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Chapter 282
The dinner was terrific even with the chaos that had happened . The Chef showed his experience and expertise in creating a magnificent meal to die for even with the calamity that had befallen .

Everyone loved it and enjoyed every morsel . When the Chef asked everyone how's the dinner, they all replied in unison, praising him . That's all he needed to feel at ease and happily made an unforgettable dessert to eat .


After the delightful dinner and dessert, everyone moves to the parlor to have some coffee and to have the meeting .

"Here's the situation, Megan and Claudia had become a friend while incarcerated . For some odd reason, they found a benefactor to helped them escaped, and they are now at large and in hiding . " - Jeff looked at the reaction of everyone before continuing with what's going on .

"What! How? Who? What in the world? It could only mean that they have a plan on sabotaging the wedding . " Grandpa-Go exclaim .

"That's right! That is also my theory; that's why I call this meeting tonight . " Jeff replies concerns showing on his face .

"Who could have the power to help them though?" Ethan interject .

Albert Tan who was listening spoke . "There's only one person that I know have the capability of pulling a string . That's none other than Ryan Tan, my cousin . "

"Why would President Tan helps Claudia or Megan for that matter . What's their relationship? As far as I know, they don't even speak with one another . " Sophia curiously asked Albert .

Albert doesn't have much choice but to tell everyone the truth . It's a family business, but they are all family now . They all deserve to know the truth to find a solution .

Albert Tan got up to find his courage to speak up and tell the story . "The truth of the matter is, Claudia, is not my biological daughter . "

"What!" Grandfather-Go exclaim with horror .

"We all knew that!" Everyone else said in unison except for Eva and Ethan who's only listening and not making a comment .

Albert Tan was stunned to find out that almost everyone knew about Claudia's parentage . - "How?" - Was all he could say while looking at everyone totally at lost .

"Father, it's a long story, and it's not important how we know . What's important now is to find out who had helped them so we could find them before they created a problem . " Ann explains wholly without blinking an eye .

"True! True! Nevertheless, after I told her the truth in which she already knows, by the way . I went to speak to her biological father; President Ryan Tan . I'm assuming that he went and visited her right after I left . That's it; that's all I know . " Albert went to sit back down almost out of breath .

After hearing the story, everyone concluded that it's President Ryan Tan who had helped them and probably hiding them somewhere close by .

"Alright! Now that we got that cleared, why don't we let the guys take care of this while us ladies, stay here together until we know for sure that we're not in danger . " Grandmother Tan suggested .

Sophia agreed in a heartbeat; she wanted to spend more time with Ann . It's a good time as any .

Lea was quietly seating next to Eva without saying a word . She doesn' know where she stands at the moment . Lea's unsure if she's considered a family or only a friend . Either way, she would stay quiet until Ann say otherwise .

Ann saw how uncomfortable Lea was acting . She knows her very well; they have been friends since young and lived close together for many years .

"Lea, you could use the room next to Eva, while Mother and Grandmother could use the one in the east wing . Is that alright with everyone?" Ann made sure everyone understand that Lea is a family, not just a friend .

"Sounds good to me!" Lea replied with a big smile on her face, anxiousness all gone . She's back to being the old Lea, full of life .

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! What about this poor old man? There's nothing much I could do to help the men, where am I to sleep?" Grandfather asked almost in tears .




"Grandfather, do we need to tell you which room you would be occupying? Your room is always clean and ready, of course, that's where you would be sleeping . " Jeff proudly informs his grandfather lovingly .

"Oh! That's nice of you! Thank you!" Grandfather Go said sheepishly .

Jeff gives his wife a warm embrace and a sounding kiss before whispering . "Don't worry, we would take care of this quickly, I'll be sleeping next to you before you know it . Alright!"

"Hmmm . . . " Was all Ann's said while nodding with agreement .

"Alright! Let us go and catch some runaway cats . We need to make it quick and fast; we only have a couple of days before the wedding . " He sighed .

"Do I have to go too?" Albert Tan asked sheepishly .




"Albert Tan!"

"Alright! Alright! I only thought it would be much more fun to stay here and bond with my baby girl . Hehehe!"

Jeff, Ethan, Albert, and Ronald all left and went to the Mega World Headquarters to have a meeting with the elite bodyguards .

Jeff has a plan and if everything workout, by tomorrow the two jailbirds would be back to their cage forever along with President Ryan Tan .


In the meantime, Claudia and Megan were preparing to infiltrate the Island . They wholeheartedly believe that they would be able to enter without getting caught .

Their disguise was unbelievable; they couldn't even recognize themselves .

Megan and Claudia are now Raul and Ramon Gonzales, and they are identical twins . . . -Two good looking men . Since both ladies were tall, it's easy for them to pass as a man .

President Ryan Tan couldn't believe what he's seeing; two beautiful ladies become two handsome young men with the help of the disguise .

"Gentlemen, are you ready?" Ryan seriously asked the two .

Megan and Claudia both answered in a deep voice, and they sounded like a young man .

*Clap! Clap! Clap*

"Excellent! Very well, use that voice, and they would not recognize both of you for sure . Hahaha!" President Ryan Tan was so elated with the thought of becoming the next CEO of Tan Corporation .

'If everything goes well with their plan, he would be the next CEO soon-very-soon . ' He secretly smiles to himself with that thought .