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Chapter 281
Ann makes her way towards inside the kitchen when her slipper touches the wet floor and her foot slide . . . - She was about to fall flat on her buns; everyone screamed at the same time .

"OH, NO!!!"

"NO, ANN!!!"

"MAM, NO!!"

A hand catches Ann as she was about to fall flat on her buns . Jeff's to the rescue; he was in his study when he heard the alarm go off and rushed toward the kitchen to see what's going on, in time to see his wife about to slip .

"Whoa! Careful, sweetheart!" Jeff catches Ann in time before the fall . He lifted her and carried her out of the kitchen and went towards the study .

"Oh, thank God!" Mr . Butler made a sign of the cross .

"Thank you, Lord!" Eva also made a sign of the cross before carefully went to help clean up the kitchen .

Everyone felt relief that Ann did not slip and Jeff saved her in time, or there would be hell to pay if something happened to the Mother and twins .


"Put me down! Put me down! I'm fine; I could walk!" Ann was trying to wiggle out of Jeff's hold wanting to go back and help in the kitchen .

"No way! We have enough help for that; you don't need to put yourself into danger . The floors wet and slippery and dangerous for you and the baby at the same time . " Jeff tries his best to reason with his hard-headed wife .

"But, honey!"

"No, but! You sit your sweet butt here and let them take care of the mess they created . " Jeff sternly said it as he set her down on the couch .

After setting her down, he put his head on top of her stomach to listen to the babies heartbeat before he started speaking to them .

"Boys, tell you Mother to stay put, or you would be in danger . She's hard headed and won't listen to daddy; I need your help . Alright!"

After speaking with the babies, he put his lips and give a smack on top of Ann's stomach . "Do you job boys, help daddy!"

"What do you mean boys? Your wish, hahaha!" Ann's was laughing hard when Ethan arrived .

"What's for dinner?" Ethan words as he walks in . "Yikes! Can you guys please! stop being so lovey-dovey, your already married you know . "

Jeff and Ann looked at Ethan at the same time and glared at him . "What do you mean by that? Just because we're already married, we shouldn't be lovey-dovey anymore?" Ann's looking at him with killing intent . "You better be careful of what you say, whether your joking or serious it's imperative to your future with my cousin . hmph!"

Ethan scratches his head, feeling ashamed of what he said . He realizes the error of his comment; he forgot that Eva does listen to Ann's advice .
If he's not careful, Ethan could fall into a deep hole and unable to get out if he doesn't watch what he say in front of Ann .

Jeff chuckled secretly; he gave Ethan a look that says; 'That's what you get for opening your mouth without thinking . '

"So! What's for dinner?" Ethan repeated to change the subject .

"Why don't you go to the kitchen and help them clean up so we could have dinner tonight," Jeff ordered as he got up from his kneeling position to sit next to Ann on the couch .

Ethan decided to follow Jeff's order and left the lovebirds to find out what's going on in the kitchen .



Albert Tan, Sophia and Grandmother Tan arrives with a bottle of wine on hand . "What's that smell?" Sophia commented as they walked-in into the study .

"You're here! Ann got up from the sofa to give her parents and grandmother a hug .

"It's Chef, for the first time in the history he burnt something and created chaos in the kitchen," Jeff replied as he stretches his hand towards Albert for a handshake . "Father-in-law . "

"Jeff, what's this urgent meeting that you wanted to discuss?" Albert asked with concern in his eyes .

Jeff saw the concern on Albert's face, so he decided to lighten the mood . "Nothing serious, we will discuss it later after dinner . How about a cocktail?" He offered .

"Oh, here's a bottle of good wine I found in my cellar . How about you we open it and try . " Albert handed Jeff the bottle of wine before seating down next to his wife .

Grandmother Tan was seating next to Ann with concern in her eyes . She wasn't sure if Ann read the newspaper about herself . Grandmother tested the water to find out .

"How you been doing lately? How's the wedding preparation going? Did you read the news about your impending marriage, everyone in the Country talking about you two? Hahaha!" Grandmother's laugh sound so fake that made Ann curios .

"Grandmother, is there something wrong? I haven't had a chance to read anything; lately, I'm too busy with the preparation and always tired . "

Grandmother Tan's face lit up . 'That's good; she has not read what's that lousy tabloid written . ' She thought .

"I see, no there's nothing to worry . Keep doing what your doing, let us handle the rest . Alright!" Grandma Tan said with a big smile on her face .

"Yes, we will handle everything else; make sure you get enough rest until the wedding . You don't want to look like a Panda Bear with a big eye bag on your wedding day . Do you?" Sophia banters to lightened the mood .

"By the way, I been trying to contact Grandfather Go, but I have no luck . Is he not in the Country right now?" Grandma Tan asked nonchalantly .

Jeff heard the question and took upon himself to answer . "Grandpa's not in the Country right now . He's checking the preparatory school in another Country . He plans on sending the boy there to get a good education . "

"Oh! Why didn't he asked me to come, I would have loved to check it out myself . " Grandma Tan said a little sad .

"Hahaha! What's with the sad look on your face? Did you miss me that much? Hahaha!" Grandfather Go jokingly said as he walks into the study room followed by Bentong, Don-Don, Old Ron and his wife .

"Grandma!!!" Bentong rushed to Grandmother Tan and gives her a tight hug and fat kiss on both of her cheeks . "I missed you!"

That's all he needed to say and Grandmother becomes emotional and teared up while giving Bentong a kiss in return . "I missed you too!" *tsup, tsup* She then looked at Don-Don who's shyly standing next to Old Ron and his wife .

"Don-Don! Aren't you going to give Grandma a hug and kiss? What? You don't miss me at all?"

Don-Don shyly walked towards Grandmother Tan and slowly reach out to hug .

"Oh! You shy little you! Come here!" Grandmother Tan pulled Don-Don into a tight embrace before giving him a fat kiss on both of his cheeks as well .

Don-Don Blushed after that and hurriedly wiggled out of Grandma Tan's embrace before going back to stand next to Old Ron's wife and grabs her hand for protection .

Grandmother Tan didn't like that at all . But, she didn't show any of her disappointment . She only smiled sweetly and jokingly said; "He's a big boy now, doesn't' like being kissed like a baby . Hahaha!"

Everyone started laughing and it made Don-Don hold on to the hand tighter and tighter . He kept on looking down to his shoes and about to cry when he heard a familiar voice .

Eva was talking to Ethan while walking into the study not knowing the boys were in the house .

Suddenly, *Thud! Thud!* Four little hands were hugging her .

"Sister Eva! Sister Eva! Sister Eva, we missed you!"

"Sister Eva, we missed you!"

It was a sight to be seen, two boys who were an orphan now found a loving family that's fighting over them . A complete family from a Sister, Brother, Anty, Uncle, Grandmother, and Grandfather .

What else could they ask for? [Not a thing! They now have everything . ]

"So! What's for dinner? I'm hungry!" Bentong asked a little loud than usual .