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Chapter 259
Rita's part was the Madam that would be bringing the girls . She also wore a mask as not to get recognized by Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald .

The girls arrived at the Hotel in no time . They had bodyguards with them to ensure their safety from bystander and onlookers . Ethan and Ronald greeted them at the lobby and taken to the Presidential suite were the party was happening .

Eva and Lea walked on both sides of Ann to protect her in case some lunatic tries anything, while Rita walked in front of Ann .

Ethan and Ronald who was escorting the escorts were uninterested with the girls . They had no idea whatsoever that their woman was among them . If they only knew . . .


The door opened into a magnificent view; the Presidential suite is a room with luxury settings . What the girls saw when they walked in was a room filled with good-looking men chatting among themselves drinks on their hands .

The cream of the crop in the land of elite society . First, Second, and Third generation heir who wanted to butter up with the most eligible bachelor in the Country .

Compare to Ann's Bachelorettes party; Jeff Bachelor party was nothing; the men were seating and drinking while talking business more than anything . Suddenly a piece of loud music started playing, and everyone woke up from their sleepy state .

The girls walked in one by one stand and wait for Rita's instruction . Ann was told to enter a room where a big giant cake was waiting for her to go in . She hurriedly went inside so they could start the surprise party .

The light was turned dimmer followed by Ethan grabbing Jeff and pushing him into the center of the room . Jeff doesn't want to go along, but Ethan was persistent . " Come on brother! Play along please!!!" - Ethan begged .

"I want to get this over with so we could all go home to our beloved one, alright!"

"I already told you not to have this Bachelor party, but no! You and the idiot Assistant of mine just had to do . . . " Jeff didn't get to finish his sentence . A giant cake was pushed into the room while a slow sexy beat was playing .

Ethan pushed Jeff into the chair and did the same thing as Rita did at Ann's Bachelorettes party . He put a blindfold on him before he ordered to count to ten .

Jeff played along and started counting; the men counted together with him while cheering and shouting .






"Five!!" The men were getting boisterous as the number going down .

"Four!!!" "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Bottles and drinking glass were being banged at the table .

"Three!!!" The men shouted louder due to the excitement .

"Two!!!" "Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!!"
The guys were all excitedly banging and shouting .

Jeff was getting nervous by the minute and about ready to bolt out from where he was seated .

Unfortunately, Ethan and Ronald were prepared and hold him down as hard as they can .

"Let me go! If you two want ever to see your grandchildren be born, you both better let me go!" Jeff threatened, but it did not work . Couple more of the men came to help Ethan and Ronald Hold Jeff down .

"Come on Mr . Bachelor! It's your last night, whatever happens in a Bachelor party, stays in the Bachelor party . " The men shouted to Jeff .

"Don't worry Jeff, your bride to be would never know what happens here!" One of the men yelled out loud .


"Come on out! Come on out!"

Everyone yelled out loud, and that was a signal for Ann to come out of the giant cake .

What Ann was wearing stunned everyone . . .