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Chapter 250
Ann was waiting for Rita's reply, but no words came out of her mouth . Rita continued staring at the couple . All kinds of inspiration were appearing to her head . 'They are perfect for the fairytale theme I'm thinking . ' Rita's imaginations were spinning around all over the place .

"Did you have breakfast yet? If not, why don't you joined us, were about to have one?" Ann invited Rita as she turned around and gradually advanced her way towards the dining room . "

Jeff thought that Rita was acting weird she kept on staring at them . "What's with her? Are you sure about this person? She didn't even utter a word the whole time you were speaking with her?"

"It's alright Honey; it was your charm that made her dumbstruck and unable to speak . If you weren't so good looking, she probably wouldn't even give you a second glance . Hahaha!" Ann jokingly said while thinking the same thing .

"Whatever, I'm just worried that she would screw up our wedding, you know, this is once in a lifetime event, and I would only accept nothing but the best," Jeff whispered to his wife .

"Don't worry CEO Go; I would not embarrass my company in any shape or form . My whole company is at stake; your wedding is one of the most anticipated events in the whole country, next to Manny Pacquiao fights . Hehe!" She secretly laughs with her joke .

" Oh! Are you saying that our wedding could put a stop to the whole Country? As you say, we are next in line to M . P . whenever he's fighting?" - Jeff acted as if he's in deep thought .

"Hmmm, if you're saying that this event is next to Manny Pacquiao fights, then I hate to see what would happen on our wedding day . Hahaha! That's not good, not good at all . " Jeff said jokingly before pulling a chair for Ann to sit down .

Once Ann was seated, he then proceeded to take his seat at the dining table .

Rita stopped proceeding and waited for Ann or Jeff to invite her to sit down .

"Ms . Robles, please! Sit and have breakfast with us . We can discuss the detail afterward . " Ann took the seat at Jeff's right side while Rita sat at Jeff's left side so she would be face to face with Ann .

The Butler ordered the kitchen helper to inform the Chef to start serving food, while Rita sat nervously in front of Ann and Jeff .

For some odd reason, the aura Jeff and Ann emitting were too intimidating even though they have smiles plastered on their faces .

Even though the breakfast was excellent and delicious, Rita couldn't remember what it tasted like from being nervous around the couple . She was so intimidated how the couple fit perfectly with each other . She's afraid she would not do them justice .

"If you're finished eating, why don't we move to the parlor so we can discuss your idea for our wedding . I can't wait to see what you prepared; I'm sure it's wonderful . " Ann said it so kindly and sweet that Rita suddenly found courage and excitement .

"Yes! I'm finished eating; I can't wait to show you what my team had put together . We have various ideas for you to choose from, this way you will have nothing but the best . " Rita proudly got up and followed Ann and Jeff toward the parlor .

"Sweetheart! I trust your judgment when it comes to our wedding, please! excuse me for I have a lot of work to do today . " Jeff didn't give Ann a chance to reply; he kissed her sweetly before rushing off to his study .

"Men! You could never depend on them when it comes to a wedding . Hahaha!" Ann's laughter followed Jeff's ear .

Rita happily pulls out and spread all the design she spent sleepless night creating . One by one, Ann looked at it with interest . "This seems reasonable, this one just fine, this one a little above the other and oooh . . . I love this one!" Ann lifted the one she loved and showed Rita .

"Yes! Yes, I thought so too! When I was designing that one, I envision what it would look like, and when I saw both of you today, I knew that's the one I want to use . Hahaha! I couldn't believe it that you would also choose it out of all of the designs . "

The idea of the design was magnificent . The wedding would be on an island, row after row of chairs all beautifully covered with ornaments . Long terrain filled with loose flower petals for the bride to march, on her way to the altar .

Ann was mesmerized how beautifully designed the set where the wedding would occur . They continued with the rest of the detail for what it seems to be an eternity . However, in reality, they have been discussing the aspect for less than an hour .

Ann stands up and stretches her arms; she then calls for Mr . Butler to check on Eva to see if she's awake . "Would you please, ask her to join us if possible . "

The Butler didn't have to go too far, Eva was already at the threshold of the Parlor . "You're looking for me? Sorry, I overslept . I must be jetlag from the long flight . " Eva said apologetically .

"Oh, good you're here, I want your opinion with some matter . However, if you want to have breakfast first, then go ahead; This could wait, were not in a hurry . " -Ann turned to Rita for confirmation . "Is that alright with you?

Rita couldn't have enough seeing how beautiful women in this family . 'She must be related to Ms . Wen; they are both tall and amazingly beautiful . ' She thought while looking at Eva with curiosity .

"She's my cousin Eva, and one of my bridesmaid . " Ann introduced Eva and explained along the way .

"Nice to meet you!" Rita extended her hand for a handshake .

"Nice to meet you as well!" Eva accepted Rita's hand with a smile showing straight pearly white teeth .

"I'm starving, so if you don't mind I'm going to take a bite and come back in a flash quickly," Eva told her cousin excitedly .

" Go! go, go! It's no rush, take your time eating . I don't want you choking on me before my wedding . Hahaha!"

"Who's going to choke before our wedding?" Jeff heard what Ann jokingly shouted to Eva .

Jeff bent down and picked up the same design that the two were discussing . "This one is nice, I want this one!" He handed it to Rita before seating down and pulling his wife to sit on his lap .

Ann first looked at Rita, she then made face and acted angrily to Jeff . "I thought you said you trust my decision, why then you show up and pick a design and hand it over to her?" She pouted her mouth before trying to wiggle out of Jeff's embrace .

"Where are you going?" Jeff prevented Ann from getting up . "I only said I like it and hand it to her, but that doesn't mean that's the one will be using . " Jeff looks at Rita before continuing .

"She's the boss! What she says goes!" Jeff proudly told Rita .