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Chapter 263

WARNING: No underage reader allowed — an explicit scene, only for adult eyes only .

Read at your own risk! Reader discretion is advised .

[Happy reading, as per request, I comply . Snu-Snu here it comes . ]

The night was still young; the entire world was enveloped with the illumination of the full moon . While Megan and Claudia were busy planning and hatching an evil deed, Jeff and Ann were on the way home from their Bachelor and Bachelorette party .

Ronald, Lea, Eva, and Ethan were all on their way home to their perspective places . Ethan had decided to take Eva to the Villa to spend some time alone . Eva agreed with enthusiasm . Eva's expression looks sweet and angelic, however, deep inside she's burning hot and when she breathed . . . The heat emitting was enough for Ethan to go wild .

Ethan drove as fast as he can; he doesn't want to lose this opportunity . The way Eva looked and the light in her eyes was telling him how she feels, hot and ready for action . . .


In the meantime, Jeff and Ann arrived home . They had no idea what Megan and Claudia were planning on doing on their wedding day . Ann was so tired from all the dancing she did; she had fallen asleep on Jeff's lap on the way home .

Jeff was hesitating if he should wake her up or moved her, the latter won, and Jeff carried Ann to their bedroom like a knight and shining armor .

The Butler was kind enough to open their bedroom door . "Would there be anything else for tonight sir?"

"No, we're fine, go on back to sleep, and I will take care of everything . Thank you!" Jeff laid Ann gently to the bed so she won't be disturbed . After laying her down, he quietly went to the bathroom and got a warm towel to clean her up and removed all her outer clothing, not leaving a single shred on her beautiful body .

Ann was dead tired that she doesn't even know when Jeff undressed her and wiped her whole body with the warm cloth then put a sheet to cover her nakedness .

The deed was done, now what? Jeff scratches his head thinking . . . 'What happens to the continuation of the party? Aren't we supposed to continue when we get home? Hmmm . . . ' - Something dawn at him, 'Let see if you could continue sleeping after what I'm going to do . '

He hurriedly took a quick shower and rushed back to bed . Ann was still sound asleep, not a care in the world . Jeff kneeled and pulled the sheets that were covering Ann's naked body .

Jeff crawled his way from down below kissing her from toe to head and head to toe, stopping right in between her legs where there's no covering at all .

Jeff reached out and pulled her closer to him and started kissing her naked opening, he parted the bush that's covering it and started licking . "Hmmm, taste like chicken . " He mumbles to himself while still licking and now sucking .

Ann started to feel what Jeff was doing . She wasn't sure if she's having a wet dream or is it happening . While her eyes still closed, she reached out and touched Jeff's hair and felt that it's for real and not a dream . "Hmmm . . . Ahhh . . . Ummm . . . Ahhh . . . " Ann was feeling the sensation, and it felt soooo . . . -good .

Jeff was secretly smiling down below; he likes hearing her moan and wanting for more . He slowly slid one of his fingers inside to check how ready and wet she is before he darts up and prepares himself to enter .

Ann's half conscious, half asleep . However, when Jeff started engulfing on her teats, she became entirely aware and began responding to his foreplay .

She lifted his head and urged him to move up and kiss her, Jeff complied and kissed her slowly at first, then it became more demanding as it advanced to the greatest extent .

"Honey . . . Ahhh . . . Please . . . . !" Ann was pleading for Jeff to enter her and give her satisfaction . She needed a release badly .

"Hmmm . . . Not yet! I want you to beg more, tell me how extremely you desire it, tell me . . . " The tone of Jeff's voice says differently .

When Ann didn't say a word but, instead grabs his shaft and pointed it toward her opening, Jeff had lost it and pushed in . He slowly slid in and out, in and out, as slowly as he could . He doesn't want to finish quickly, he slowly pulls out, pushed in, feeling every inch of her inside .

Ann was impatient; she doesn't like it slow; she wants fast and hard . She started coaxing Jeff . "faster . . . faster . . . Ahhh . . . faster . . . Ummm . . . faster . . . Ahhh . . . faster!!!!" Ann bit Jeff's lips and started scratching his back; her sharp fingernail dug into his skin as a punishment .

Jeff got had no choice but to comply, the sensation from Ann's fingernail scratching his back was making him hotter and hotter . The lava inside his volcano was ready to erupt; he started pumping very hard and fast just as Ann wanted . *Thump, thump, thump . . . * "Harder . . . Faster . . . Harder . . . Faster!!!"

Jeff was pumping and riding two hundred miles per hour; his shaft was hard as a rock poking and touching the core inside Ann's opening . Then . . . The fireworks shoot out, and Ann started seeing stars and light . . .

Ann "AHHHHHH!!!!"

Jeff " ^-^ "

"That's it, sweetheart, let it all out . "

Ann began quivering from the aftereffect . . . She then realized that Jeff had not had his release yet, she felt terrible and shoved him to shift places .

Once she was on top, she started working her hips, grinding it while Jeff's shaft still inside her fully erect . She pushed forward, then backward, pulls up half way through then drove back down to engulf Jeff shaft inside of her entirely .

Ann repeated it over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder, then . . .

"AHHHHHHHH!!! Ohhh!!! God have mercy on me!" Jeff's volcano erupted, his hot burning lava was overflowing, and Ann loves every bit of the feeling .

"Hahaha! Hahaha! I thought I was loud enough to wake up the dead . You loud enough killed a dead person for the second time . Hahaha!" Ann jokingly told her husband, before collapsing on top of him .

The couple repeated it a couple more times before morning came . They end up doing round two an hour later, and round three right before the chicken sung the "Cuckoodoodle . "

[This is the best I could do on a very tight request, hahaha! -Author]