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Chapter 284
Ann was only teasing Jeff . However, he took it seriously and was thinking of what he could do for his wife so she would divulge the reason for their heaves of laughter .

Jeff was interested as to what are they were discussing, but his beautiful wife wouldn't share it with him . Therefore, all he could do was remain and observe .

Ethan was prying as well, mainly if it's about his future wife . [He hope] "So what's so funny that we could hear you guys laughing at the door?" He asked with a simple look on his face .

Sophia saw how awkward Eva at the moment and decided to interrupt . "We were talking about the Bachelor party, how you guys were fooled by the girls that night . That's all, nothing else . Right girls?"

"Yes!" Lea was the quickest one to reply .

Ann and Eva just nodded without saying a word .

Ann changed the topic and asked the men, no one in particular . "By the way, you guys are home early, was everything taken cared off?"

Ethan looked at Jeff; Ronald looked at Ethan and Jeff, and Albert . . . - Albert was already passed out .

"Everything already in motion as we speak, there's nothing to worry about at least for now . " Jeff's the one who replied since Ronald and Ethan has their mouth clamped .

"Hmmm, that's good then . Well, if nothing else, why don't we all go to bed since it's late . " Ann told everyone as she was preparing to get up .

Jeff was quick to help Ann get up . "That's not a bad idea; I'm exhausted too anyway . " He yawned and acted all sleepy to let everyone know he's exhausted .

"Babe, let's go! I'm worn out too, Ann letting us stay for the night . It's been a long day, and we got another long one ahead of us . " Lea told Ronald loud enough for everyone to hear . Ronald sheepishly got up and helped up Lea before saying his goodnight to everyone and left as quick as he could .

Sophia was still trying to wake her husband up, while everyone was getting ready to go to their respective room . " Love . . . -Love . . . -Love . . . ! wake up, let's go! You would sleep soundly in a soft bed, wake up love . "

Albert was bewildered that everyone was gazing at him and anticipating for him to wake up . "What? What's going on? Why were all of you staring at me?" He anxiously asked, half asleep, half awake .

"Goodnight Uncle! Goodnight Untie!" Ethan bid Sophia and Albert with regard .

"Uncle! Aunty? " Jeff asked out loud while staring at him full of questions .

Ethan gave his older brother a look with intent to kill . "Mind your business, please!"



Eva and Ann laugh out loud at the same time; they thought it was funny how the two brothers were about to kill each other .

Ann tagged on Jeff's shirt, "Honey, come on! Give him a break; he's just respectful to my parents alright!" She secretly smiled .

Jeff felt sorry for acting like a spoilt child, but he didn't stop there . " Why don't you get out of here already, it's late . We still have a lot of things to do ahead of us . " He told Ethan with a stern looking face .

"What? Everyone else gets to spend the night here while I have to go home in an empty house; that's not fair at all?" Ethan angrily retorted .

"You know very well that everyone's staying here for the night, and where are you suppose to sleep? All the room were occupied . "

"Hmmm . . . "- He looked at Eva's direction before replying . - " I could sleep with you!"

Ann: "^-^"

Jeff: "Hmm . . . "

Albert: "He-he-he!"

Sophia: "Grrr . . . "

Eva shyly looked down and stared at her feet, without replying . She's too want him to sleep with her, but how is she to respond when her Aunty Sophia was shooting dagger at Ethan .

Ann decided to intervene, " Mom, Dad, Honey, why don't we all go to bed and leave the two decide what to do . They're both adult and now better . " She then pulled her husband to leave so her parents would follow suit .

Sophia understood what's her daughter trying to do and decided to go along . "Let's go . Love, let's leave them to their device . They're both old enough and knows the consequences . " She left after giving a warning look to Ethan and Eva .

After everyone left, Ethan and Eva stared at each other for a while trying to decide what to do . . .

When Eva wasn't making a move after a couple of minutes, Ethan decided to take it upon himself and ushered Eva, "Which way is to your room?"

Eva: "^-^"

With a big smile on her face, she pointed to Ethan the direction . . . [You all know what's going to happen after that . ]

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