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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:31 PM

Chapter 272
WARNING: No underage reader allowed — an explicit scene, only for adult eyes only .
Read at your own risk! Reader discretion is advised .

[Happy reading, as per request, I comply . Snu-Snu here it comes . ]

Eva sat nervously unsure of what's going to happen next . She continues sipping the cocktail that Ethan had made for her, soon you know it . . . -she had drunk it all in one gulp .

Ethan saw that Eva's cocktail drink was empty and he hurriedly made another one . It's part of his plan to help her feel relax and at ease so they could move on to the next level .

"Here you go! Let me have that . . "He stretches his hand to receive the empty glass in exchange for the full one . This time, Ethan made the drink stronger than the last one, he's getting mischievous to achieve his desire .

"Hmmm, this cocktail sure taste like an Ice tea with alcohol . What is the name of this drink?" Eva got up and took another gulp of the cocktail in one go .

Ethan grin mischievously, he knows Eva's not a drinker . One glass of long island Ice tea would surely get her drunk, and two would make her wild, and that's what he wanted . 'hehe!' He has perverted thought running around his dirty mind .

"That is the name of that drink, except It's called Long Island Ice tea," His voice sounds so sexy the way he answered, the heat in his body was emitting all over him .

Eva could feel it slipping through her soul, and it's like a magnet that's pulling her towards him . She staggered a little trying to get up .

Ethan quickly reached out to help Eva steady herself . Unfortunately, that's all it took for all his hormones to shoot up towards the sky .

His shaft started to erect with only a mere touch of Eva's soft skin . He was going to put a distance between them and hurriedly backed away .

However, Eva's expression was hot and bothered, and her breath looked misty as she exhaled . Her eyes brightly shining was conveying everything about her feelings .

Ethan looked at her lovingly, her kissable red lips so inviting, waiting to be kissed and savor . He wanted to taste it badly, but he's afraid that he would scare her . He needs to be gentle with love and care, she very fragile like a crystal and he's worried she would break .

However, when he looked at her eyes, it's begging for him to go for it and that's all he needed .
Ethan cupped her chin with both of his palms . He was slowly pulling her head closer to his before they engaged in a passionate kiss . Their tongues intertwined with each other as they suck the life out of each other, both wanted to engrave the memories of each other's taste .

"Hmmm, I want more . . . " She was kissing him back hard and sweet, her tongue keep rolling around searching . . . searching . . . before intertwining it with his own once again . She was playing with the hair above his neckline while slowly moving her hips with the tempo of the music .

His shaft is now ready and bulging inside his tight jeans and needed to be release badly before it becomes too painful to handle . His hand found her buttocks and started caressing it while pulling it towards him so she could feel his bulging cock ready to fight a derby anytime .

Eva continued with her erotic movement that making Ethan hotter and ready, but he needs to make sure that it's what she wants before he remained with the foreplay .

"Babe, are you sure? I promised you that I would not do anything you don't want too . " Ethan's voice was hoarse, his hanging by the thread and in a minute he would be devouring her no matter what her answer .

It was long and passionate foreplay, only when the two of them lost their breath did they separate . A thin string of saliva was visible between their mouth as Ethan sweetly licked it with his tongue, "I want to eat you up," Ethan whispered as he buried his head deep within her neck and sucked it to put a kiss mark .

Eva softly moans as it echoed from her mouth, her seductive moans intensified the sensation of lust within Ethan's mind as he embraced her closer and tighter .

"Yes! Yes, oh! Yesss!"

Ethan lifted her and laid her to the sofa and continued kissing, tasting and licking her up from head to toe . As he makes his way to her collar bones, his hand was working on taking her the clasp of her bra . Luckily she was wearing one of those bras with the front hook, and it made it easy for him to access . Then . . "Wallah! Her two cup C breast was right on his face for the taking .

The pink tip of her erected nipples begging for him suck was making Ethan erected-rod wanting a release already . . . 'Not yet, is not the time yet, I want to enjoy the sensation of eating you up, I want to taste every inch of you and suck your core to dry my sweet horny baby . ' Ethan was thinking while he started licking her nipples and around .

Eva kept on moaning; she's loving the way Ethan's tongue was working around her nipples . She was helping him and guiding him exactly where she wants him to lick, suck and caress .

Eva's very demanding and wants to be in control, and Ethan was letting her do what she wants, as long as he could do what he wants . Give and take . . .

Both of them are now hot and horny, especially Ethan, his shaft is sooo hard and ready! . . .

To be continued . . .