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Chapter 256
The next number Rita prepared was for the bride to be, a chair was set right in the middle of the dancing area . Ann was to sit and blindfolded; then the Chippendale dancers would dance around her without peeking, only touching .

"Ladies! Ladies, listen up! It's the highlight of our night, our bride to be would be the center of the attraction this time . As you all could see, we set up a chair for our bride to be . " Rita announces to everyone .

"Now, we only need the bride-to-be to come and sit down, and we could start . Miss Wen, if you please! Come and sit down right here . " Rita called for Ann, and everyone follows and cheered .




All the ladies were excitedly shouting for the bride to be to come into the middle of the dancing floor .

Ann was hesitating; she doesn't want to do it; unfortunately, it's part of the "Naughty" Sex in the City Bachelorette Party scheme . She has to do it whether she likes it or not .

Ann looks at Sophia for help, but she didn't get one . Instead, Sophia helped her up and ushered her toward the dancing floor . "Go! It's your party . Enjoy it while you can . . . - Hahaha!"

Lea grabbed her arms and guided her to the dance floor; she made sure that Ann couldn't renege . "Don't be a party pooper, it's your bachelorette party, and it's a must . Don't worry; we wouldn't let them do anything that would embarrass you alright!" Lea assured here while secretly smiling .

The #1 Chippendale dancer was on his way to Ann's table . When he saw that Ann was on the way to the middle of the dance floor, he let out a sigh . If he could help it, he doesn't want to be at the same table as the bride to be . He wanted to be able to leave the Country alive .

Ann finally made it into the middle of the dance floor . As soon as she sat down, Rita put a blindfold on her . "Wait!!! What's with the blindfold?" -Ann asked with horror in her voice . - " Is it necessary for me to be blindfolded? Why can't we do this while I'm seeing the person dancing in front of me?"

Ann was terrified, and it's showing on her face even with the blindfold covering her eyes .

"Don't worry Miss Wen, there's nothing to be afraid off, this is what makes it fun . Rest assured, I would not let them touch you inappropriately . You can touch them, but they cannot touch you . " Rita's assuring word was enough for Ann to feel comfortable and relax .

"Alright! If you were sure that they would not touch me, I'm fine with that . Let's begin the fun!" Ann shouted confidently .

The music began, and one by one Chippendale dancer came out . This time the men were wearing a mask on their face . Instead of the distinctive upper body costume of a bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs are worn on an otherwise bare torso .

The men's fully clothed in a tuxedo, and the ladies could tell that they are all well built . Everyone started to go wild and screaming .

"Take it off!!!"

"Take it off!!!"

"Take it off!!"

" Take it off, already!" The ladies were yelling and screaming .

The erotic dance started, the men dance around Ann without touching her . Ann could feel and senses them, but not seeing anything .

"Touch them!!!" One of the ladies yells

"Feel them! If you don't, I'm coming and do it for you!"

"You need to put a dollar on them!" Another one yells .

Ann heard what all the ladies were saying and started to play along for the party to be fun . She began to raise her hand and to try to feel and search for the dancer around her .

Everyone's going wild with excitement; they were shouting, yelling, and screaming to Ann telling her what to do .

"To your left!"

"No!!! To your right!"

"No-no-no!!! It's right in front of you!! Hahaha!"

The Chippendale dancer started stripteasing, they slowly remove the jacket, and once it's taken off, they throw it towards the screaming ladies .

The men weren't wearing anything under the jacket, the buff muscles that was showing were making all the ladies go wilder . The first group of the Chippendale all seems immeasurable and tasty, but this batch appears sooo . . . delightful . The ladies were all salivating .

"Take it off! More!"



The men listen and slowly removed the lower part of the suit; the pants were created for a striptease . Therefore, all they had to do was pull it once, and the pants were gone leaving only the G-String style underwear .

The ladies started laughing out loud, and Ann began to worry . "What's going on? This is not fair; I want to know what's going on?" Ann was curious as to what was happening .

After the men took off the pants, they all turned around one by one, and each one has a distinct type of design in front of their peckers to hide to bulge . However, the bottom was still showing very prominently for the ladies to want to grasp it if they could .

"That's not fair; why do you all cover the best part!"

"It's alright! the buns sure look tasty though . "

"Yum-Yum! May I have a bite of the buns? Hahaha!"

The ladies were having fun bantering, while Ann was trying to feel what they were talking about .

Ann's hand was exploring, she was aimlessly scanning to the left, to the right and when she almost touch one of the dancers that's right in front of her, another dancer suddenly shoved him away from Ann's range . He then danced right in front of Ann and let her touch him instead .

Ann touches the dancer's belly and part of his G-String, she then pulled the garter of the G-String to put a dollar bill .

The part of the skin that Ann touched was smooth, "hmmm!" she decided to have fun and . . .