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Chapter 261
Jeff knew already who it was when Ann put here two breasts close to his face . He knew the smell of his wife, and he was elated that she decided to switch with the real escort .

Everyone was shocked when they saw how Jeff responded to the escort and started kissing her back .

"Whoa! Let's the party begin!!!" Someone from the audience yelled .

"Who could have thought that our Bachelor would play along . "

" It's your last night as Bachelor, better make the best out of it . Go for it, Jeff!"

"More!!! More!!! More!!!"

"What happens here, stay here! Don't worry; no one would ever know!"

Jeff stopped kissing Ann and whispered "Sweetheart, I know it's you . Unless you want them to know that it's you, why don't we take this opportunity and get out of here . "

Ann was astonished; she had no idea that Jeff knew all along and he let her continued and let her get tired in the process .

"You rascal! I'm just getting even from what you did at my Party you know!" Ann whispered back to her husband .

"Yes! Let's get out of here; I'm too tired from all the dancing that I just did; you owe me big time . "

"Yes, sweetheart! Will continue what you started, and I would pay you whatever you want . Hahaha!" Jeff said it out loud for everyone to hear .

"Ethan! Ronald! Get me out of here now!" Jeff yelled out loud since he could not see where they were at the moment .

"Girl! You are one lucky person, give him the best service, and your set for life . Hahaha!" Someone yells from the audience .

Ethan decided to take the opportunity to sneak out as well . "Everyone, we have a room set up for the Bachelor, enjoy your evening while we take him and his lady . Hahaha!"

Ethan and Ronald helped Jeff out of the handcuffs; they didn't remove the blindfold to make it look like he needed help .

Once they were out of sight, they hurriedly unlocked the handcuffs while Ann removed his blindfold . "Will go ahead, you guys finished up and took your ladies home," Jeff ordered them and left in a hurry to continue what they had started .

Ethan rushed back inside to find Eva . It did not take him long to find her at all; she was with Rita and Lea having a conversation . He walked towards the woman and greeted them before taking Eva away to leave .

A couple of minutes later, Ronald did the same thing and left with Lea, Rita was the only one left o take care of everything .

The Bachelor Party continued without the celebrant and two other couples .


[You wouldn't believe what I had to go through today . My God! This couple is something else . Anyway, how are you doing with all the bridesmaid's gowns? Are you sure you would be able to finish it all when it's time for the wedding?] Rita was speaking on the phone with her designer friend .

[Don't worry sister I got it all under control . Wait until you see the finished product, you would lick your drool on your face from salivating . Hahaha!]

Rita saw that the Penthouse was almost empty after the Bachelor left, she decided to finish up so she could rest . She needed all the energy for the next whole week until the wedding is over .

[ I talk to you later alright! I'm heading out so I could catch a snooze . Bye!]

[Bye! Be careful on the way home alright!]

[You know I always will! See you!] Rita thought about the couple, Jeff and Ann . How Rita wishes that she would find a man like Jeff and if she was a man, she wants one like Ann . Rita had been a wedding planner for almost five years, and she had seen and been into many wedding and parties .

However, this is the first time she saw both Bachelor and Bachelorette party got infiltrated by both parties . "Hahaha!" She was laughing out loud as she was leaving the Penthouse .


"Do you have a way to sneak out of here? We need to get even with those people who hurt us . Especially that Ann Wen who took everything that belongs to you . " Megan was telling Claudia who's looking so depressed after hearing that Jeff's and Ann's wedding would be in the coming weekend .

Claudia got up and called out to someone on the other side of the door . "Hello! Are you out there?" She yelled from behind the locked door .

Someone slowly walking towards the closed door . "Yah! I'm here, what you want?"