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Chapter 280
The media were a buzz, all major television company, radio station, and newspapers; Talks about the upcoming wedding of the most eligible bachelor of the Country to an unknown person . One tabloid was bashing Ann with harsh words that made Sophia very upset .

"Edna! I want a press release; I want the whole Country and the world to know who they are messing with; I'm going to let them know that she's my daughter . "

' sh*t'

"Who are they to bash my daughter?" 'Unknown!' Do they know who they were talking about?"

Albert Tan heard every word that Sophia said as he was coming in, "what's going on love?" He gave her a soft loving kiss on her lips before seating down next to her on the sofa .

Sophia played pitifully for Albert to see . She's upset about the news, and she wanted Albert to help her with the press conference .

"Love, I want to have a press conference to announce to the whole world that she's our daughter and not just someone with no background . What do you think?"

Albert's face becomes rigid after hearing what Sophia said . "What do you mean no background? Which tabloids had written that I would personally sue them!"

He was about to get up, but Sophia was quick to grab hold of his arms . "It's alright love; we only need to make the announcement asap, I already asked Edna to set up a press conference, what I want is for you to speak with me . Can you do that?"

Albert Tan doesn't like being in the limelight, but for his baby girl, he would do anything .

He sat back down and listened to Sophia for what he needed to say and do at the press conference .

"Hmm? That's fine; I could say all those and more if needed . My daughter isn't a nobody; I will let the whole world knows that and more . "

Grandmother Tan came in just in time to hear what Albert Tan said . "What's going on? Why are you upset and what's with my granddaughter? Is everything alright with her and the baby?"

Grandmother blasted them with a question like a machinegun . She's concerned as to what's going on with Ann and the baby .

"Nothing's wrong with your granddaughter, Mother-in-law, It's what's written in this tabloid . " Sophia handed the newspaper to Grandmother Tan to read .

A couple of minutes later, Grandmother Tan put down the newspaper and seriously looked at Sophia and Albert .

"What's the plan? I want to be in it too; if you both agree, we could make it a fairy tale announcement . "

"I could ask Grandfather Go to come and speak at the press conference to make it exciting . "

Sophia's eyes lit up with the idea . "Yes! We could make it a fairy tale, and we could start with your love story with Grandfather Go and move on to their story . This is going to be fun; let's do it . "

"Oh, yes! "Albert Tan palm slap his forehead . "I forgot to tell you that we're invited to have dinner with them tonight . There's something we need to discuss, and they want all of us there . "

"Why didn't you say so, let's go!" Sophia got up to get ready when Edna came in to report .

"Everything was all set, a press conference tomorrow at 10:00 a . m . It would be held at Mega Entertainment building . If there's nothing else, I'm going to head out to make the preparation . " Edna stand still waiting for Sophia's order .

Sophia waived her hand as she walks toward the bedroom . " Sure-sure-sure! Go ahead; there's nothing else . Go and prepare everything for tomorrow . "

That's all Edna needed to hear, she bid her goodbye to Albert and Grandmother and left in a hurry with a smile on her face .

'This is good, with the press conference, it would boost her popularity once again, and she might go back into her career, I can't wait . . . this is going to be exciting . ' Edna was thinking to herself as she walks out of the door .


Ann was taking a nap when Jeff arrives home . Eva hasn't come out of her room yet, and no one seems to care . Rita had left for the day; she has a hectic day ahead of her as the wedding coordinators .

Rita has no time for love life at the moment, Mr . Chef had been texting her asking to have a date, but she was too busy to reply .



Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Mr . Chef has becoming disheartened and ready to give up, but everyone in the household kept on cheering him to wait until the wedding is over .

He decided to listen and wait, ' who knows what might be in the horizon for them . ' He told himself .

"Chef!!! Something smell burnt!" The kitchen help shouted to Mr . Chef who's in the dreamland thinking of his dream girl, Rita Robles, the owner of RRWP .

"Oh, Sh*t! That's the main course for the evening; God dang it!" Mr . Chef palm slaps his forehead . "

He rushed towards the stove where the burnt main course was blowing smoke and emitting burning aroma throughout the whole kitchen .

Suddenly, the fire alarm went off and sounded very loud throughout the whole house . The fire alarm sprinkles that are set up in the kitchen kicked off and blasted water all over the entire kitchen .

The whole dinner ruined while Mr . Chef and the kitchen helper got soaked and wet in the process .

Ann who was awakened from the sound of the alarm hurriedly got up and went down to check . Eva who had not gone out of the room the whole time had no choice but to get out and see as well .

Everyone in the household runs towards the kitchen to check what's going on . What they saw was Mr . Chef and the kitchen help running around like a chicken with no head while soaking wet .

Ann: "Oh, my God!"

Eva: "Jesus Christ!"

Mr . Butler: "What in the world?"




Everyone else thought it was hilarious and started laughing hard .

Mr . Butler growl to everyone . "What are you all laughing for, go and help them! Crazy people, instead of helping, they were laughing . " Mr . Butler apologetically said while looking at Ann and Eva standing at the threshold of the kitchen .

Ann was still in shock, but she didn't show it . Instead, she smiled sweetly to Mr . Butler, "It's alright! We should help clean this up; everyone's arriving soon . "

Ann makes her way towards inside the kitchen when her slipper touches the wet floor and her foot slide . . .

"OH, NO!!!"

"NO, ANN!!!"

"MAM, NO!!"

To be continued . . .