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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:34 PM

Chapter 269

Jeff had tried contacting his Grandfather several times with no luck . He decided to go to the Mall to reason with him in person . He pushed the intercom impatiently to Ronald's desk .

"Ronald! Get the car ready; we're going to the Mall, my grandfather's at it again . " He grabbed his cell phone and yanked his suit jacket that was hanging, in turn, knocked the whole stand . "Shit!" He jumped quickly to avoid hitting his foot in return .

"Wait till I see you old man and you would pay dearly this time . I'm going to charge you every penny of whatever you took . " Jeff was mumbling as he walks out of his office door; his secretaries were all secretly laughing as he walks by them .

Ronald was already waiting for him at the lobby when he got out of the private elevator . His handsome face tells it all, eyebrows knitted, smoke coming out of his nose, and talking to himself as he walks .

"What did he do this time? Closed the Mall again? Hahaha! Only Grandpa Go has the power to get you this mad . " Ronald teased Jeff on the way to the car .

"If you want to stay alive long enough to see your great-grandchild, you better shut your mouth!" Jeff's not having any of it this time, the last time it cost the Group several Million, how much is it this time? He needs to be there to stop him before he creates enough damage to pissed the Board of Directors .

Ronald was about to get in the driver's side when Jeff changed his mind and decided to drive himself . "Get out! Let me do the driving; go to the passenger side . " He growls at Ronald .

There was nothing Ronald could say or do to appease his anger at the moment, the only person that could help them would be his beautiful wife .

While Jeff wasn't paying attention, Ronald sent an SOS to Ann .

Ronald -[ Help! Your husband is about to kill someone!]

Ann-[What! Where is he right now? ]

Ronald-[We are on our way to the Mall, Grandfather Go decided to go shopping and closed the whole Mall . ]

Ann-[Hahaha! Serves him right, cheap-skate . Don't tell him; I'm on my way . See you!]

Ronald-[Thank you! 😇😇😇 You're a life saver . See you!]

Ronald wiped the little sweat that was building on his forehead . "Phew!" Then sigh loud enough for Jeff to look and see what's going on with him .

"Hmph! What are worried about, it's not like it you the one I'm about to murder . Aaaah! I swear he's the reason I'm showing some gray hair before I even turn thirty . "


The group from Jeff's household arrives at the Mega World Mall and ready to shop . However, they were in for a shock when the security guard stopped them and would not let them in at all .

"I'm sorry, but the mall is closed for the day . Come back another day, here's a coupon for a discount when you come back . " The security guards inform Lea and the group of people with her in a stern manner .

"What do you mean it's close today? I don't see any sign or notice anywhere saying it's closed for the day . "

Lea's pretty upset and the tone of her voice was a little louder than usual .

"Well, if I say the Mall is close, whether a sign was posted or not, it means it's close, and you can't come in . " The lady security guard said it arrogantly .

Mr . Butler and Mr . Chef interrupted and trying to reason . However, the lady guard was not even listening and ignored them .

"Look here Miss Guard, do you know who we are? We are from the owner's household CEO Go, you better changed that attitude of yours or you might not have a job by tomorrow . " Mr . Butler scolded her loudly for everyone to hear .

"Look here Mr, whoever you are and wherever you're from, I'm only doing my job . I advise all of you to clear the area like I said the Mall is closed today . You all got it!" She then lifts her chin then turned around to go back inside the Mall and locked the door .

"You-you-you!!!" Mr . Chef was hyperventilating and point toward the lady guard that had left .

Lea was busy calling Ann to report the situation; she doesn't know what else to do . The whole group was devastated, and it shows on their faces . Everyone was excited before they arrive, now all of them has a long, sad looking face and almost in tears .

"How about we all go back to the Van first and wait if Miss Lea could get in touch with the boss lady . Don't you all worry; we got this under control . " Mr . Butler assured his co-workers .

Everyone listened to Mr . Butler, and all went back to the Van to wait for news .

The two downstairs maids couldn't help but discuss what's happening and make comments .

"Gosh! Why does the Mall have to close today of all the days? Why not yesterday, or tomorrow . ?"

"I know! I was so looking forward to getting a pair of shoes, bags, and some makeup . Hehehe!"

"Don't you all worry, it doesn't matter if the Mall was closed, we would be able to go shopping . I know . " Mr . Butler was trying to appease everyone's anxiety .

Lea came back with a long face; she looks frustrated and ready to kill someone . . .


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