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Chapter 28

The door to the meeting room suddenly open and a young man walks in . "Hello! My name is Peter, " the young man introduced himself . "I'm the CEO's secretary and I was ordered to bring Miss . Ann to his office . If your finish already, please follow me . "

The G . M . was shocked to hear what Peter just said, but whos he to stop him from taking this person: "Yes, we are done, please take her as you wish . Do I also need to come?" He asks .

"No, he only asked for Miss . Ann, no one else . "

Ann got up from where she was sitting getting ready to follow the secretary when she suddenly remembers that Lea still in the ladies room . "My manager is not back yet, can we wait for a little bit?" She asks Peter .

"This girl is really something, she has the guts to make their "cold face CEO" to wait for her, does she knows who their CEO is? Is she asking for the worst death sentence or what?' The G . M . thought with contempt showing on his face . "Look here Miss . Ann, nobody makes our CEO wait for any reason understand! If you want to salvage your career I advise you to use your charm and entice him . Who knows you might get lucky . Hehe, he .

Ann was so disgusted the way the G . M . was speaking and treating her, if only if Jeff is her now . . .

She's almost in tears but she did a good job of hiding her true feelings . She showed her beautiful smile then told him: " I would do what you said if needed, but let me assure you that I will not need to use my charm or entice him in any way, I have other ways thank you!" She then walks out the door ahead of the secretary . "Are you coming or not! If you ate, please lead the way . " Ann told Peter .

Lea was able to catch them on the way to the CEO office . She's almost out of breath from running .

"Where are were going? Is the meeting over? What did the General Manager say? " Lea asks while following Ann .

Ann was not in the mood to answer so she just kept on following the secretary .

They walk through a long hallway, then they turn left, then left again, finally, an elevator that seems to be a private one because Peter has to use a code to go up .

They were inside the elevator for it seems like an eternity before it finally open to a very luxurious facility . Moving on, they passed by what it looks like a concierge desk with a young man sitting behind the counter answering the phone . Then, they went through rows of cubicles with people looking at them and whispering as they walk by .

Ann just continues following Peter while Lea follows behind them and complaining the whole way through "excuse me! Do you mind telling us how far more do we need to walk? As you can see my young miss, I mean my talent is wearing high heels . " Leas tone of voice is a little high when she asked Peter .

"Please accept my apology! To answer your question, it's only one more elevator ride and will be there . " .

" WHAT!" . *#$%&+* Lea have had it she's done for good, then suddenly it seems he saw someone she knew, but that can't be, right? She's probably hallucinating from all the walking they did . ' She thought .

Finally, the last leg it's the "F . . . . . king" elevator . Hehe hey! ( let's do the boogie!) Lea didn't know if she should laugh or cry .

During the long walk that they did, Ann tried several times to contact Jeff with no luck . " Jeff you A . . . hole watch what I do you when I get home . You said don't worry that everything will be fine, but where are you know!" She's thinking this while inside the elevator .

Last but not the least they arrive at their destination, the CEO's office . "Finally, meeting the " CEO "