Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:27 PM
Chapter 276

Ronald heard a scream coming from somewhere, it sound's like Lea . He looks to the right, then to the left, but there's no one there .

*Thud, thud, thud,*

His heartbeat was going one hundred miles per hour after that something happened to Lea . Once again he heard Lea's voice, he could barely hear the sound, but he knows it's Lea . Then he saw a figure coming to his directions, and sure enough, it's Lea who just came back from purchasing something from a nearby a 7-Eleven .

"What the heck are you doing out here with one slipper's on and one in your hand," Lea asked him while still trying to catch her breath from running .

"Were you the one screaming earlier? Where have you been? Why are you short of breath? I'm a sorry babe! I didn't mean to upset you; I was only joking you know . " Ronald bombarded her with questions full of concern showing in his eyes .

"I know, I'm sorry too! You know how I am, I need to get out and think it out or else we're going to end up arguing over stupid little thing . There's nothing for me to forgive; let's go back in . "

Ronald felt relief that Lea's no longer upset, if not he might end up in the dog house . The two walked hand in hand and lovey-dovey back to the condo .



The noodles were already cold and soggy, but Ronald was hungry, so he ends up eating it anyway and not wasted and throwing it away .

Lea ate only the egg sandwich; she doesn't like cold and soggy noodles . Once they finished eating, they were no longer sleepy and tired; Lea suggested playing poker to pass the time .

Ron and agreed in a heartbeat with one condition, " If we're playing what would be the stake? I suggest we play strip poker?" He said it with a grin on his face .

Lea looked at Ronald to see if he's joking or serious? What she saw was a mischievous look on his eyes . She agreed right away without hesitation .

"You do know that I'm the queen of poker right?" Lea banters without any expression on her face .

" Yes, I know! I'm prepared for that, don't you worry . I'm not going to lose at all . "

"Hahaha! Let see about that when the time comes and you only have a Birthday suit left . Hahaha!" She laughed out loud while she got up and looked for a playing card that she had just purchased from a 7-Eleven nearby .

Once Lea found the playing card, she jumps on the bed to sit down and prepare for the game . She patted the top of the bed, " come on! I'm ready to strip you off . " She teased Roland as he was getting ready to sit down on top of the bed .

Strip poker game begins: The dealer decides what game they would play each hand . The total number of games: Depending on the situation or the mood and Lea have an idea of how she would win .

"For the first game, I want to play Russian poker (pusoy)" Lea announced .

"Sure why not!" He replied so quick with a smirk on his face, thinking he got this one under his belt .

Lea dealt the card, and she made four separate files with 13 cards on each . She then gave 2 of the files to Ronald, and she kept 2 for herself .

"Alright, here's the deal, this card-[pointing at one file] against that card!- [pointing at another file] You know the rule right, two out of three must-win, if one is a tie then we would draw a card, the highest wins . "

Ronald picked up one set of the files and started fixing it, with a very determined looking face .

Lea did the same thing, the only difference was she has a half smile on her face with a look that said I'm going to beat you .

The battle of strip poker begins, who would come out a winner . Who would end up butt naked and left with nothing but Birthday suit . . .