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Chapter 275
On the other side of town, the same thing was happening at Ann's condo with Lea and Ronald . They were smart enough to leave as soon as Jeff and Ann went home, they also have unfinished business and planned on continuing where they left off at Ann's Bachelorette party .

Ronald was speeding like the devil's after him once they left the parking lot . All kind of things running around his mind, things he would like to show Lea .

For a couple of days, he practiced hard at the office with the rest of the guys learning how to striptease from a professional male stripper they hired .

Now that he got the basic, he wanted to try it out and see if it would work on Lea . She's a number one tease herself and she had shown it to him numerous time in the past .

Once they entered the condo, Lea went straight to the bedroom to clean up and get ready for bed . Ronald did not have a chance to eat anything all day, and he's starving plus he needed to make sure he has enough energy for the night .

He went direct to the kitchen to see what food does Lea has in the kitchen . When he opened the refrigerator, he was in for a shock; the only thing inside was juice, water, and a box of eggs . He checked the cupboard, and there's also nothing edible, he kept on looking, finally, he got lucky and found a box of ramen noodles .

Ronald knows where all the pots and pan in the kitchen, he had been there more than enough time and helped with the cooking .

He picked a medium size sauce pot to use to cook the noodles . While he was waiting for the water to boil, he checks if there's any bread so he could make some egg sandwich .

He looked at the cupboard, 'no luck this time' he then looked around and 'Wallah!' He found some bread inside one of the plastic bin .

Next the ingredients, he needs mayonnaise, mustard, pickle relish, onion, tomato, and cheese [God blesses him, he found some . ] he throws about four eggs into the boiling water and let it cooked .

While all that was happening, he diced the half piece of onion that he found and sliced the tomato very thin . Once he finishes, the egg was done, he took it out of the boiling water and set it aside to cool .

By the time Lea completed taking a shower and preparing herself, Ronal had already whipped up some ramen noodles with eggs on top and egg sandwich . She could smell the delicious ramen all the into the room .

"Baby love, what are you cooking? It sure smells good . You're making me hungry . " Lea shouted from the bedroom .

Ronald was busy setting up the tray with a big bowl of hot and spicy ramen noodles . "I'm making some noodles; I'll be right over once I finish . " He yells back while hurrying up and putting the finishing touch .

"Done!" He looks at his creation, and it's very tempting . Ramen noodles cooked to perfection, garnished with hot red chili pepper, some fried garlic, a little cilantro and eggs on top . - "Hmmm! Delicious . . . "

Ronald carried the tray full of food to the bedroom where Lea was currently putting lotion on her short sexy legs . He almost tripped and dropped the serving tray full of food .

"What you got there? It sure smells delicious . " Lea got up and checked out the tray that Ronald set at the small table .

"Hmmm, let me try it . " She picked up one slice of the egg sandwich and took a bite . Her eye widens from surprise; it's delicious and the smell of the hot ramen with chili pepper making her stomach growl .

"Hahaha! You must be starving; that sound awful . " Ronald jokingly told her, not realizing it's a no-no .

Lea dropped the sandwich that she was holding and turned around and went out of the room upset without saying a word .

"Hey! Where are you going? I was joking; please forgive me . . . " Ronald shouted after her, but Lea could careless .

She's an independent woman who doesn't need a man to cook her a lousy ramen noodle and egg sandwich . [That's what she thought anyway . ]

Lea opens the fridge to see what she could whip up, but to no avail, she has nothing . She doesn't even have an egg to cook anymore, Ronald had used it all to make the sandwich and put into the noodles . "Suck!"

Lea went back to the room mumbling, she stripped her pajama's and pulled open the closet and grabs one of her tight-fitting jeans, then a blouse .

Once she's finished, she put her long hair in a bun, then grabs a hat before grabbing the key without saying a word to Ronald .

"What are you doing? The noodles were getting overcooked and soggy; let's eat!" Ronald eyes look weary and not understanding what's going on .

"You cooked it . Why don't you eat it!" Lea told him sternly then walked out of the room toward the door .

Ronald ran after her and tried to stop her from leaving . However, Lea's pretty quick and able to get out of the house before he reaches her without looking back .

Ronald, quickly look for his slippers and ran after her with one on, while retaining the other one in his hand .

"Lea! Wait, I'm coming with you! Where are you going? It's late at night . Let me go with you at least, please!!!"

Ronald yelled a little too loud that a neighbor peeked to see what's going on and complaint . "Do you both mind, you're not the only one lives here you know!"

"I'm sorry!" Ronald shouted back as he was running towards the door to go after Lea .

Once he got out of the building door, he was stunned to see that's there's no Lea around . He looked to the left, then to the right, but she's nowhere around .

Ronald scratches his head thinking which direction did Lea went . He looked to the right again, then to the left still undecided which one, left or right?

Ronald stood still rooted to the ground with worry on his eyes . "Which way? Ahhhh!" He grunts .

He was still trying to figure out when he heard a scream . . .