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Chapter 254
"What in the world!!! What are you guys doing?" Lea shouted at the men as she comes inside the study followed by Ann and Eva still giggling like a teenager .

A piece of slow music was playing at the background while Ethan was demonstrating how to dance erotically and in the process of removing his top shirt . . .

Ethan was giving Ronald and Jeff a full show of how and what male stripper does . The demonstration is how to dance like a male stripper . That was the act that the three ladies saw when they peek at the door .

Ethan was embarrassed being caught on the act, but it's too late now . The only thing he could do was acted arrogant and superior in front of Lea .

"What's give you the right to barge in here, this was a private meeting among men?" Ethan loudly growls and acted upset to cover up his embarrassment .

"Oh, my bad for seeing you making a fool of yourself, excuse me!!!" Lea then turned her attention to Ronald who was mesmerized from Ethan's dancing skill .

" Whatever you might be planning, it wouldn't work . I know your smell, every inch of your body feature from head to toe, and everything else about you . Got it!" She was glaring at him while giving him a warning .

Jeff got up very quickly and went to Ann's side . "You need something sweetheart? What bring you here? Not to spy on us?" He gives his wife a tight embrace playfully while asking all the questions .

"Don't even try evading the true question here . What were you guys planning on doing? What's with the stripping demonstration that we just saw Ethan doing a minute ago? If I'm not mistaking from what I saw, he's teaching you two how to dance, right?" She whispered to Jeff, not wanting for Eva to hear .

"Sweetheart! You so how I danced before, do I look like I need coaching? Come on!" Jeff whispered back proudly .

Ann glares at her husband; she then squinted her eyes to see if he's lying to his teeth or telling the truth . She looks at him intensely making him sweat before continuing to reply .

"Hmmm, you have a point there . However, you better not be planning on invading our bachelorette party because you are not invited . " She teased him .

Eva decided to interfere with everyone's conversation . "Hello!!! Lunch, and it's getting cold by the minute, if none of you are hungry, then I'm going back to the dining room and continued eating . " She said it loudly for everyone to hear .

"Well, I for one is famished, if no one else then let's go and eat it all before it gets cold . " Ethan put his arms on Eva's shoulder and embraced her lightly . They walked together towards the dining room .

"No, you're not!" Jeff took his wife's hand and walked together towards the dining room passing Ethan and Eva in the process .

Ronald got up embarrassingly, "Let's go! I'm starving from listening to these two . I'll tell you all about it later alright!" He secretly smiled afterward .

When the couples arrive at the dining room, there was no one there . Rita had finished eating her fill and went back to the parlor to continue brainstorming for the wedding plan .


After lunch, the men went back to the office to finish their un-finish business without interruption from anyone . That leaves only the women to continue the discussion and planning of the wedding .

Rita happily contacted her designer friend to bring some of the ready-made gowns for the bridesmaid and maid of honor to choose from, no later than the next day .

The designer happily agreed, he promised to bring various ready-made gowns for the ladies to choose from before the end of the day instead .

Rita's friend arrives in no time; it's an opportunity that he doesn't want to lose . He took with him were his best collections, if it's not good enough, then he has nothing else to show in such a short time .

Lea was the Maid of Honor while Eva was one of the ten bridesmaids .
When the designer arrived with so many beautiful gowns to choose from, Rita's thrilled for her friend .

Lea and Eva were excited to see the many gowns to choose from, but it's not their wedding, it's Ann . Therefore, they asked Ann to select for them .

"It might be my wedding, but you're the one would be wearing them . Choose whatever the planner thinks suited to the theme of the wedding . However, don't you dare overshadow me? Hahaha!"

"Like we could, hahaha!" Lea and Eva said it in unison while laughing .

Rita happily pulled the two girls and assessed them with the gowns . Ann took the opportunity to excuse herself and contacted her Mother and Grandmother .

["Mother, tomorrow will have a bachelorette party, would you like to join us? Also, if Grandmother wants to come too! Hehe] Ann asked Sophia excitedly .

[Sure! But, wouldn't I be too old for this kind of party? Shouldn't it be only for you and your friends? I would feel embarrassed . "] Sophia trying to decline, but in her heart, she wanted to be there .

["It's a fine mother, no one would think that you're my mother, older sister maybe . Hahaha!] Ann jokingly told Sophia to make her feel at ease and agree without hesitation .

Sophia would be attending the bachelorette party with Grandmother Tan, and all the other bridesmaid was to arrive the next day as well; for the whole week pre-wedding celebration .

Everything was arranged and planned . By the end of the day, the girls were exhausted from the ordeal, but all were excited about the upcoming bachelorette party .


Early in the morning, Jeff's home was full of loud noises from the bridesmaid . They had arrived very early in the morning and now excitedly choosing their gown for the wedding .

Ann was only observing at the sideline, watching everyone with a smile plastered on her face . Jeff hesitated if he should go in and greet everyone or what when Ann saw him and motioned him to come in .

"Everyone! Everyone! I want you all to meet my groom . " Ann shouted for all the hear .

Jeff walks in proudly back straight, head straight up high and stern looking face void of any emotion .
All the bridesmaid gawk as he walks by towards his beautiful wife, once he reaches Ann side; He bent down and gives her a sounding kiss that made all the bridesmaid envy .

"Oh . . . I want one of him too!"

"Soooo . . . Sweet!!! Ahhh!!!"

After giving the bridesmaid a show, Jeff turned his attention to them . "Hello, everyone! Hope you all don't overshadow my beautiful bride . " Jeff jokingly told the bridesmaid with his two dimple showing on both sides of his cheeks .

"CEO Go, I don't think that would happen even if they try . " Rita proudly replied then looks at the bridesmaids apologetically .

"It's alright, Miss Rita, we know that already . Hahaha!" Everyone started laughing in unison .

"Thank you, everyone, for joining us in such short notice . Enjoy the pre-wedding party to the fullest . " Jeff told everyone and then bid them goodbye to leave for work .


The most anticipated bachelorette and bachelor party arrive . Jeff's bachelor party was arranged by Ethan and Ronald, while Ann's was organized by the wedding planning along with Lea and Eva .

Jeff was feeling uneasy about the whole thing, but there's nothing he could do but to go along with the arrangement . . .