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Chapter 277

WARNING: No underage reader allowed — an explicit scene, only for adult eyes only .



Ronald has no intention of losing no matter what . However, so as Lea and that's where they are going to have a problem . Both were very serious about fixing their card, thinking of a way to outnumber each other .

The object of the Russian Poker is a little complicated; the truth of the matter, Ronald doesn't have any idea how to set up the card . He supposed to put five highest card at the bottom, five of the second best in the middle, and the least goes on top .

He got everything all messed up and ended up losing the first round . Lea was enjoying it because she's a pro when it comes to poker or any card game for that matter . She grew up in Las Vegas; her family plays poker every weekend which gives her a lot of practice .

The second round came and the same way, Ronald doesn't want to let Lea know he has no idea what he's doing . He fixed the card the same way he did the first time .

It's show-down, Ronald lost again, and Lea was grinning from ear to ear . She asked him to take his pants off first and then his shirt . Since he wasn't wearing much, he was left with only socks and underwear after that .

Lea loves it, and she couldn't help but feel happy with the outcome . Ronald didn't mind at all; he figures sooner or later, they would both end up naked anyway . That's the whole purpose of playing strip poker .

It's Ronald's turn to deal, and he gets to choose the game . He decided to play a high card to make it faster; whoever gets the most top card win .

The first one to pick was Ronald, and he got a King of Heart . He was elated; he knows there's no way she could pull higher, only an Ace could beat him .

Lea slowly picked a card, to make it exciting she didn't show it right away . She wants to make it suspense . Ronald was anxious to see, but he has no choice but to wait .

His heartbeat was going *Thud, thud, thud,*

"Come on babe, can you please, show what you got?" He asked anxiously .

Lea wanted to tease him more, but he looks like he's about to cry, so she gave in and flip the card .

*Bam!* It's an Ace of Diamond bright and clear for Ronald to see and he almost painted .

"WTF! How can you be so lucky and pick higher than my King of Heart? This is ridiculous . " He exclaims a little louder than usual .

"Hahaha! That shows you how good I am, and it's not luck; it's a talent . " Lea jokingly said while playing footsy with Ronald's balls .

Lea's was seating very erotic with her legs widely spread and she's very naughty for wearing a T-back that barely covers her opening .

Ronald was unable to concentrate on the card he has on his hand . He's supposed to be sorting his card, but instead, he was peaking towards Lea's spread legs and the view in front of him .

What Lea was doing to his balls was stimulating, and he's shaft raised fully erected . The front of his brief started bulging, and his shaft tip was visible . Lea saw it, she began to feel hot all over her body and started licking her lips, the lower bottom part of her body was burning with sensation .

She kept on playing footsy with his balls, then slowly she's inching little by little towards Ronald, then she drops the card on her hand and touches the sole of his feet, that was stimulating, and it made Ronald groan . . .

Lea loves it, the sound of Ronald's voice was 'hmmm . . . ' It's making her hotter and wanting to rock his world .

"Baby love, would you take your brief please!!!" Lea's said it erotically .

Ronald complies, leaving him with only the pair of socks on his foot while his little birdie was dangling right in front of Lea to enjoy .

Ronald could feel the heat that Lea's emitting, and the way she was looking at his erected shaft like a piece of juicy steak while salivating, was enough for him to throw the card on his hand and pulled her toward him .

Soon you know it, Lea jumped on top of Ronald and started kissing him like she hasn't eaten for days and was starving . The kiss was so hot and passionate; Lea was moaning in between trying to catch her breath . "Ummm, you're so sweet and tasty, I can't get enough of you . . . Ohhh . . . I need you badly baby love . "

Ronald who's still stunned from Lea's action, could do nothing but take in all that Lea's giving him . He loves every minute of it, and he as well couldn't get enough . He wanted to give back all that he was taking in .

Lea's very experience compare to Ronald in terms of sexual relationship . She's no virgin mary when it comes to sexual matter . While Ronald never had a girlfriend before, Lea never had a boyfriend that lasted longer than a week .

In their sexual relationship, Lea was always dominant, and Ronald was the submissive one .

However, he's learning quickly ever since they become active . Lea had been teaching him all kinds of position for her benefit .

"Babe, I want you to eat me, I just took a shower, and I'm fresh and clean . " She whispered on his ears while she's nibbling his earlobe .

Lea didn't have to ask the second time, Ronald flipped her and changed their position . There's no slow movement between them; every time they make love, it's always roughed and hard .

"Wait! Wait for a baby love . I don't want you to do it here . " She pushed him and got up from the bed; she then pulled his hand and guided him into the laundry room .

Ronald was at lost, but it doesn't matter, what Lea wants she gets . He's there to give her nothing but happiness .

Once they arrived at the laundry room, Lea turned the washer to a spin cycle, when started spinning and shaking, she asked Ronald to help her up to sit on top of the machine . Ronald hoisted her on top of the shaking washer .

"Take my undies, baby love . Hurry . . . " Lea was inpatient .

Ronald could tell she was in the height of ecstasy and needed a release badly . When she's starting to demand and asking everything to be done urgently, it means she's about to explode .

"Babe, are you sure about this? I mean, do we have to do it here? couldn't we just do it in the bedroom like everyone else . " Ronald's worriedly asking when Lea pushed his head down to her opening and demand .


Ronald complies while holding Lea's two legs high up in the sky, and he ate her like it's the end of the world and in a matter of minutes she exploded with ecstasy .

After Lea finished, it was Ronald's turn, he pulled her down the machine and turned her around put her two hands hugging the washer while it still running in full spin .

He guided his shaft to her opening from behind while one hand was on her breast . He rammed right into her hard and fasted the way she likes it . Ronald was like a cowboy riding a wild mustang banging hard .


[That was not the sound of a gunshot, but the sound of Ronald banging Lea very hard]

Ronald finally exploded, the juice coming out of his shaft was overflowing Lea's opening and dripping down to her sexy legs .

Ronald fired at Lea like he was a fully loaded semi-automatic with one thousand round of bullets . Once all the shots were fired, and his casing was empty, he collapsed on top of her back unable to move .

"No more! I give up; can't do it no more!" Ronald mumble right by Lea's earlobe .

Lea tilted her head to face him, kissed him sweetly . "Will see, baby love, will see!"