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Chapter 267

"What is all this? Is there a party going on that I don't know? Whoa! This is a lot!" Ann finally found her voice after being shocked for a moment .

Mr . Chef came in as Ann was speaking with wide-eyes looking at all the food that's being put at the side counter and in the middle of the dining table .


Lea arrives in time while the kitchen helper was bringing in a hearty spread and setting it down at the table . Mr . Chef had outdone himself . He prepares three types of eggs — poached, fried and scramble . Matching the eggs were french toast, croissant, and bagels .

For the meat, sliced ham, bacon and sausage links . Ann's mouth was watering while the kitchen helper was setting it down one by one .

Ann could smell the aroma from the cheese, and butter with honey-spread . "Hmmm! Yummy!" She's salivating from looking at the food .

Lastly, there's also a platter of various fruits, consist of sweet melon, apple, peeled orange, seedless grapes, and banana . It's a feast fit for a Queen .

"Good morning! Wow! You must want something hard to find for you to ask your Chef to prepare all this food only for a favor . " Lea bunters while hurriedly seating and started reaching out for the food and filling up her plate with one of everything, or maybe two of everything .

"What do you mean I had it prepared to bribe you, what made you think your that special . Hahaha!" Ann jokingly told Lea while also reaching for the food spread out in the middle of the table .

"What's the occasion? Why this much food when there's only you and I to eat? Unless you planned on feeding the poor and hungry . Hahaha!" Lea bunter back while she kept on shoving put after food into her mouth .

"That's not a bad idea; I should do that after the wedding . We need to give back even if it's only food to feed the poor and hungry off the street . " Ann said it with sadness in her voice .

Lea looked at her friend and felt terrible, it was a tasteless joke . She should have never said it at the beginning . "I'm sorry! - Friend . "

There was only two of them eating, but the spread looks like it's for a whole battalion of armies .

Ann has no choice but to do the same as Lea, filled her plate with almost one of everything .

The two started eating with gusto; they hardly spoke a word with one another after that joke and continued eating without taking a break . Once in a while, Lea would say something while a mouth full of food .

"Chew, don't just swallow alright! No one else is here, it's only you, and I too finished all this food . Alright!" Ann was staring at how Lea was eating like there's no tomorrow and very unladylike . She only shook her head and gave Lea a half of smile before she continued eating .

The two were busy eating when it dawns to Ann that Rita was waiting for her at the parlor . She forgot to invite her for breakfast .

"Mr . Butler! Mr . Butler! You who-ooooo . . ! Mr . Butler!"

Ann called for Mr . Butler, but no one answers . She turned around to see if any of the kitchen helpers was around . No luck, it seems that they were all busy preparing to go shopping . She has no choice at all, Lea's in no way would get up from the table even if the house were on fire .

Ann got up to go to the parlor herself to invite Rita to join them for breakfast .

"Lea, I'll be right back alright! You better not eat all the food, knowing you everything would be inside your stomach by the time I come back . Hahaha!" Ann jokingly told Lea as she leaves to go ask Rita to have breakfast with them .

As she approached the parlor, she heard someone having a conversation . One is a man and the other was Rita for sure . 'Who could the man be?' Ann was curious .

She pokes her head inconspicuously; she doesn't want to announce her presence . She was afraid that Rita would be embarrassed . . .

"If you don't mind I would like to ask for your number and email address so we could chat sometime . " The mysterious man said to Rita .

Rita was hesitating to give her number away, but this man does look impressive . He might not be the CEO of any company but . . .