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Chapter 251
"Yes, Sir! I understood very clearly . What Miss Wen say, it goes . " Rita saluted to Jeff while smiling secretly . 'How could she be so lucky . . . To have a very handsome, wealthy, loving husband to be?' Rita was thinking to herself .

"Now, that we got that clear, how about go back discussing the wedding, what do you think honey?" Ann asked while touching Jeff's straight pointy nose .

"Sorry, sweetheart, I'm just waiting for Ronald who's bringing your BFF, then we are heading to the office . I have important business to attend too . "

'Lea's coming? That's good; three eyes are better than one . I have issues, and I need a second and third opinion . " Ann looked at Rita before picking up another design to examined .

She then raised it and handed it over to Rita . "For the pre-wedding party, why not use these theme . What do you think?"

Rita's eye widens in disbelief; she was thinking the same thing again . "When you choose the first one as your wedding theme, I thought about this one for your pre-wedding idea . I could 't believe that we're thinking in the same direction .

Lea walks in just as Rita was happily flipping and explaining things to the couple . "You see here; we could put this like this . . . then at the side, we could put that . . . and ya! we could put something like this . . . " Rita's adrenaline was to the max, and she just continued on and on and on . . .

Eva finished eating and happily talking on the phone with the boys as she was walking into the parlor . "Let me asks first alright! I'll call you back . " After hanging up the phone, she hurriedly joined the fun .

Ronald was only standing by, watching the fun . He's thinking of his wedding, how he wishes that he could give Lea the same kind of marriage . Unfortunately, he could only dream . . .

Jeff had enough; he once again gives his wife a goodbye kiss and a very tight hug before he hurriedly left with Ronald .

On the way to the Mega World headquarters, Jeff called his brother . "Hello, Ethan! Are you at the office now? If you have time could you come to my office, there's something I wanted to discuss with you . "

Ethan was swamp from head to toe with problems . He's not as experienced as his older brother, and too many slackers are within the company . He needed to see his brother for guidance; it's a good time as any . "Ok! I will be right there . "

Ethan hurriedly stopped what he's doing and left for Mega World Intl . Once he arrives at Jeff's office, he started crying about everything . "I think I know why the company went bankrupt; it's because of all those lechers . How do I get rid of them?" Ethan was looking at Jeff with certainty in his eyes .

"Hahaha! Don't trouble yourself, alright! I'll send Ronald to help you . He's number one when it comes to discharging people . He would clean it well and settled everything in order . "

Speaking of Ronald, he came in grinning from ear to ear . Jeff wonder's what's going on . "What are you so happy about?"

"Nothing! I was only thinking of something, and it's funny, so I'm grinning . " Ronald explained as politically as he could .

Ronald went to Ethan and whispered something . Jeff didn't like it one bet that they have a secret and they were not afraid to let him know either .

"You two better quit or get out of my office now!" Jeff growls irritably .

"Hahaha!" "Hahaha!" Ethan and Ronald were laughing hard for the way Jeff's acting like a sour fuss .

Ethan was afraid that Jeff would renege on their deal and decided to spill the beans . "Brother, do have any special plan for tonight?"

"Nothing special, I would go home and be with my loving wife and twins . Why do you ask?

Ethan and Ronald looked at each other; first, unsure if they should let Jeff knows or keep it a secret .

"You better tell me what you two planning on doing or something bad would happen to both of you . " Jeff angrily scolded both of them .

Ethan then scratches his head before informing his brother about the bachelor party they prepared for the evening .

"What bachelor party? I'm a married man, been married for over four years, why would I need a bachelor party? Cancel it!"

"Oh, Brother! Where have you been? It's a tradition for a man tying the knot to have bachelor party alright!" *Tsk, tsk, tsk!* Ethan was shaking his head left and right not believing what he hears at the moment .

Ronald decided to intervene and explained it more in detail for Jeff to understand . "Boss . . . " -Was all he was able to say before Jeff started laughing as well .

"It's fine, I know what is all about a bachelor party, it's fine we could have one tonight . " Jeff agreed

"However, I need to ask permission from the real Boss . Should she agrees then it's a go . " Jeff pulled out his cell and pushed face time to speak to his wife .

*Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz*

Jeff: [ Sweetheart, the boys were throwing me a bachelor party tonight . Am I allowed to go?"]

Ann: [ Hmmm? I don't know, should you?]

Rita heard and saw the conversation between Ann and Jeff . "Miss Ann, how about we throw you one as well . A Bachelorette Party, what do you think?" Rita asked excitedly and impatiently .

Jeff heard what Rita said and, [ NO!!!!]