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Chapter 265

Rita arrives bright and early ready for the next agenda . When she comes, only the Butler was around to let her into the parlor . "Good morning, Miss Rita, I would be right back, Sir Jeff and Mam Ann should be down soon . " He bows and left towards the kitchen .

Rita was already getting used to the environment of the Mansion, for the last couple of days, she saw how relaxed the atmosphere was, It seems that the couple lived a carefree lifestyle which she wishes dearly to do so someday .

A couple of minutes later the downstairs maids came one with a tray of sweets and another with hot coffee and a bright shining smiles on their faces .

"Miss, Mr . Butler asked us to bring this to you while your waiting for Sir and Mam to come down . " The maid put it on the coffee table and started pouring a cup for Rita .

"Thank you! It's alright; you don't have to pour for me, I could do it myself . " Rita reached out for the hot steaming pot from the maid's hand . "Please!" With her hand extended waiting .

"If you need anything else, there a bell right there . . . " The maid pointed at the cord hanging at the corner of the parlor .

"Oh, alright! Thank you!" Rita replied smiling to the two maids .

"You do it!" One of the maids told the other while using her elbow poking the side ribs of the other .

"No, you do it! You're the one who wanted it the begin with anyway; I could go and buy from the Mega World Mall . I'm sure Sir and Mama would give us discounts . "

The two maids were pushing each other, and Rita saw it from the corner of her eyes .

"Do you guys needed something? Go on, if I could help you, I would . " Her eyes were showing curiosity as she asks .

"Well . . . You see Miss; we saw all that beautiful gowns that your designer friends brought here the other day and . . . , and . . . -" The maid was hesitating to continued, afraid that is not appropriate for them to ask .

"Go on; what is it that you wanted to ask?" Rita urging the two maids, she asked showing interest, her eye brightly shining with a smile on her face .

"Go on!"

"The thing is . . . -We would be attending Sir and Mam's wedding, and of course, we don't have any decent clothes to wear to that special occasion . "

"We are hoping that we could buy one from your designer friend, we saw how beautiful all the gowns that he brought here the other day . " She then looked away down to her feet while swinging it back and forth .

"We understand that it might be expensive if we could get some discounts perhaps? Hehehe!" The other maid interjects, her voice was low as she speaks shyly .

"Hahaha! Was that all you guys wanted? That's fine; I will check on him and see what he has left in his inventory . I would let you know after I speak with him, is that alright with both of you?"

"Yes, Miss! It's fine with us, take your time and let us know whenever . Thank you! " They bows and left hooping and giggling with happiness on the way back to their duty .

"Gosh! I can't believe she's so charming and unlike other rich people who look down on people like us . "

"Yes! She's sweet and attractive too! I wonder if she's single or married? We could match her up with our Chef, he's very handsome, and they're about the same age . What do you think? Hahaha!"

The Chef heard the girls mentioning him they passed by the kitchen . He turned around and called the girls to come to the kitchen . "What is it that I'm hearing you say something about me? You two were gossiping again instead of doing your job . Do you want me to report you to Mr . Butleer or you're going to tell me what you two were talking about?"

"Hehehe! It was nothing Chef; we only thought that you look good together with that pretty miss out there in our parlor . However, we were not sure if she's single or married already . "

"Pretty Miss, are you talking about the wedding designer? " Mr . Chef is now curious .

"Yes, Chef! She's charming and nice too . Not snotty at all, we asked her if she could do us a favor and she happily said she would check on it and see what she could do . Isn't she nice?"

"Hmmm, do you think she would be interested in me?" Chef's eyes were glistening with excitement .

"You want us to check for you? The two young maids asked while grinning from ear to ear .

"Hmmm?" Will see, will see . . . You go on, and I let you know if I do . "

The Chef was busy chatting with the two maids when the kitchen help came running . "Chef! Chef! Mam's at the dining room, she's seated already waiting for her breakfast . " He was almost out of breath from running so fast .

"Woop! Woop! Woop!" The kitchen help was trying to catch his breath while blowing air in and out . "Inhale, exhale!" He mumbles to himself while standing and waiting for the Chef's order .

"What! What are you doing standing there, serve the food!" The Chef anxiously went to the dining room to check on Ann; he almost tripped as he was walking so fast .

Once he arrives at the threshold of the dining room, he saw Mr . Butler coming towards the dining room as well . He waited until Mr . Butler arrives before they proceeded to greet Ann together .


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