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Chapter 283
"Let's go, men! We are about to enter the sanctum of our adversaries . Remember, you two are my bodyguards and there to preserve my life, act like one . " President Ryan Tan warns Claudia and Megan .

"Yes, Sir!" Megan conjures that best male voice she could .

Claudia didn't reply . Instead, she was in deep thought of how she was going to get her revenge and in return get the man that supposed to be hers from the beginning .

"Claudia to earth! Didn't you hear me?" President Ryan Tan asked angrily .

"Yes! I heard you alright! Satisfied now!" Claudia retorted to her father .

"That's my girl, show your claws, don't let anyone step all over you . Especially that Wen duo, they are no one, you understand, no one!"

The trio left and went to the dock where a ferry boat was waiting to take them to the Island .


Meanwhile, at Mega World Headquarters, the men had finished their meeting . A very detailed plan was implemented and carried out . Once everything was in order, the men head back to Jeff's home where all their loved one were waiting safe and sound .


Grandpa Go and Grandma Tan were busy discussing the boys future, while Sophia, Ann, Lea, and Eva were considering their future .

"What do you think about moving in with me in America, we could be a buddy, a good friend, a companion?" Grandpa Go suggested to Grandma Tan .

"Why should I do that? I have no problem living on my own, plus the boys could live with me . " Grandma Tan replied straight face without batting an eye .

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute, what made you think that the boys would choose you over me, ha!"-Grandpa Go looked at the two boys playing video games . -"Plus, I told you already that they would be attending a preparatory school when the school starts . "

"Let's talk about it after the wedding, ok! This old body of mine is tired, and I'm going up to go to bed . " Grandmother Tan got up and was ready to leave .

Bentong heard Grandma Tan words, and he hurriedly stopped playing and got up ready to go up as well .

"Boy! Were do you think you're going?" Grandpa Go asked curiously .

"Grandpa, I'm still young and need to sleep early, Grandma said it's time to go to bed, so I'm going . "

"If you are ready to go to bed, then we all should go to bed . Don-Don let us all go!" Grandpa Go ordered .

Don-Don got up as well and complied without question . All fou bid their goodnight to the other four before heading to their room .

When they reach the foot of the stairs, Grandmother was surprised to feel a hand touching her hands . When she looks, she found Bentong holding on to her sides .

She squatted and stared at Bentong in his eyes . "Do you want to sleep with me?" She asked lovingly with a smile plastered on her face .

Bentong only nodded; he didn't say a word . That's all Grandmother Tan needed; he looked at Grandfather Go's for approval .

"Go ahead! If he wants to sleep with you; it's fine with me . " Grandpa Go sadly agreed then turned to go to his room with sadness in his eyes .

Don-Don was left standing, unsure of what to do, should he follow Grandpa or Grandma . . .

The latter won, he followed the sad looking face Grandpa Go to his room . "Grandpa wait-up, I want to sleep with you!" Don-Don shouted after Grandpa Go .

Grandfather Go, stopped and turned around "Hurry up then! I thought you wanted to sleep with your Grandma Tan as well . " His face was full of smile .


In the meantime, the woman was busy chatting about the future and what they should do after the wedding . Ann's was all set in staying home for a while until the babies were born . Sophia has no plan on going back into the entertainment industry; she wanted to retire while she's still popular .

Lea was concerned about her future now that Ann had decided to put her career on hold indefinitely .

Eva also in the same boat as Lea, she's unsure of her future . She has a lot of dreams and doesn't know how to go about it .

Lea was intensely staring at Eva; she was in deep thought . . . Then, *Ding!* A light bulb started to shine brightly in her head . "Eva, let me asked you something . What do you think of going into the entertainment industry?"

"Hmmm, I haven't thought about it . However, I love singing and dancing since I was young . "- She looks at Sophia shyly before continuing . -"When I was in school, I was a member of the drama club, and my idol was Aunty Sophia, hahaha!"

"What do you think of trying out? I could be your Manager; I'm a good one too!" Lea brags .

'I don't know; It's tough getting into the entertainment industries . I don't have any experience and . . . "

She never got to finished what she's about to say before Sophia cut her off . " That's not a bad idea; I could mentor you in the process . Since I'm retiring soon anyway, I would have nothing to do . Go for it!" Sophia coaxed Eva to agrees .

"Hmmm, let me think about it alright! Give me after the wedding to decide, and I would let you know . " She looked at Lea straight in her eyes, "I promised! If I ever decided to go into the entertainment industry, I will let you manage my career . Deal?"


The two girls hugged each other and started laughing . Ann and Sophia joined the two, and all four were laughing hard when the men arrived .

"Whoa! What's going on? What's so funny? We could hear you out there . " Ethan banters, andtwo men gave him a look that could kill .

Jeff went to sit down next to his wife and whispered . " What's so funny? Can't you let me in on the joke?"

"Depend," Ann whispered back . . .