Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:40 PM
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Chapter 262
Claudia and Megan heard the voice from the other side of the locked door . "The money would be deposited to your bank today, half first and half later once we are safely outside this door . " She arrogantly informs the person on the other side of the locked door .

"Alright! Once I verified that 500,000 USD was deposited into my account, then I'll arrange for you to get out of here . " He replies almost a whisper .

"Are you sure you could trust that person? We cannot afford to make a mistake; time is essential and detrimental right now . " Megan whispered to Claudia with concern on her eyes .

Megan and Claudia were lucky to have met each other, and in the process, they requested to be roomed together . In the past couple of Months, all they did was talk about was how Ann and Sophia maltreated them . Truth to be told, Megan doesn't like Claudia at all . However, she doesn't have much choice at the moment . As the proverb goes, when a person is in need, they would bite the bullet if it means survival .

Currently, Megan has no choice but to bite the bullet to get out of confinement and take revenge on those who had wronged her, and the key is Claudia Tan .

Those people killed her father, taken all their assets leaving her with nothing and on top of that she's now incarcerated .

"Megan to earth? Hello! What's up with you? I have been talking to you for the longest, and it seems like I'm speaking in thin air . " Claudia was looking at there full of curiosity and waiting for her reply impatiently

"My bad! I'm so sorry; I was out of it for a minute . I'm thinking ahead of what I would do to them once we get out of here . They owe me so much, and it's time for payback . "

"You got that right! They owe me as much as you . Ann Wen owes me more than her life, and that's what I'm planning on taking . " Claudia looks at the small room their sharing . She grabbed one of the pillows and started punching it with all her might " Eye for an eye!"


While Megan and Claudia were planning on getting revenge, the couple were on the way home to continue what they started at the Bachelor party .

Jeff and Ann were in the back of the limousine making out . As soon as the vehicle moved and started heading home, Jeff pulled his wife into his embrace and kissed her hungrily . They were getting hot and heavy while somewhere in a facility two women were hatching a plan to destroy their wedding .

"Sweetheart, I think we better stop here, or I would take you right here and then," Jeff said it while not wanting to stop . He was saying one thing but doing another .

Ann was very tired, but she didn't want to disappoint her husband and responded to his needs . When Jeff suggested stopping, she took the opportunity and laid down on his lap to take a nap on the way home . . .

To be continued: [Snu-snu coming up ]