Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:19 PM
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Chapter 25

Jeff has totally lost his composure once he realizes that Ann was gone, as soon as he got into the car he told Ronald to drive . But Ronald just sat there without moving . While Jeff was busy making calls, without looking he asked Ronald "Do you have death wish or something, didn't you hear me say drive to the airport?"

"But, boss . . . which airport? There are totals of three within the area, please tell me which one?" Ronald reply . "God, please!!!! make a miracle, let him choose the right one or I'll be dead for sure . " Ronald was thinking while his waiting for Jeff's reply .

He had never seen his boss acted like this before . He's the type of person that is always calm and collected, but for some reason, if it has anything to do with the lady boss, he always loses his confidence and makes wrong decisions . He continued praying . "Please!!! God just this once, make a miracle . " When Jeff was about to tell him which airport to go, his phone started ringing . "Save by the bell . whoever that person is, he's grateful for saving his life . " Ronald thought .

"Hello! Jeff, it's Ann . I just want to inform you that I'm on my way to A Country to take care of some business . Once I take care of this matter, I will then follow alright!" Ann told Jeff apologetically .

"Where are you right now? . . . stay there and don't you dare move until I get there, you hear me!" Jeff hung-up the phone without waiting for Ann to reply .

He ordered Ronald to get out of the car and go to the back seat, he then took over the driver seat and stepped on the gas . Poor Ronald who has not had a chance to buckle up yet was bouncing and being thrown left and right in the back seat . The whole time this is happening his praying " God!!! please have mercy on me, mercy . . . mercy . " (Just like the song . )

Within ten minutes they arrived at their destination . Jeff got out of the car like a demon is chasing him . He only slowed down once his eyes caught Ann features, he felt like his alive again and can finally breathe . He can't understand what he's feeling at that moment, only one thing is for certain he will follow Ann wherever she's going even if it's the end of the earth .

When Ann saw Jeff she didn't know what to do, she knows she's in trouble for whatever reason .

"She was going to call him the night before, but she was afraid that he would not allow her to leave and decided to wait until the morning before she was about to depart . Now it's too late" Ann thought .

"Let's go! your coming with me there's too many people out here and they might recognize you . " Jeff told Ann as soon as he arrives . He grabs her and guided her towards a private waiting room and then asks where's her destination? She told him which country, he seems satisfied with her response .

Jeff took out his phone and called Ronald to make the necessary arrangements .

While Jeff was on the phone with Ronald, Ann took the opportunity to call Lea to let her know what's going on . She told Lea not to bother making arrangements, Jeff is handling all of it . Soon they are boarding a private jet that belongs to Jeff's company .

Not knowing there's a big surprise waiting for them when they arrive at the destination .