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Chapter 274

WARNING: No underage reader allowed — an explicit scene, only for adult eyes only .


[Happy reading, as per request, I comply . Pure smut and snu-snu here it comes . ]


Ethan slowly inserted his middle finger until he felt her . 'Hmmm – too – wet,' he thought . He loved it so much his body reacted most appropriately, by erecting his shaft in a fast and hard manner .

Eva's face flushed and she exclaimed, "No, you don't need to do that!" But her body arched as a fierce sensation of pleasure ran through her spine and struck her mind . The feeling of Ethan's tongue inside her body made her stiffen up . She wildly moaned with pleasure, despite her virginity .

Ethan's experience shone through as he pleasured her . His practice on his many past girlfriends was put to good use . He was notorious for eating through girlfriends like other men do Sunday dinner .



His tongue deftly maneuvered inside her . He knew he found her g-spot when she arched in ecstasy . Ethan jabbed it with the tip of his tongue, as he rubbed her clitoris with his index finger .

Suddenly, Eva's body writhed, and her centers twitched as a clear salty liquid splattered Ethan's face .

Eva's toes scrunched as her orgasm continued . "AHHHH!!! MORE!!! SUCK-IT BABY, PLEASE!!!!" She didn't know what overcame her when she shouted

Several seconds later she regained her sense, while her deep and worn breathing showed her exhaustion .

"No more, please no more . . . " She whimpered when she saw Ethan's erected shaft .

Ethan positioned himself above her as he said, "I'll do all the moving," He grasped his lance and placed it near her throbbing opening .

"Wait – please wait – No - please can you wait just a minute! Let me rest . . . " Eva's mouth froze open; she looked to be in shock . Her grief was evident by the fact that she couldn't even last past the first performance .

However, opposite to what she's thinking, Ethan tenderly laughed and said, "It's fine . I've come to terms that you're that delicate and it's your first time . "

It's the truth, Eva's nervousness made her readily consumed during intercourse . It's a fact that lowered her self-confidence towards her sexual execution . After all, every woman wanted to satisfy her partner .

Several minutes later, Eva's breathing steadied, and she finally grasped her breath . Her face shows that she could do another round and ready to rumble .

Ethan noticed it, and he hurriedly shifted her flat on her stomach . Eva's craned her neck behind as she asked, "What are you planning to do?"

Ethan gave a light snickered, "I always wanna try it in this manner . . . "

Ethan hunkered on the back of her thighs as he planted both of his hands on her silky-white bun and expanded it apart .

He was revealing a remarkable view which he embedded, buried within his mind and flashed into his eyes .

Eva's pulsation progressed, she found it impressive and exciting that she's unable to see when he was about to enter .

The excitement of uncertainty made her saturated in expectation as she gripped a cushion and anticipated his approach .

Ethan sniggered, Eva's opening was so wet that he could easily slide his fingers inside . He was positioning his hard shaft near her entrance .

He made sure that it didn't touch her opening so that she couldn't foretell his entry to her kingdom .

A comical smile hoisted on his lips as he abruptly thrust . His entire fully erected shaft went inside Eva in a matter of seconds .

"Ouch!" Eva complained at first, but it only lasted a second .

The suddenness of the insertion made her wince as a cry filled with pleasure and desire came out of her mouth .

The feeling of her throbbing gist around his hard shaft made him feel like he was about to erupt in a matter of seconds . Suppressing his inevitable explosion, Ethan stopped and stayed still .

Eva's breathing became stimulating each time he pulled out, and in each time he pushed, she would exhale, and groan as loud as she could .

"I can't hold it anymore," Ethan whispered, "Can I do it inside?" He asked as his movements enhanced .

Eva craned her neck and intensely licked and suck his lips before she said, "Do it, do it fast and hard, give it all to me, I want all of it inside me . . . "

"Here it comes, take it all baby, I'm coming fast . . . " Ethan swiftly rammed her hard and kept on pumping and riding her like there's no tomorrow .

Ethan was working hard, 'In and out, up and down, pumping, pumping, he's erected shaft touching the core of her G-spot and intensify the height of her wanting a release as bad as him . . .

In a matter of seconds, Ethan ejaculated, and Eva's eyes widened as a flood of semen landed inside her, she felt every drop, and she gave in and released as well . [They released at the same time . . . ]

Ethan's shaft finally subdued inside her while he crumpled on top of her back . Enfolding her from behind, He had a devilish idea as he said, "Now that I ponder about it, you appear to have gained a fondness with blowjobs . . . "

Eva's body trembles and she didn't dare to turn around as Ethan pressed on, "Since copulation gets you this weak, maybe you can release me using that . . . every time . "

Eva put her head under the pillow, "It's enough alright! Let's sleep," She was reddening from his crack as she buried her head .

Ethan took the opportunity as he said, "How about Piping me again for breakfast, Hahaha!" He spanks her naked buns, and she felt a sharp pain in return .

Eva turned around, pulled Ethan to an embrace before whispering lovingly, "Thank you!"

"You are most welcome! Should we do it again? Hahaha!" Ethan banter before going into a deep slumber with a smile on his handsome face .

Eva was so exhausted that it only took a minute and she was also in the la la land while snuggling with Ethan .

The End:

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