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Chapter 268
'My phone number is xxx-xxx-1234, please! Make sure that no one else gets that number . It's my cellphone and only family, and a few friends know that number . " Rita explained shyly .

Mr . Chef was elated to hear that she's considering him as a friend, good enough to give him the number . "Thank you! I assure you that no one else would know your number . "

Ann thought it was sweet that Rita and Mr . Chef was getting to know each other . She decided not to bother them and went back to the dining room like she never heard or saw anything .

Lea was already done eating by the time she arrives back to the dining room . She was seated comfortably rubbing her stomach . "Burp! Excuse me!" Lea covered her mouth embarrassed .

"Wow! I'm a glutton; I can't believe I ate that much . That was some spread your Chef prepared today . If I weren't engaged yet, I would surely try to hook up with him . " Lea said it jokingly .

Ann gives a half smile before replying . "You might have to fight our wedding planner for him . Hahaha!"

"What do you mean? She and the Chef? Are you sure? Oh, my god! Are you serious?" Lea bombarded Ann with questions, unable to believe that in such a short time the Chef had made a move with the wedding planner already .

"Whoa! Hold your horse's girl! Slow down, one question at the time . To answer your question, I don't know to all . Alright!" Ann sat back down to finished eating and avoiding Lea's gaze; she doesn't want to answer any of her questions at all .

"What are you looking at? If you're finished eating why don't you go and see if everyone's ready and take them all to the Mega World Mall to shop for some formal clothes to wear on my wedding day . "

Lea's stands rooted to the ground with her mouth wide open staring at Ann after hearing what she said about taking all the help to Mega World Mall to shop for formal clothes .

"Am I hearing you correctly? You want me, - me!" Pointing to herself, "to take everyone to the mall to shop until they drop?" Unbelievable, this is unbelievable for real . Are you sure?"

"Whatever you say, you're the boss! I would take them and of course . . . Don't blame me if I too shop until I drop . Hehehe!" Lea happily left to look for Mr . Butler and all the household help .


In the meantime, at Grandfather Go's mansion, Mr . Butler and Old Ron were trying to butter up the old man to give them the day off .

"Give me one good reason why I should let you both go at the same time? If I believed that it's justifiable, then I would let you go . " Grandpa Go scolded the two old man .

"You tell him!"

"No, you tell him!

"Stop! Both of you! Why not both of you tell me, instead of pointing the finger at each other . "

"Well, Sir! My wife want's to go shopping for something nice to wear at the wedding, and I also could use a new suit . " Old Ron sheepishly replied .

"I too sir, could use a new suit for the wedding and it's better to go together . I want his wife opinion in the matter of choosing the right one .

"Hmmm! How about this, call the school and tell them were picking the boys early and we all go together . While you at it, inform everyone in the household to get ready, we all going shopping . "

Mr . Butler hurriedly complied and looked for everyone, while shouting to come .

Old Ron came back after he finished speaking to the kids principal with a big grin on his face .

"Sir, I took it upon myself to inform the Director of the Mall to close early so we could all go shopping without hindrance . Is that into your satisfactory?"

"Why bother asking me when you already know the answer . Get your ass out of here and pick up the boys now . Better yet, let me get ready, and we would go together . "


The news of the World Mega Mall closing early reached Jeff's ear, and he was fuming, smoke was coming out of his nose . "Grandfather!!! What did you do now?" His voice was so loud that everyone outside his office heard it and started laughing .

"The old man has done it again! Hahaha!" One of the secretaries said while laughing hard .

"Only the Chairman could get our CEO this mad . All he has to do is close the Mall thirty minutes early, and CEO Go would be screaming at the top of his lungs . Hahaha!" Another one of the employees commented .

Inside the CEO office, Jeff's was busy contacting his Grandfather . However, Grandfather Go already knows why his calling and ignored the call .

Jeff decided to go to the mall and speak with his Grandfather in person . . . He would be in for a shock when he sees that everyone from his household was there shopping for free, courtesy of his beautiful wife . . . What would he do then?


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