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Chapter 273
WARNING: No underage reader allowed — an explicit scene, only for adult eyes only .


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Soft moans echoed from Eva's mouth; her seductive moans intensified the sensation of lust within Ethan's mind as he continued kissing her sweet opening . He loves the sweet and salty taste of her; he wanted to eat her whole if he could, his mind going wild with wanting .

He traced her silky and smooth body with his tongue, intent on tasting the entirety of her body . Her expression flushed when she felt his hot protruding shaft inside his tight pants, striking her body .

The sensation of the squishy, yet hard tip of his fully erected hart shaft hitting her lower abdomen made her fidgety and shy . But at the same time, she felt satisfied, satisfied with the fact that her body could entice Ethan .

Calming her nerves, she muffled her moans and took the initiative, launching a counterattack by sucking Ethan's earlobes . The latter moaned, and the slight shivering of his body indicated that her movements were right . . .

Ethan reached the limit, he stopped what he was doing and lifted and carried her into the bedroom where they could to do a wild thing without the restrictions of the small couch .

He laid her gently to the soft bed, without moving his lips that was intertwined with hers the whole time . Their clothing removed in the speed of light, both stark naked in a heartbeat .

Soon, she slowly went lower . . . lower . . . lower and eventually reached his protruding manhood . The reddened tip made it look like it was excruciating and Eva couldn't help but feel saddened by Ethan's condition . "Oh, baby, you must be . . . must want . . . hmmm," she mumbles .

"Ethan, I'm going to do something to help you, but don't think that I had been doing this all along alright? It would be my very first time doing this to anyone . "Eva said shyly .

She stretched her hand slowly towards his shaft and grasped it gently in her palm before stroking it up and down . She was intensely looking at his shaft while she while working, she kept on stroking up and down, up and down, up and down .

Ethan couldn't help but moan in pleasure as he felt the sensation of her warm palm kneading his manhood . 'No matter how many times she had than this,'-Ethan thought that it does not matter to him, what's important is who she's doing it now . And that's him and no one else .

Eva's awkward movements inadvertently touched his spots causing him to roll his eyes as the burning lust within his soul, intensified . He needed to guide her, teach her the right thing . . .

"Lick it for me . . . same as I did to you a while ago," Ethan mumbles and Eva obliged without hesitation . She wants to make him satisfied and happy .

The manly smell that came out from Ethan's phallus made her lower abdomen, throb in desire .

Opening her mouth slowly with hesitation, she then sticks out her tongue and started licking very slow at first . She licked like she's licking an ice cream, there's nothing to it .

She then slowly engulfed the hard shaft on her palm, from the tip slowly and made her way to the roots . That's when Ethan suddenly shivered with pleasure .

"What's wrong?" Eva removed her mouth as Ethan hissed with pleasure . Eva's teeth grazed his sensitive hard shaft . "Did It Hurt?" She shyly whispered, and Ethan shook his head, "Nah, do whatever you were doing with your teeth . "

Ethan ruffled her hair and Eva dived in once again; she swallows his entire hard shaft down her throat . The warmth that enveloped his cock almost made him explode as his breathing turned into ragged panting, "Keep it up, keep it up, ahhhh! hmmm, ohhhh!" Ethan mumbled amidst his hushed moans as Eva kept his member in her mouth sucking it like a sweet lollipop .

She stuck her tongue out and twirled it around the tip of Ethan's hard shaft that ready to explode any minute . She licked then swallowed while exerting a suction force .

Eva opened her eyes and observed Ethan's expression . She noticed that each time she licked the underside of his shaft, Ethan's would raise his butt, and tremble in return .

'So that's your weak spot?' Eva inwardly thought and intensified her offensive .

Ethan couldn't help it anymore, and he warned her about his impending explosion . "I'm ready to come, baby . . . I want you to know; I want to explode inside of you!" But instead of removing her head, she focused on the tip and massaged his balls with her free hand .

"It's okay, do it inside my mouth, I want to taste it," She mumbled, and her eyes widened in shock as Ethan pumped his seed from his balls into her moist mouth . Eva narrowed her eyes; she greedily sucked everything that came out from his shaft .

It was only until Ethan's shaft stopped its throbbing did she removed her head and stared at Ethan with her mouth, bulging with his seed then swallow it all in front of his eyes . "Wow!" Was all Ethan could say at the moment .

Eva engraved the taste deep within her soul as her throat moved and swallowed everything down to the last drop . The scenery that unfolded before Ethan was so erotic that his cock stood up once again ready for another derby .

"Didn't you just came?" She spoke with a wry smile on her face . Ethan stared at her with a speechless expression as he said, "You can't blame me, you're just too sexy that I can't stop my little buddy from getting hard . . . "

His serious expression after his declaration made her chuckle as she said, "Oh?" Ethan pressed her body on the bed and while face to face he said, "Of course, I mean it," Eva sweetly smiled before whispering into his ears, "Ethan, I want you to eat me up," Her words triggered the suppressed lust within Ethan]'s body as he went down and spread her legs .

Eva's womanhood looked tasty like a cheesecake . It's cleanly shaved, and the thin crack reveals engorged and wet maturity upon spreading . It'a visible to Ethan's eyes how her clitoris is reddened and swollen, waiting for him to lick and suck .

Ethan didn't hesitate and started working hard as she did a while ago "Give and Take . "

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