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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:48 PM

Chapter 255
Rita had outdone herself for creating a magnificent "Naughty" Sex in the City Bachelorette Party for Ann . Since the theme of the wedding and the venue is going to be on an Island, Rita decided on the "Naughty" Sex in the City Bachelorette Party theme to make it different .

The Bachelorette Party starts with a brunch at a large posh restaurant in the city . Rita added Stiletto decorations like a cute stiletto centerpiece, stiletto & martini themed Bachelorette cocktail napkins and fun stiletto drink stirrers! Ann and the girls were to wear Manolos-and-Cosmos, Channel, Gucci, Prada, your inner Sex and the City character by dressing in designer clothes, going shopping, drinking cosmos, and sharing juicy details about their love lives!

That was set to last all afternoon . After brunch, the group was to move to another place where the actual "Naughty" Sex in the City Bachelorette Party would begin .

The girls would change their outfit to an exotic looking mermaids, without the tail . Everyone agreed except for Ann, Sophia and Grandmother Tan . All three would be wearing something similar but not revealing .

This time Rita made sure the Bachelorette Parties has what's always been the embarrassing (and hilarious) pecker filled party . They put a pecker as the centerpiece, everywhere was in shade of hot pink, and everything was in the shape of pecker .

From a dicky shaped straws [which turn a regular drink into a silly display of pre-wedding fun] to a headband covered in bright pink peckers . The plan was to embarrass the bride, which is an authentic tradition of any bachelorette party .

The actual "Naughty" Sex in the City Bachelorette Party was arranged on the top of the deck of M/V Ann . The vessel that was named after Ann was currently at the Anchorage waiting for a cargo . Rita took the opportunity to utilize the ship for their purpose . She requested from the higher up to bring in the boat at the dock so they could have their party on top of the deck .

The pier was lively; the boat was fully decorated and light brightly shining . Limousine after limousine was coming, the total guest for the actual party was a lot more than during the brunch . This is when the real party begins .

The last one to arrive was the Limousine that carrying Ann, Sophia, Eva, and Lea . Once they were on board M/V Ann, the party begins . Grandma Tan decided to off out for the main event; she didn't think the girls would have fun is she's around . She asked the chauffeur to take her home after brunch .

The party was in full swing; girls were started getting tipsy . Then it was time for the main event; the lights went out . The beat of the music changed to erotic one, then Rita with a microphone on hand started speaking .

"Hello!!! Mic, test . . . Can you hear me?" Rita shouted through the microphone .

"YES!!! We can hear you!" Everyone replies

"Are you having fun? Do you want to have more fun?" Rita yells out .

"FUN! FUN! FUN!" The girls chanted while banging their hands on the table .


"FUN!!! MORE FUN!!!! MORE FUN!!!" The girls are all excitedly screaming at the top of their lungs .

"Well . . . To make the night much more fun, we had invited the most sought out touring dance troupe "Chippendales" which is best known for its male striptease performances and its dancers . " Rita looks at the girls all giggling from what they heard .

"You all know what they are distinctive for, its the upper body costume of a bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs are worn on an otherwise bare torso . "How about welcoming them . . . Here it is, the Chippendales fresh from America . " .

The slow erotic music started playing, and one by one the Chippendale dancers started coming out while doing an erotic dance . They danced around and with the girls and the girls loves putting the dollar bills right by the men crouch then start shyly giggling .

That lasted for an hour, the men dancing around to all the girls and getting lots of dollar bills . Then it was break time; some of the girls were hitting it off with the Chippendales dancers .

Lea saw many male strippers in Las Vegas in the past . This event was nothing to her already; she decided to sit and enjoys the fun with Ann and Sophia . Eva was a different matter; this was the first time she ever saw a man almost naked and her face was all red from embarrassment .

"Lea, aren't they cold? Why are they dancing with no clothes? That's against the law and indecent . " Eva was curious and had many questions .

"Hahaha! Girl, you're so naive you know that! That's their job, and it's not against the law . They will not have let them in the Country if they are . You understand?"

Lea thought to tease Eva and called for one of the Chippendales to come and sit with them .

Rita asked for the #1 dancer to go where the bride was seating . Someone heard it and pulled the guy out and whispered something .

"Yes, Sir! Don't worry Sir, yes Sir!" Was all the #1 Chippendale said anxiously and left to do the men's bidding .

"Everything ready? Make sure that no one recognizes you . No mistake allowed, you hear me!"