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Chapter 279
"The girls need to be able to enter without being recognized, I only want the expert in the industry to do the job, or there would be hell to pay if they get caught . Is that clear?"

Ryan Tan was speaking to someone in a movie industry that specializes in Special effect . "Money is no object; I'm willing to pay whatever the cost, as long as the job gets done . "

The person on the other line assured Ryan Tan that only a master of disguise would do the job .
"Sir, let me assure you that you would be satisfied once it's finished . You would not even recognize them yourself once were done . "

"Alright! I'll trust your word, bare in mind the consequences if the plan fails, I would personally make you suffer . " Ryan Tan threatened the man on the other end of the line .



A couple of hours later, the deception created on Claudia and Megan was enough for them not to be recognized even if they come face to face .

Ryan Tan was satisfied and paid the person handsomely .

"Hahaha! It's excellent, this is excellent! I really like this, who would have thought from looking at both of you right now . . . He did an excellent job of hiding your true identity . "

Claudia and Megan both looked at themselves in the mirror and was stunned . They couldn't even recognize themselves .

"Hahaha! Thank you, Father!"

"Hahaha! Thank you, Mr . Tan!"

Claudia kept on staring at her disguise, it's perfectly crafted . She couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing .

"Ann and Sophia, be prepared for I'm coming after you . By tomorrow, none of you would be in this world, I swear in the name of my dead Mother . " Claudia mumbles to herself, loud enough for Megan to hear .

"That's right, those Mother and Daughter duo would be history once we get in . I have a plan myself, we only need to get in first and Bam! Their history . " Megan said it mischievously .

They would wait until it's dark before the two girls would try to enter the Island .

The plan is to terminate the Mother and Daugther duo no matter what the cost . [Would they succeed?]

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"What do you mean they had escaped? How? When? Who helped them? This is insane!" Jeff's face was all red, and his eyes were shooting bullets from anger towards the Police officer that's giving him the report .

"Anything else I should know? If not, you may leave . " Jeff told the Police officer before seating back down and started tapping the keyboard .

Ronald ushered the Police officer out of Jeff's officer while apologizing at the same time in regards to Jeff's attitude just now .

"It's alright! I understand I would be the same if I'm in his shoes . " The Officer replied as he heads out .

Jeff was busy speaking to the head of security that's in charge of the Island . "Make sure to alert everyone, is that clear?"

" I'm sending you pictures of Claudia and Megan, make sure that everyone has a copy and carefully looked at each and everyone that wanted entry to the Island . "

A couple of clicks was all it took for Jeff to send the pictures to everyone in the team . Once he's satisfied that it's taken care, he made a call to the Police Station to speak to Officer Garcia .

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Jeff made all the necessary arrangement for the security of their wedding personally . He doesn't want to take a chance in delegating it to Ronald in case he missed something important .

Once Jeff was satisfied that he has it all covered, he contacted his Grandfather, Albert Tan, and Ethan for a meeting at their home and got ready to leave for the day .

"Ronald! Ronald! We need to get out of here, now!" He shouted while he was tidying up his office .

Ronald was busy speaking to Jeff's secretary about an important matter . He hurriedly finished what he's saying and went to see what Jeff wanted .

"We're going to have a meeting at my house tonight . Did you do what I asked you?" Jeff asked Ronald as he was walking out of his office .

"Yes! All were taken care off; I also informed your secretary to send out a memo to everyone . " Ronald shouted as he was also getting ready to leave . He gathered all his belongings and run after Jeff who's already by the elevator waiting impatiently .

Jeff kept on pushing the button with the arrow going down, "hurry up! Why is this dang elevator too slow? Have the maintenance check it asap . " He ordered irritably .

Ronald was at lost for word; he knows how Jeff is when it comes to his family . He would never rest until he caught those two girls and send them to hell where they belong .

"I really couldn't understand how those two girls able to escape . They must have nine lives like a cat to be able to do that . " Ronald commented nonchalantly .

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"I don't care if they have nine lives or one thousand lives as long as they don't bother me . If they do, they would wish they have a million lives instead . "

*Ding!* The elevator opens, and both went in and continued their conversation as they went down . . .


The pre-wedding party were to last for a week, Rita and her crew were busy from dusk till dawn . The designer friend of Rita only has a week to get all the gowns for the bridesmaid and maid of honor altered to perfection .

The whole Country was buzzing about the wedding, it's an event that everyone who's anyone in the Country would want to attend . Unfortunately, not everyone was invited .

The International Airport was full of people flying in for the wedding . Limousines after Limousine could be seen lined up at the front of the Airport waiting for their wealthy and famous guest .

The Island where the wedding will be held belongs to the Mega World Intl . Group of Company . Only invited guest could come in and out of the island, the security was very tight due to many of the guest either wealthy or a famous personality .

VIP guest was to stay at Mega World Hotel, while others could stay in other hotels . The economy of the Country shot-up high up in the sky from all the foreign people that flew in only for the event .