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Chapter 278
The night of the Bachelor and Bachelorette party:

While everyone was having a wonderful time, Megan and Claudia were able to escape with the help of one of the guards along with a million dollar bribe .

Claudia's benefactor had put up the bribe without batting an eye . He owes her that much, and it's time to pay up .

He made all the arrangement including the place where they would be staying while hiding .

Once they get their revenge, he would send Claudia outside the Country to have plastic surgery .

He planned on giving her a new identity and bring her back to the Country afterward .


Claudia and Megan were taken into a secured place to hideout, not far from the Island where the wedding would commence .

As soon as they settled, Claudia contacted him for more demand . "We need a disguise to be able to enter the Island, send someone right away . We don't have much time; we need to be there waiting for them you understand!" She said it sternly .

The person on the other line chuckled . "You sure are feisty just like your Mother, very demanding just like me . Hahaha! Don't worry; I already arranged everything for you and that young lady . By tomorrow, you would be inside the Island, attending the party . I made sure of that . "

"Thank you! You owe me more than this; I want my rightful place in society, that man belongs to me, and I want him . Do you hear me!" Claudia demanded to the person on the other side of the line .

"Yes, I heard you! Hahaha! Don't fret; I arranged for everything to happen; she would not even be able to attend her own funeral . Hahaha!"

The man on the other end of the line was none other than Claudia's biological father, Ryan Tan .

Claudia was able to find out who her birth father during her incarceration; he came with a surprise .

When Ryan Tan visited her, she didn't even want to meet with him . However, after finding out about the impending marriage of Jeff and Ann, she thought about it and realize she would be stupid to deny him now; she needed all the help she could get .

What's more shocking was the identity of her Father . His one of the Board Member of Tan corporation and Albert Tan cousin .

He has the power to get her into the Island where the wedding would happen, and she intended to use him .

Claudia's father had no idea that he had Fathered a child with Albert Tan's wife . It was a brief interlude; she was lonely and needed someone to comfort her .

When his Father 'Elder Tan' introduced her, he took advantage of the situation . Claudia's Mother had an affair while Albert Tan was busy galivanting the USA looking for the love of his life . [Sophia Wen] . Ryan Tan made his move and befriended Albert's newly wedded wife .

Albert Tan informed Claudia that his denouncing her as his daughter and announcing Ann to the whole world as the true heiress . Claudia was in a rage when he said that, she promised to herself that she would get her revenge, one way or the other .

Albert Tan went and told Ryan Tan everything after that, including his relationship with Claudia .

Ryan was stunned to find out that Albert Tan never once touched his wife during their marriage until the day she died during childbirth .

Albert Tan's wife also told him the truth about Claudia's Father on her death bed . She made Albert Tan concealed the fact that he was not the father of her child and in return, she gave him half of her shares in Tan Corporation .

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Claudia's Mother owned in shares twenty-percent of Tan Corporation and Albert owns 48 % .

However, that was not enough for Albert Tan . To have full control of the Company, he needed the five-percent Claudia's Mother offered, living the other five percent under Claudia's name .

Ryan Tan knew about the five percent shares that Claudia had and wanted to get a hold of it to increase his voting power . He's been convincing other board members including his father that he's the rightful man for the CEO position .

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries to get rid of Albert Tan, he seems to have nine lives like a cat . The last time he arranged for Albert Tan to get into an accident, he failed .

Ryan was lucky that his stupid cousin the Vice President was the one that got blamed and now in prison . This time he would not miss, and his newfound daughter Claudia and her lady friend would help him accomplished his plans .


The next day at Jeff and Ann's Mansion:

Ethan dropped Eva at the Mansion before he went to his office . Just as the car was pulling in, into the driveway, Jeff and Ann were getting out of the car . They just came back from the Mega World Mall and behind them where the whole household help .

"What should we do?" She asked Ethan who has a big grin on his face .

"Up to you sweetie, you want to go back to the Villa? I could take you back home first before I head to the office . " Ethan offered eyes glimmering with mischievous grin plaster on his handsome face .

Eva contemplated, she doesn't know what to do, should she wait until they enter the Mansion and sneak in from the back door, or face them head-on .

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The latter won, Eva got out of the car, kissed Ethan briefly and walked towards her cousin with a bright shining smile . "Good morning! Where have you guy been? " She gave Ann a hug and a peck on the cheek .

"Well, good morning to you too! Where have you been?" Ann asked the question curiously .

She knows that Eva didn't come home the night before . Ann went to Eva's room early in the morning to asks her to eat breakfast together .

The room was empty, and the bed had never slept in, it could only mean one thing, Eva never came home . . .

Eva was trying to think of a lie, something that's believable and not too apparent . However, since she wasn't that good of a liar, everything came out accidentally .

"I slept with Ethan! No-no-no! That is not what I mean, I mean I slept at Ethan's . " She corrected herself sheepishly while looking down on her foot while kicking an imaginary stone .

Jeff's smiled secretly, while Ann's was looking at her blankly .

Everyone else gawked and had their mouth wide open while staring Eva with a bulging eye, unable to utter a word .

"Oh, never mind!" Eva hurriedly left and run to the safety of her bedroom with tears flowing down on her beautiful face . She was utterly embarrassed and didn't know what else to say .

To cover up her embarrassment, she acted all mad and run as fast as she can towards her room and locked the door behind her so no one could follow .

Ann felt terrible and was ready to follow Eva to console her when Jeff stopped her from going .

"Let her be; she needs some time alone . She would come out sooner or later if she doesn't then get the key from Mr . Butler . Alright?"

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"I need to go back to the office; I had unfinished business waiting . " Jeff gives his wife a gentle kiss on her lips before going back inside the car .

*Clap! Clap! Clap!* Mr . Butler wanted everyone's attention . "Listen up, everyone! Let's all go back to our duties; we need to pay back the kindness they have given us by working hard . Go-go-go!"

"Mam, thank you for everything . You are the best boss in the whole world!"

"I second that!"

"Same with me!"

"God bless you and Sir!"

Everyone has a kind word to say to Ann and it made her heart filled with joy .

"No-no-no! I'm the one should thank all of you . Thank you!" Ann told everyone while smiling sweetly before turning her attention to Rita and Lea .

"Let's go back to business, too many things to prepare before the wedding . "


Everyone went back to their duty while Rita, Lea, and Ann continued the discussion about the upcoming wedding of the year .

In the meantime, not too far away from the Island where the wedding is going to be, Claudia and Megan were also preparing to infiltrate the wedding with the help of Claudia's Father, Ryan Tan .