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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:45 PM

Chapter 258
By the time Ann arrives into the dressing room, everyone had all gone back to Jeff's bachelor party after making sure that every single one of Chippendale troupe was kicked out and sent flying back to America .

She was disappointed that she missed her husband; she wanted to tease him so bad . She doesn't have much choice but to go back to the party .

Ann looks for Rita to find out if she knows anything about Jeff and his gangs infiltrating the party . She slowly made her way towards the party; she was in luck . Rita was speaking with one of her employee making sure that everything was in order .

She hurriedly pulled Rita aside for questioning . As not to alarmed her she first gives a warning . "Rita I have a question, don't worry I'm not upset at you at all . I only want to know how did Jeff manage to find out our arrangement? Do you know anything about it at all?" Ann asked Rita very seriously looking sternly .

" Miss Wen, I apologize that it happened . But to be honest with you, I have no idea your future husband was here . Where is he?" Rita asked worriedly .

"Never mind! I could tell you're telling me the truth that you have no idea at all . Someone must have leaked the information for him to know exactly where we are having this party . "

Suddenly, something occurred to Ann . . . - ' Hmm! Eye for an eye, if they could crash her Bachelorette party, so could she . '

Ann looks around the party, it's still in full swing, and it seems that the girls had so much fun and a little drunk . The whole place was lively, even though all the Chippendale where gone out of sight, all the ladies were still discussing who has the best assets .

"I vote for all the dancers with the mask, every single one of them looks delicious and good enough to eat . You know, the one that danced in front of the Bride-to-be, they have the best assets out of all of them . "

"Yes! You are right, especially the one that stayed dancing in front of the Bride-to-be, he has the best buns if we compare all of them . Hahaha!"

"It's too bad we didn't get the chance to see their faces; I would have loved to see how handsome all of them were . "

Ann was smiling from ear to ear; only she knows how handsome the one that danced in front of her .

Sophia came just as Ann was ready to look for her . "So, are you thinking of what I'm thinking?" She asked Ann with a sly grin on her face .

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"Mother! Where have you been? Did you know? Is it you that tipped them off?" Ann walked towards her Mother, stood in front of her with her two hands on her waist and glared at her .

"Sweetie, what do you take me? Nope! It wasn't me, maybe one of the girls . But, no I don't think it's them either . Let me guess . . . - Hmm!"

"Nevertheless, what do you think of giving them a payback? We could crash their bachelor party too . He, he!" Sophia suggested with a secret smile creeping out from her lips .

Ann crunched her eyebrows, from the look of her face, she's seriously thinking before excitedly said . "Let's do it! We need to get even, eye for an eye . They think they could just come and crashed our party and we would let it go, ha! They got it all wrong . "

Ann wanted to make it fun for everyone . "I know what we have to do Mother; we need to make it a night that they can never forget . " She informs Sophia excitedly .

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Lea and Eva arrived just in time to hear what Ann said, and they excitedly joined hands and started planning the flirtation . The guest and other bridesmaid have no idea, while everyone was having fun continuing with the party, Ann and the others were making plans on how to crash Jeff's Bachelor Party in return .


Lea remembered that they were planning on hiring an escort for the party, what they need to find out is which company they planned on using . As usual, Rita was in charge of everything; she has a perfect idea of how they would infiltrate the Bachelor Party .

Rita was quick to make a phone call to find out which company the men contacted . She knows who's the number one escort company in the Country, and she was right in one try . "Let me make the announcement and see who wants to tag along . Then we can start the preparation . " Rita informs Ann .

"Ladies!!! Ladies, may I have your attention please!"- Rita announced in the microphone -" Would anyone be interested in joining us have more fun? We are planning on infiltrating the other camp if anyone of you interested please, come forward . "

Almost all the ladies came forward except for the married one including Sophia . "I think I'll pass on this one; it's time for my beauty rest . Hehe!" She then embraced her daughter, bid Ann goodbye and left the party .

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The bride-to-be, maid of honor and her ten bridesmaids along with the other single ladies, all had a makeover and dressed like an escort thank's to the stylist and the designer friend of Rita .

The arrangement was for them to switch with the real escorts, and they need to be inconspicuous . However, it's a little hard with so many of them . Rita divided the group, some would come as an escort, while others would follow once they were inside the party .

The girls that would play as escorts wore tight-fitting clothes and heavy makeup with one exception, the bride-to-be . Ann dressed provocatively and then she was put inside a box with a cake designed on top and would be given to the groom as a gift .

Rita worked very hard into making it happen, with the help of her Assistant, stylist, and designer friend, the girls all looked alluring and seductive .

For Lea and Eva not to be recognized by Ronald and Ethan, they worn mask just like the men did when they infiltrate the bachelorette's party .

They arrived at their destination, Mega World Resort one of the Hotel that belongs to the Group around the Country .

After what it seems to be endless preparation, it was finally showtime . . .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!