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Chapter 266
Mr . Butler and Mr . Chef greeted simultaneously .

"Good morning Mam!"

"Good morning Young Madam!"

Ann turns to see who greeted her, once she saw Mr . Butler and Mr . Chef . She procured the sweetest smile she could conjure before greeting them back .

"Good morning to you too! How's everyone today?"

"We are fine Mam; thank you for asking!" Mr . Butler replied respectfully .

"The happy days are almost here; I couldn't wait to see you and Sir tie the knot . " Mr . Chef interject'

"Even though we already know that it's only to make it official, we can't wait for the day to come . I bet you're the most beautiful bride in the whole world . " Chef's making a circle as the motion with his hand .

"Chef, Mr . Butler, I have a question, and I hope you don't mind . " Ann's a little uncomfortable asking, but she needed to know to be able to prepare .

"Yes! Mam, ask away . "

"Please, do!"

"I'm wondering if by chance you need to take a day off so you could go shopping for something to wear on my wedding day?" Ann asked sheepishly .

Mr . Butler looks at Mr . Chef and shakes his head and waved his hand . Mr . Chef smiled slightly and shook his head as well and copied Mr . Butler by waving his hand .

"No, Mam!" Both said it at the same time then shyly looked away . . .

Ann looked at the two-man in front of her and started laughing . "I'm only asking for one reason and one reason only . Alright!" She made sure that they were looking at her before she continued .

"Today, I'm officially giving you all a day off so all of you could go shopping . How's that?" She's expecting an excited reply . Instead, she heard them say . . .

"Well, it's nice of you to offer Mam, but some of the help could not afford to spend any money right now . " Mr . Butler was trying to politically explain it to Ann while feeling embarrassed at the same time .

Mr . Chef decided to intervene, "Mam, thank you so much! We appreciate it, and we would use the free time productively . " He nudged Mr . Butler to second what he had just said to Ann .

"Huh! Ah! Yes, thank you so much for the day off . I will inform everyone . Hehehe!" Mr . Butler was a little embarrassed for divulging the personal business of the other help within the house .

"Don't mention it, and also I asked Lea to come and help arrange for everyone to shop at Mega World Mall, and Oh! It's on us, our gifts for everyone . "

Ann proudly announced to the two who's dumbfounded from what they had heard .

Mr . Butler "^-^"

Mr . Chef "^-^"

"Thank you!!!" They both said it in unison grinning from ear to ear .

"What would you like to have for breakfast today Mam? Whatever you're craving, I would find it even if I have to go to the end of the earth . " Mr . Chef was standing proudly in front of Ann waiting for her order .

Ann face lit up with excitement; her mouth twitched a little before giving Mr . Chef half a smile . "Thank you! You make me whatever your special today and I would eat it wholeheartedly . "

Mr . Chef and Mr . Butler left excitedly to inform all the household help . After breakfast, they were to go shopping at the Mega World Mall complimentary of the Go family .

Mr . Chef hurriedly went to the kitchen to prepare a feast for her sweet and lovely lady boss . "Nothing but the best for the best boss in the whole world" He mumbles to himself as he was taking out ingredient after ingredient .

"Egg, check!"

"Meat, check!"

"Bread, check!"

Mr . Chef was busy checking all the ingredients that he has in front of him when all the household helps showed up .

"Mr . Chef, is there something we could help you with your preparation?"

"Yes! Chef, I could peel the fruits!"

"I could cut it!"

Everyone was excited after hearing the news from Mr . Butler, and they want to make sure their young madam was very happy .

*Clap! Clap! Clap!* "Listen up people! Everyone's help is welcome! The more, the merrier and faster . The faster we feed young madam, the earlier we could all go shopping spree . Hahaha!" Chef loves it that everyone came to help him and the kitchen help .

They were finished preparing a magnificent breakfast spread for Ann in no time .

"Alright! Serve the food, the young madam and the twins were hungry . " Mr . Chef shouted to everyone to be able to hear him speak from all the happy noises they were making .

One by one, the kitchen helper delivered the food in the dining room . At first, it looks like there are only a few dishes . However, when the food keeps on coming delicious food after delicious food, Ann was speechless .