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Chapter 252
Ann almost dropped her phone when Jeff yelled out loud for everyone to hear . ["NO!!!!" ]

["What was that all about?"] Ann was glaring at Jeff who was feeling uncomfortable by the moment .

He had to improvise very quickly from his outburst . [ "Sorry, sweetheart, I wasn't saying that to you . I was talking to Ronald . See!"] He flipped the camera facing Ronald and Ethan who's busy making plans .

Ethan and Ronald don't have an idea that Jeff had flipped the camera and now facing them . They were busy talking among themselves .

["So, we could contact a friend of mine who owns an escort service, let me tell you . . . The girls are gorgeous!"] Ronald was boasting to Ethan .

["And do you supposed to know that?"] Ethan was asking curiously .

"Guys! Guys! Guys!!!" Jeff shouted to the two who's busy talking without knowing their woman was watching and listening to their conversation the whole time .

"WHAT!!!" Ethan and Ronald said in unison and looked up at the same time .

"Say hello to your soon to be an ex-girlfriend," Jeff shouted jokingly for the women to hear . "Hahaha!"

Ethan and Ronald were speechless, "WTF! We're in trouble now . " Was all they could say afterward .

["Hmpt"] Lea's glaring while shooting dagger with her eyes .

Eva the innocent one doesn't have any idea what they were talking about at all . Therefore, she was still smiling and waving to the guys . ["Hey, guys! "]

["Hi!"] Ethan and Ronald waived back, smiling sheepishly .

Lea took the phone from Ann's hand and spoke loudly for the guys to hear . ["Miss Robles, that's an excellent idea . We could call this company I know that rent's male strippers . How many do you think we should request . "]

Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald shouted at the same time . ["HELL NO!!!!"]

Lea cut the line as soon as they heard the guys shouting at the other end . Rita, Ann, Eva, and Lea all looked at each other first then started laughing out loud .

"Serves them right!" Lea happily gives the phone back to Ann .

"You're crazy you know that! You should not have done that; watch they would be here in a heartbeat . " Ann said with a mischievous grin on her face .

Ann was about to continue with what they were doing when her stomach growl . "Oh, my! Someone must be hungry!" Ann rubbed her stomach and started talking to the twins . She didn't realize that Rita was staring and listening to her the whole time .

However, Lea saw it, and she was quick to threatened Rita . "You are deaf and blind if you want to continue living to see a grandchild in the future . " She said it straight face without blinking .

Rita was quick to reply, "oh, no! Don't worry . As you said, I'm deaf and blind, and my mouth is sealed . " She said it proudly while looking and assuring Ann in the process .

Ann believed what Rita said without an ounce of doubt . "Thank you! Now you know why we must have the wedding asap, if not I might not fit into my gown if we wait another month or two . Hahaha!"

"Speaking of wedding gown, do you have a designer already? If not I have someone, I could recommend . " Rita asked excitedly; It's a chance to promote her designer friend .

"Thank you! But, I already have one . I have a gown already; It should arrive any day now . "

Rita was disappointed that her friend would not have this once in a lifetime opportunity . However, she cannot let that dampen her mood . "I understand, I'm pretty sure you have the best designer in the world . Who is it? If you don't mind me asking . "

"Not at all, you probably heard or read about us when we were in New York? My designer is non-other than M . C . " Ann proudly announced .

"That was you and CEO Go? I heard about it through one of my employees, but I was too busy and did not pay much attention . Wow! Would he be coming to your wedding?" Rita asked eye shining brightly with anticipation .

"Hmmm, we sent him an invite but, I'm not sure if he could come . He hasn't rsvp yet so we will have to wait and see . " Ann got up to call for Mr . Butler; the twins were giving her a hard time .

Eva saw Ann holding her stomach as she was getting up . "Are you alright? What do you need? I could get it for you?" She asked sadly; concern was visible on her face .

Ann was still rubbing her stomach while sweating like a maniac . "Could you call Mr . Butler? I want something to eat . My stomach is growling like crazy . "

Lea happens to glance away from what she was looking at and saw Ann's face was full of small beads of sweat . She had seen that before, and it alarms her . The last time that had happened was when Ann's hemoglobin was very low .

"Let me go and find you something to eat, forget calling Mr . Butler . " Lea hurriedly ran to the kitchen to find the Chef .

Rita started to worry as well, "Miss Wen, are you alright? Should we take you to the hospital? If you're hurting badly, we should take you to the hospital . " She was wringing her fingers as she spoke worriedly .

Eva wasn't sure of what to do, she was holding Ann's hands, and it's cold as ice . "Cuz, are you sure you are fine? Your hands as cold as ice but your sweating, is that normal?"

Ann didn't reply, she just kept on rubbing her stomach and it's making Rita and Eva much more worried .

It was the scene that Jeff, Ronald, and Ethan saw when they arrived . Jeff rushed to Ann's side worriedly . "Sweetheart, what's going on? Where are you hurting? Did someone called the family doctor?" Jeff bombarded Ann with questions while speaking with a loud voice .

Eva stepped aside and went towards Ethan; tears started forming in her eyes . "Ethan . . . What's going on? What's wrong with cousin Ann?"

Ronald took out his phone ready to make a phone call when suddenly . . .