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Chapter 257
Ann slowly lowers her hand touching the dancers bottom . Once she feels the buns, she stuck a couple of dollar bills then smack him at his buns .

The dancer was going to say something, but decided against it and continued dancing . The tune of the music changed to a more sexy and erotic .

The other dancers slowly made their way around the other ladies that were screaming and shouting for them . The ladies started to go wilder and lost all their senses . Everyone raising their money for the dancers to come near them .

"Here!!! I got ton's of money, come over here!"

"No!!! Come here first, I got larger bills!"

All the ladies raising all their money to attract the dancers . Out of all the dancers that went around, two went towards the direction where Eva and Lea were seating with Sophia .

Sophia sensed something and decided to take a breather and got up to go for fresh air . Before leaving, she handed the girls a stack of bills to give to the dancers . "Make sure to put it in the right places . Hahaha!" Sophia left laughing out loud .

The dancer's felt something odd with Sophia's comment . However, they could not open their mouth to speak . All they could do was go along with the flow and danced in front of the two girls .

Eva wasn't sure what to do, she was too shy and embarrassed to touch the man body . The more she backed away, the more the dancer kept on grinding in front of her .

"Pull the garter and stick some dollar bill . " Lea was coaxing Eva .

"Let me show you how to do it, see!" Lea pulled the garter of the G-String then stuff it with dollar bills everywhere . After she had done that, she smacks the dancer very hard at his buttocks then started laughing .

"Ouch!" Ronald complained in a shallow voice, only Lea could hear from all the noise around them .

" I knew it was you! You guys were not supposed to be here, what in the world are you guys doing?" She scolded Ronald .

"Shhh! We cannot get caught, or we would be in trouble . Just play along alright my baby!" Ronald begs Lea while continuing to dance erotically in front of her .

"What would I get in return if I do?" Lea whispered so Eva couldn't hear .

"Whatever you want sweetie, just let me off on this one alright . It's hard enough I have to bare my ass in front of all these ladies, good thing we are wearing a mask or else . " Ronald sigh, but still continuing to dance .

"You better not let them see your face, or you will die by my hand!" Lea threatened .

Ethan was still trying his best to get Eva to put dollar bills on him, but Eva wouldn't dare, and she kept on sliding back away from Ethan .

Meantime, Jeff was trying his best not to get pissed off . When Ann touched his buns, he was already irritated, to think that his wife dares to touch other men's buttocks other than his was not acceptable at all .

Ann was having fun, after touching Jeff's buns, she went for Jeff's legs . The way she saw touching him was too sensual, and it started to give Jeff a hard-on . He had to get out of there as fast as he can, or someone would see it rise like a flag pole .

Luckily the music ended just in time for Jeff to escape and ran off towards the makeshift dressing room . The other's followed suit as fast as they can before anyone recognizes them .

Once the music ended, Ann hurriedly took off the blindfold and started laughing so hard . Rita was confused but satisfied to see that the Bride-to-be had enjoyed herself .

Once the guys were back in the safety of the makeshift dressing room and changing to their own clothes . "Make sure those guys were out of here asap . " Jeff growling as he ordered Ronald and Ethan to get rid of the Chippendale dancers .

The bodyguards that had joined them to dance were all giggling among themselves . Jeff heard it and scolded them .

"What are you all giggling about? I don't see anything funny about this whole thing?"




All the bodyguards started laughing out loud . No one cares if they get in trouble, they couldn't stop smiling no matter what they do . Finally, one of the bodyguards was brave enough to let Jeff know what is it all about .

"Boss! If Chairman Go ever kick you out of your position, you could always make this a career . You sure have a sweet bun . Hahaha!" The bodyguard teased Jeff without a care in the world .

Jeff thought it was funny too, but he couldn't laugh due to him eating vinegar at the moment . He's still upset that Ann actually dares touch another man's bun .

"Ronald, hurry up and get rid of all those Chippendale or I personally would throw them overboard," Jeff said it with a stern looking face .

"Yes! Sir, right away!"

Jeff peeked at the party for the last time, he wanted to make sure that all the Chippendale dancers were gone . Once he's satisfied that they were all gone, he was ready to leave and go back to his Bachelor Party that still happening at the other side of town .

The party was still a full blast, minus the Chippendale dancers . Ann couldn't wait for the party to finish and go home .

She couldn't wait to get home so she could make her husband finished what he started a couple of minutes ago . . . Ann knows all along that the Chippendale dancer was Jeff .

As soon as Jeff started dancing in front of Ann, she had sensed and smell him . Especially once she touched his skin, she knows for sure that it's her husband and no one else . . .

'Too bad he was quick to get out of there, if not I would have played with him more . . . ' Ann thought while she's walking towards the makeshift dressing room to let her husband know that she knows all along .

By the time Ann arrives into the dressing room, the men had all gone back to Jeff's bachelor party .

Suddenly, something occurred to Ann, . . .