposal more than a month ago, and the planning manager was stunned when they received the call from Lea . They didn't think they could compete with all the famous one from all over the world .

"Hahaha! We got it! We won against all the big shots from all over the World . " The Manager shouted for all the employee to hear .

*Clap, clap, clap* All the employee was rejoicing from the good news .

Suddenly the door of the CEO office opened, and the CEO-Owner Rita Robles poke her head out to see what's going on .

"What's with the commotion? I couldn't concentrate with your loud cheering; it must be something good . Did you all won the lottery, is that it?" Rita Robles jokingly asked her employees .

"Better than winning the lottery, we just received a call from Ms . Wen's Manager . She informed me that we are the chosen one! We won the competition boss!" She happily hands over the detail to Rita while continuing with her story .

" We would be doing the wedding of the century, and we would become famous all over the world . Hahaha!" The Planning manager happily informs Rita .

"Let me see that!" Rita grabs the documents that her Planning manager was handing over . She flips through the report and read over and over to make sure she's reading it right .

"Oh, my God! Is this for real? Did we get the job? And they are willing to compensate us no matter what the cost . Oh, my God! Who did I save in my past life to be this lucky? Hahaha!"

Rita grabbed hold of the Planning managers two hands and started prancing and dancing around . "This call for celebration! Go and order some food and drinks, were having a party . "

Rita decided to work on Jeff and Ann's wedding personally . It has to be the best of the best; there's no room for mistake . She has less than a week to prepare everything, the wedding plans were extravagant and a fairytale style — something out of this world, where no one had ever done .


The next day, Rita armed with all her expertise and knowledge was on the way to meet with the couple . She had never met them in person, she only saw their pictures, and she had already fallen in love with the couple . She couldn't wait to meet the famous Ann Wen and CEO Jeff Go .

Rita and her crew arrived at the gate of the Mansion; the security thoroughly examined them before they were allowed to continue towards the front door . 'What's with the tight security? I know CEO Go is one of the richest men in Asia, but so as a lot of her customers . She was never searched and examined like that before . ' Rita was thinking to herself .

She didn't realize that they had reached the front door already . The driver opened the door wide waiting for her to embark . "Mam, we've arrived!" The driver informs Rita who's still in deep thought .

Rita's eyes were bulging once she stepped out of the vehicle . 'They were not kidding for calling this a Mansion; it's huge! Her eye was roaming around' "Thank you! You may go and get you some breakfast first, and I would contact you when I finish . She told her driver .

The driver just nodded and was about to get in the car when the butler informs him that he didn't need to go anywhere, he could go around back and have breakfast with the rest of the household help . The driver accepted the offer and went around back where everyone was happily chatting while eating an excellent breakfast .

"Finally, the wedding is going to happen; I can't wait to see young madam in her wedding gown . "

"I know right! Do you think we could attend the actual wedding?"

"I hope so! I would die if I am left at home, I heard it's going to be on an Island in the Pacific . "

"Really? Wow! I had never been on an Island . "

This was the conversation Rita's driver heard when he arrived, and he hurriedly texted his boss to inform her of what he heard .

"Ummm, "Pacific Island Wedding" She was mumbling to herself when Jeff and Ann arrive to welcome her .

"What do you mean, "Pacific Island Wedding . " Is that the theme of the wedding? Ann asked instead of introducing herself .

"Good Morning!" Jeff greeted Rita eye shining brightly with a smile on his face .

Rita was awestruck after seeing the couple in person . She was speechless that she did not realize that Ann had asked a question .