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Chapter 260

Ann was wearing a Playboy bunny costume with masked on . Even though she's pregnant, her belly was still small enough that it only shows a little bump between her waistline . She looks so adorable and sexy at the same time .

Men were drooling when they saw her long and sexy legs covered with a black stocking . If Jeff only knew that it was his wife that the men were currently salivating and drooling, who knows what he would do .

"What's going on? Let me go! Let me go!" Jeff insisted while growling to the men that were holding him down .

"Sorry, brother! No can do! It's a tradition, and you have to play along . " Ethan whispered to Jeff's ear .

Ronald pulled Jeffs hand toward the back and handcuffed it to the chair so he couldn't move at all . Once they know it's secured, the men ran out of the way for the exotic dancer wearing a Playboy Bunny costumes could start seducing Jeff .

"You just wait and see once I'm free!" He sternly and loudly yells at the men, he then unwillingly stopped wiggling .

Ann started dancing exotically right in front of Jeff; she was performing a very naughty and sexy move . She rubbed her legs on Jeff's thigh and made sure that her boobs were right in front of his face . 'Let's see how you could resist this . ' Ann was smiling with the thought .

Before that dance Jeff had already trained his mind that he would not succumb to temptation no matter what, however, his hormone was very hard to control, and something about the girl was so familiar . Jeff's body started reacting, and he doesn't like the feeling at all .

While Ann was working on Jeff, the other girls went to find a partner . The men were satisfied with all the girls except Ethan and Ronald who doesn't want to have anything to do with any of them .

The party becomes lively and in full swing . The men have no idea that the ladies in front of them were not escorts at all . The ladies were from elite families, and if only the men knew, they would run as fast as they can .

Lea and Eva tried their best to be inconspicuous; they stay back as far away as they can from the men . That doesn't stop a couple of the men from trying and hitting on Eva and Lea, but they were pretty quick to evade them .

Once the party was in full swing, Ethan and Ronald stayed by the bar and watched the men ogling all the escort and trying to hook up . Ethan was feeling uneasy for some reason, it's like someone was looking from behind and he couldn't shake it off .

Ronald was feeling the same thing since, from the time the ladies arrived, he feels like someone kept on looking at him, an intuition he couldn't shake off no matter what he does .

Suddenly something hit him, and he started scanning the ladies . His eyes stopped at one of the petite sexy lady standing by the far corner of the room speaking to someone that fit Eva's description . Something dawn at Ronald and when he realized that they got infiltrate, he started secretly laughing .

'So, you guys got even and came to play with us, let play then . ' Ronald turned to Ethan, "Want to tell you something, come here . " He then whispered to inform him of who he recognized .

Ethan was stunned and started scanning the ladies around the room . "You are right! They all here; that's the reason they all wearing a mask . " He then looked at Jeff's direction, sure enough! The girl's feature fit Ann perfectly . "They wanted to get even with us, let's play along then . Hahaha!"

"Alright, we cannot let them know that we figured them out . We have to be inconspicuous and play along, not to the extreme that the ladies would be mad at us alright!" Ethan told Ronald before making his way first towards the ladies .

Ronald wasn't sure what to do at the moment . He knows how Lea's mind work and she would catch him again . He decided to wait and see what happens with Ethan and go from there .

Ethan approaches the ladies with a sweet smile on his face acting all drunk . "Hello! little bunny, where are you hopping too?" He thought that was a charming introduction . [not!]

Lea excused herself and left to let the two lovebirds chat and started looking for Ronald .

Eva looked at Ethan and was proceeding to let him know who she is when he started behaving too forward with her . " If you're available, how about we get out of here, what do you say?" Ethan said it in a sexy tone of voice trying to make it as erotically as he could .

Eva looked at him shocked before, *Pak! Pak!* she slapped both sides of his face then walked away grumbling .

"WTF!!!" Was all everyone heard from Ethan before he started chasing Eva asking for forgiveness? "I'm sorry! Eva, I was only playing with you! Eva!!!"

"Hahaha! You're in trouble Ethan if you can't even get a date from an escort you hired yourself then It's better for you to stick with your girlfriend, you might get lucky then . Hahaha!" One of the guests jokingly yells .

Ethan stopped for a minute and was about to turn around to beat the shit out of the guest that was yelling when Eva backed hug him . " Don't; he has no idea at all . Remember, we are an escort right now; why did you have to blurt out my name?" She whispered in his ears .

Ethan turned around to face Eva, and he then gave her a resounding kiss for everyone to see . "Who said I couldn't get a date?" He yells back to the guest that was joking earlier .

Lea had already made it where Ronald was standing by the bar and divulge their identity . They were busy watching Ann making a fool of her husband when they heard Ethan yelling Eva's name and chasing after her .

"I wish this party would be over soon and we could all go back home, I'm so exhausted . 'yawn' " Lea was ready to hit the sack, and so as Ronald . "I know baby; I do too!"

The music finally ended, and Ann was finished dancing . However, she did not stop there . Jeff was still seating with blindfold and handcuffs; she took the opportunity to give him a french kiss . . . A wet and delicious french kiss .

What happened next was something that everyone would never forget . . .