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Chapter 27

The car was already at the front door waiting for them when Jeff called them . Ann is wondering why Jeff seems to know where they going without asking her for any information . , "Lea, did Jeff ever asks you any information about this meeting?" Ann asks curiously . "No, he never did, I was wondering about that too" Lea replied .

When they were almost to their destination Jeff receive a call . "Sweetheart I will drop you off first alright, something came up I need to handle it first . I will be right back!" . Ann just nods unhappily .

Ann was disappointed but she didn't show it to Jeff she just smiles and told him goodbye . Before she was able to get out of the car, Jeff hugs her and gave her a kiss:" don't worry about anything, I will take care of everything ok!" He whispers to her ear . As soon as they were out of the car, Jeff orders Ronald to go .

Ann waited until the car was out of sight before she walks into the building . They were greeted by the guard who seems to remember Lea: "welcome back! He said with a smile, then ushers them in"

The receptionist was already informed by the upper management and knows that she's there to cancel the contract . She didn't even greet them, just told Lea: "I'm sure you still remember the way right!" She said it sarcastically then look at Ann and sneer . They have not gone a distance yet when the receptionist told her colleague loudly:''who does she think she is she's just a pretty face, she's not even famous and she's acting high and mighty! Hrmmp!" Lea and Ann heard it but did not say anything and just keep going .

In reality, Ann felt they have the right to criticize her because of the situation but it still upset her . Lea, on the other hand, wants to go back and curse them out . Ann was quick to stop her: "forget it ok! Let just get this over with . "

They were met by the assistant, after showing them to a meeting room, she just left without saying a word . Ann is getting stress and worried: " Jeff where are you? I need you right now! Please come now!" She told herself .

They waited . . . and waited . . . and waited for some more . . . They must have waited about an hour before the assistant shows up just to tell them that the General Manager is still in the meeting and to just sit and wait . " what else could they do, of course, they will sit and wait . "

Lea needed to go to the ladies room so she asks the assistant for direction and went leaving Ann by herself . While Lea was gone, a young beautiful lady and a very beautiful woman walked by heading to the G . M . office . She just glances a little and did not have a good view of their faces . "They look like a pair of Mother and daughter . " Ann thought .

Ann was totally losing her patience already: "if the G . M . doesn't show up anytime soon, they can kiss her behind goodbye . She will count to one hundred if by the time she finishes and no one shows up she's leaving . One, two, three . . . suddenly the door open and the assistant and the G . M . walks in . "

Miss . Ann, I'm General Manager Lim: "I believe you are here to break the contract is that right? First, let me tell you how much is the penalty for breaking the contract which I'm pretty sure a C list entertainer like you will never be able to afford it your whole life . If not for your similarly with our famous spoke person whos now retiring we would not choose you at all . "

"Nevertheless, we want to give you another chance to change your mind or else you need to pay 10X of $$$$ as a penalty . Can you pay that?" . The G . M . told Ann sarcastically .

Ann, look the G . M . straight into his eyes and told him that she needs to call someone first without blinking . The G . M . smirk and said: "Go ahead call all the enforcement that you can find, just know that if you cannot pay this amount even if you're the CEO's hidden mistress you will still be in trouble! Will sue you and ruined your career .

Ann was ready to call Jeff when the door opens . . .