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Chapter 270

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Everyone's attention was with Lea who looks like she's ready to murder someone at the moment, namely the lady guard of Mega World Mall .

"Miss Lea, is everything alright? Were you able to get a hold of Young Madam?" Mr . Butler asked anxiously while everyone else was waiting intensely for her answer .

Lea looked at everyone sadly before shaking her head . "No, she didn't pick up . " She felt useless, unable to do anything without Ann . "I'll try again in a minute, maybe she was busy with Rita and didn't hear the phone ringing .

Mr . Chef was about to suggest that they go back home and inform Ann in person when he saw . Jeff's car was pulling at the curved .

"It's the young master! Hahaha! Save by the bell; the young master is here!" Mr . chef was grinning from ear to ear and jumping for joy .

Everyone got out of the Van and rushed towards Jeff and Ronald to complain about the lady guard .

"Young master, hello! Young master!" Mr . Butler shouted for Jeff who just got out of the car .

Jeff heard someone calling his name, and when he looks at the direction where it's coming from, he was in for a shock . His whole household employee running towards him like the devil was after them .

"What in the world is going on here?" He shouted to back to them as they were approaching .

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Jeff is now curious as to why his whole household help was there, and it seems they have some problem . He stands still impatiently, the toe of his shoes tapping the ground .

Everyone reaches him with urgency faces full of smiles and happily greeted him .

"Good morning Sir!" Everyone said it at the same time .

"Young Master, are you here to help us get in? We knew Young Madam, would not let us down . She probably contacted you and told you to straighten up that nasty lady guarding your Mall, right?" Mr . Chef asked while glancing at everyone curiously for a second the motion .

"Yes! Young Madam would never let us down! She promised us a shopping spree, and that's what we're going to do . Hahaha!" Mr . Butler happily announces to everyone .

"Yehey! We are going shopping for free! Hahaha!" The kitchen help loudly shouted for the passerby to hear .

Jeff's eye was bulging from what he just heard the Kitchen helper yelled out loud . 'Shopping for free? What did my wife do now?' He looks at Ronald for the answer, but he just put his two hands up and shook head with the looks saying "I don't know?'

"Mr . Butler, Mr . Chef, may I speak with both of you privately for a moment please!" Jeff asked seriously void of any emotion on his face . He looks too intimidating that, no one moves even after he asked with a please in the end .

Lea was busy texting the situation to Ann after she finished she finally looks up and spoke . "Oh! Hello, big boss! It's good that you are here; I don't need to bother Ann . "

Jeff pulled Lea away from the group to interrogate . "What's did my wife do this time? Did she offered them a day at the mall at my expense, is that it?"

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"You guessed it in one shot boss! It's exactly what your beautiful wife who's carrying your twins did today . She gave them a day off so they all could get something to wear on your wedding day . "

"What! Oh, I'm getting a headache . " He turned and looked at the group, then look back at Lea . He stood there for sometimes thinking and calculating before he made his decision .

"Alright, everyone! Listen up! Since it's my wife idea and it's for our special day . . . " Jef didn't have the chance to finish his announcement .

"Mam! Mam is also here!" The downstairs maid shouted pointing at the direction of the car that just arrived .

Jeff turned to the direction the maid was pointing and sure enough is his wife coming out of the car gracefully and breathtakingly beautiful .

Jeff's blank face suddenly changed, a full set of white teeth can now be seen showing on his handsome face as he walks toward his wife .

"Sweetheart! What are you doing here?" He asked while reaching for Ann's to embrace in front of everyone .

Ann decided not to tell him the truth . Instead, she improvised . "I needed something for our wedding and Rita, and I thought to see if there's any at the Mall . Right, Rita?" She asked Rita who's unsure of what's going on and her attention was focus towards Mr . Chef standing behind Lea and Ronald .

"Yes! That's it; we're here to check for some material needed for the wedding . " Rita was uncertain if it's the correct answer .

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Jeff knew when he's being lied too, but he doesn't mind since no one got hurt in the process .

"As I was saying earlier before Ann arrived, If this was her Idea, then . . . Let's all go shopping!!!"

The whole group started clapping their hand and cheering after hearing what Jeff announced .

Mr . Butler led everyone and followed Jeff and Ann, Ronald and Lea towards the closed Mall .

"Ye-hey! We're going shopping until we drop!" The kitchen helper yells out loud once again .

Once they arrived at the closed door, the lady guard pushed the intercom and informs Jeff and everyone the same thing and same way, arrogantly .

Ronald's eyes widened when he heard what the lady guard just said and her tone of voice . 'Your dead meat lady, you picked the wrong person to have that tone of voice . ' He thought to himself .

"Ronald! You know what to do; get to it . " Jeff ordered with a growl .

Ronald went to the side where a private entrance to the Mall was located, inserted a key and went inside . Jeff and Ann stand still in front of the door without batting an eye and saying a word .

Ronald arrived and clicked open the door from the inside which shocked the lady guard in the process . "How did you get in here? Don't push that!"

However, it was too late . The door of the Mall opened, and Jeff and everyone entered and walked past the guard without saying a word .

The guard was unable to utter a word; she has a feeling that the two people at the front must be the bosses of all those people behind . 'But who are they and why do they have access to the private door?' She was still in deep thought when something dawn to her . . .

"Holy, shit! I'm in deep shit now . . . " She said it a little loud that everyone heard it as they were passing by and all started laughing out loud .




"Too late, you did dig your own grave, and soon you would be buried in it . Hahaha!" Mr . Butler shouted while still laughing hard .

Ann was shaking her head feeling sorry to the guard; she knows what's about to happen once Jeff meets with the Manager or the Director of the Mall . But first, there's a certain old man that's first in line, namely Grandfather Go . . .

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