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Chapter 253
Ronald was ready to make a call to the family doctor when suddenly, everyone heard Ann laughing out loud . "Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!" "I'm fine . I'm fine! Don't fret; it's not a big of a deal alright!"

Ann looked at everyone apologetically, "I'm sorry! It was the twins, they're hungry, and due to that, I'm sweating fiercely, and my hand was cold due to the air condition . " To ensure that they believed her, she got up to show everyone she's fine . "See! I'm fine; the babies are fine too while rubbing her stomach . "

Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald looked at Rita to see her reaction right after they heard Ann mentioning the twins in her stomach .

"Don't worry, she knows! A warning was given that she would be buried in the middle of the ocean if she breathes a word of the pregnancy . " Lea informs the men as she walks in with a tray of food on her two hands playing a balancing act .

"What in the world the three of you doing in here? Aren't you all supposed to be making money to support us, women?" Lea was acting innocently .

"Hmpt!" After that last sentence, you said before you hang up the phone, you think we would sit still . " If look could kill, Lea had died a long time ago from all the shooting daggers aimed at her from all of the men .

"You all started it, calling an escort company, beautiful girls, etc . . . etc . . . It's only fair . You men could have your bachelor party with escorts, and we women could have a bachelorette party with male strippers . Hahaha!" Lea was overjoyed teasing the men .

Jeff didn't like that one bet, 'there's no way in hell he would let his wife be around male strippers . He needs to figure out something, somehow . ' He excused himself and motioned to Ethan and Ronald to follow him to the study .


Once everyone was satisfied that Ann and the twins were excellent, the discussion of the wedding recommenced .

They concluded the location, the theme, the menu, etc . . . All was established; the only thing left to consider was the bridesmaids' gowns . They accepted to meet with Rita's friend to check out his designs, Rita eagerly reached him .

By the time they realized it, it's past noon already, and they have not had lunch yet . Ann felt bad after realizing that they had not eaten yet . "Mr . Butler! Could you check if lunch was ready yet? I don't think I would be able to handle six people if they all passed out on me due to starvation . Hahaha!"

"Oh, wow! It's afternoon . No wonder my stomach is grumbling like a starving Lion . " Hahaha, Eva stated happily .

The Butler came back to announced that launch is served before turning his direction towards the study to inform the men .

"Mr . Butler, It's alright! I'll call them . Thank you!" Ann told the others to go ahead, and they would follow . Rita wasn't sure if she's invited as well, she started to gather and arrange all her materials preparing to go somewhere for lunch .

"Rita, what are you doing here? Go, go go! The foods are going to get cold . " Ann told her casually .

Ann didn't bother knocking at the door of the study; she wanted to see what the men were doing without announcing her presence . She slowly opened the door, let it ajar enough only for her head to poke in . What she saw was hilarious that she had to go and get Lea and Eva to see .

Ann closed the door quietly, walked as fast as she can towards the dining room . "Lea, Eva, could you come with me for a minute . - Rita, it would only take a second . "

Rita nodded in agreement and continued eating . She's famished from all the talking they did and with no one around, all the delicious food that's placed at the table was for her to eat without restrictions .

Lea and Eva followed Ann tip-toe-ing towards the study room . She did the same as before, she slowly opened the door, enough only for their three head to peek inside . The men were still doing the same thing as what Ann saw earlier .

Eva's eyes widened from shocked couldn't believe what she's seeing while Ann was giggling quietly .

However, Lea is a different matter she has to do something . She pushed opened the door widely with a loud thud . "What in the world!!!" She shouted so loud that startled the men . . .