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Chapter 264

Ann woke up with a big smile on her face from the aftermath . She turned and looked at her husband sleeping soundly next to her; she couldn't help but smile when she thought about how many rounds they made love the night before .

She slowly scoots to the end of the bed to get up, not wanting to disturb her sleeping husband when a hand reaches to her pulling her back to his embrace .

"Where do you think you're going? Hmmm!" Jeff rested his chin to the top of her head while snipping the sweet smell of their lovemaking still lingering on her body .

"I'm going to get ready; I'm sure Rita would be here soon, knowing how she has been working diligently with our wedding preparation . Let me up, or you wouldn't be able to go to work either . Hahaha!"

"What if I don't want too! Hmmm . . . -You sure smell so lovely . " Jeff was acting like a spoilt child with his mouth puckered up as he declined to let her go .

"Honey, we are too busy right now, we only got a couple of days left, and guest would start arriving from all over the world; If you know what I mean?" Ann tried hard to wiggles out of Jeff's embrace with no luck . He was adamant about keeping her in their warm bed .

Jeff doesn't want to let his wife go at all; he instead hugged her tighter than usual . "I can't breathe honey! You're going to suffocates us this way . Let me go, please! Pretty, please!!!!"

"Give me a big one first!" he then puckered his lips and tilted his face towards Ann waiting for her kiss .

*TSUP, TSUP, TSUP!* "Hmmm, is that big enough?" She looks at him with loving eyes before pushing him so she could get up from the warm bed and his loving embrace .

"Honey, loving you a thousand times is not enough in this lifetime . In my next life, please! be my only love again . If you don't, I would hunt you down and make you regret being re-born again . Hehe!" Ann playfully told Jeff before making her way to the bathroom to get ready .

Ann was wearing nothing at all she's butt naked from the night before . When she got up, her two cute buns were brightly-shining as she walks toward the bathroom .

Ann stopped at the threshold of the bathroom and turned around to face her husband who's been watching her naked backside the whole time .

"Honey, do you like what you're seeing? Hehehe! How about joining me in the shower . " Ann leaned at the bathroom door and slightly posed seductively, lifting her chest upright making her nipples erected fully and pointing towards Jeff in full view .

Jeff scrambles out of the bed butt naked, with a grin on his handsome face . "Do you need to ask, of course! It would be my pleasure to join you in the shower . Hahaha!"

They spent an hour or more in the bathroom, doing the bathroom scene all over again . Jeff doesn't want to stop at all, but Ann reminds him about their appointments for the day .

When Jeff looked at the time, it was past eight in the morning . He rushed to get ready; he has many business dealing and appointment . He needed to finish all of it before the wedding and honeymoon .

Ann was still seating in front of her vanity table putting a light makeup on when Jeff was ready to leave for work .

Jeff went to his wife, bent down and kissed the top of her head first then lightly peck on her cheek before leaving in a hurry . "Love you! Don't tire yourself alright!" Jeff shouted as he walked out of the bedroom door .

Ann only shakes her head and chuckle to herself . "Same to you!" She yells back to Jeff, not realizing he was long gone .

Once Ann was finished, she checked herself in the full-length mirror to see the bulge in the front of here . The twins still too small and not clearly showing signs yet, which is good . It would be fun by the time she has the baby, how are they going to explain it to the masses .

'The could say it's premature or has something to do with being a twin,' That's right they could do that, Ann thought and let out a sigh .

Ann was delighted with the outcome of both parties, thanks to Rita who worked so hard to make it possible . She would make sure that Rita's Company get a boost from their wedding along with her designer friend . She smiles as she was thinking about how she would do it at the wedding .

Once Ann was satisfied with how she looks, she slowly made her way down to see if Rita had arrived yet . As she was about to enter the Parlor, she heard a conversation between Rita and the two downstairs maids .

'Oh! I forgot about them needing something nice to wear for my wedding . I should contact Lea and arrange for them to go shopping at the Mega World Mall . ' Ann turned around to the direction of the dining room, at the same time calling Lea .

[Hello! Are you coming today? I have something for you to do . I would appreciate it if you could come soon and have breakfast with me . ] She sat down at the dining room while speaking with Lea on the phone .

[I'm on my way as we speak, I had to drop Ronald at the office, and now I'm stuck at the traffic jam . ]

[Alright! I'll wait for you to have breakfast together . ] Ann hung up the phone and stayed seated at the dining table to wait for Lea .

The kitchen help saw her and rushed to inform Mr . Butler . "Mam's at the dining room, should I let the Chef know?"

Mr . Butler smacked the kitchen help in the head . *Swak!* "Stupid question!" He grumbles as he walks towards the dining room .