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Chapter 271
The clothing department was where everyone spent most of their time . Since it's for free, everyone wanted to look their best . It's once in a lifetime that they would be able to wear something so expensive and exquisite, suits made by Armani, and dress designed by a top designer that usually purchased only by the wealthy .

The next places were the shoe's, purses and the cosmetics department . The two young housemaids had a ball; it's a dream come true to finally able to wear brand name cosmetic, they usually only buy at the market where everything was made from a no-name brand company .

By lunchtime, everyone was finished shopping, and they head back to the Mansion happily while praising their kind-hearted bosses all the way home . It's an experience that they would remember and talk about for the rest of their life . . .


Grandfather Go, Grandmother Tan, Old Ron and his wife, Old Butler and the two boys were busy shopping when Jeff and his entourage arrived at their location .

However, instead of Jeff scolding his Grandfather for closing the Mall . He thanked him for doing so which is very rare for Jeff to do .

Once everything was straightened up, Jeff and Ann left and went back home . Ronald stayed as per Jeff's order to take care of everything . Ronald loves it; he would get a chance to pick out a nice gift for the couple on their wedding day with the help of his fiancee .


[Ethan and Eva's moment] The night before, after the Bachelor party:

Eva and Ethan made it back to the Villa without delay . The Villa was quiet; there's no one to disturb them . Ethan had made sure to give the housekeeper's a day off for the whole weekend for them to be alone .

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He planned ahead of time; he cannot fail this time no matter what happens . Do or die! He would get what's coming . . . -Eva would be his, one way or the other, that's his promise to himself after that night in Hawaii .

Eva stayed seated in the passenger seat; she was hesitating if she should go in or ask Ethan to take her home at the Mansion . She knows what's Ethan planning to do, and she was for it one hundred percent a couple of minutes ago . But, now she's not too sure herself . . .

While she was in deep thought of what to do, Ethan opened the door and stood to wait for her to come out of the car .

From the way she looks, Ethan could tell she feels like a little lamb ready to be slaughtered by him, and it worries him .

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'It's not good; I need to figure a way to make her feel at home . If not, she might bolt out and wanting to go home . What then?' He's trying to figure out a way to make her feel at ease .

"Babe, If you're worried that something might happen between us, I promise that I would not do anything you don't want me too . Alright! I only want us to have some time alone; that's all . " He made it sound sincere that made Eva's decision to stay much more natural .

"Alright! You promised, if you break your promise, I would never speak with you ever . " Eva shyly got out of the car; she then straightens and dusted her clothes even though it doesn't need too .

Ethan saw what she did, and he knows she's nervous . He put his arms on her shoulder and guided her to the house . "Home sweet home!" He shouted as they enter the Villa .

Eva secretly smiled as to not show to Ethan that she likes that sound . "Home sweet home, she likes that . Someday, she would have that kind of home, and she's hoping that Ethan would be part of that home . "

Once they were inside the house, Ethan was at lost of what to do, he went to the bar and started preparing some drinks . While he was mixing drinks, Eva turned some sweet music to make the atmosphere much more relaxing and started humming along with the tune .

Ethan loves what was happening . Eva was making a move . She was setting the whole thing, and he loves every minute of it . He handed Eva a cocktail drink, then sat down next to her on the sofa .

Eva took a sip of the cocktail drink; it's a little stiff . However, it's what she needed at the moment to give her the courage to go through the whole thing . She's continued humming to the tune that was playing on the stereo, while Ethan was seating quietly next to her trying to find a way to get closer to her .

Eva and Ethan stayed seated sipping their cocktail for longer than necessary before he finally decided to make a move . . .

To be continued: