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Chapter 285
Ann woke up very early the next day, with everyone spending the night at their home, it would not be right for her to oversleep . After discreetly getting off the bed as not to wake up her sleeping husband . She went to the bathroom quietly and took a shower swiftly and put on a charming, crisp, clean sundress that makes her looks like a fresh flower from the garden .

To top it off, she kept her face bare with any makeup, and it shows a younger woman than her actual age of twenty-two . After checking herself from the full-length mirror, she smiled after seeing how young she looks without makeup . Who would have thought from looking at her that she's already a married woman with a twin inside her flat belly?

Once satisfied with what she saw, she quietly left her sleeping husband and went downstairs . As she descended the stairways, a young maid was cleaning and was stunned and gawked when she saw how young she looks without makeup on her face .

Ann saw the way the young maid was staring at her, and she wonders why? "Good morning!" She greeted with a beautiful smile plastered on her face . "Is there something wrong with me?" She jokingly asked .

The young maid that was cleaning the stairways helped her descend . "Be careful Mam! The stairs and the floor is wet; you don't want to have an accident, you know!" The young maid warned Ann with concern showing in her eyes . -" No, Mam! There's not a thing wrong with you; I'm only surprised to see how young you look . Hehe!"

"Thank you!" Ann accepted the helping hand that the maid was offering .

Once she's safely at the ground, the maid continued cleaning with a smiling face .


She first went to the parlor to see if anyone was awake . No one was there; she then went towards the kitchen where everyone was busy running around hustling and bustling .

"Good morning!" Ann greeted the Chef and his assistants . Everyone was busy preparing a massive feast for breakfast .

"Good morning Mam!" Everyone replied in unison then went back to do what they were doing .

The Chef took the opportunity, and he went towards her before greeting her in person . "Good morning Mam!" Breakfast is almost ready; is there anything you wanted right now?"

"Oh, no-no-no! I only wanted to make sure that everything was in order, as you know that we have the whole family spending the night with us, I'm sure that you have your hand full right now . " Ann replied with the sweetest smile that she could conjure .

"I let you get back to what you're doing . I'm sure your swamp right now . "

"Yes, Mam! We need to ensure that breakfast would be ready on time . " Chef replied proudly .

"Well, I'll let you get back to what you're doing . I'll see if anyone's awake already . " Ann slowly made her way back to the parlor to see if anyone's awake once again .


Jeff with his eyes still closed, reached out to where his wife supposed to be and found no one . He tries once more and patting the bed, trying to feel around with his eyes still closed . 'Hmmm, where could she be?'

He slowly opened his eyes and saw no one next to him or in the room . He lazily got up and went to the bathroom to see if Ann was there, but didn't see anyone .

Just as he was ready to look for his wife, the door opened, and Ann walked in . "Good morning! You're awake!" Smiling sweetly .

Jeff went and kissed his wife . . . "Yikes! Morning breathe! Go and brush your teeth first; you're going to make me have morning sickness . " Ann joked while pinching her nose .

Jeff felt so embarrassed and run to the bathroom to brush his teeth . "I'm sorry, sweetheart!" He mumbles while brushing his teeth . As soon as he finished, he went back and blew air in front of Ann's face . "How's that?"

"Hmm, smells better . Haha!" Ann tipped her toe and kissed her husband soundly on both of his cheeks then unto his lips . "Hmmm! You're tasty; I could have you for breakfast instead . "

Jeff loved it and kissed her back hard and sweet . "How about we have each other for breakfast instead . " He suggested with glimmering eyes .

"Hahaha! We wish, but we can't everyone's up and waiting for us to have breakfast . "-Her two arms were around his neck . - "You know what they say, 'family that eats together, stay together . ' "So, we can't . After breakfast maybe . . . " She teased him .

"Sweetheart!!! You're a tease; you know that . "

"No, I'm not! What I said is the truth . Everyone's downstairs waiting for us to have breakfast . So, we cannot stay and eat each other . " Ann replied seriously without blinking an eye .

Jeff looked at Ann's expression and started laughing out loud . "Hahaha! Hahaha!"

"When did you become so bold in words? You speak of eating each other like your speaking of eating breakfast . Hahaha!"

Ann finally cracked and laughed along with Jeff . "Hahaha! I wanted to see your reaction if I said it seriously . How would I know that you do have a sense of humor and catch my joke . "

Jeff lifted his wife and about to carry her downstairs . "Stop! Stop!" Ann shouted to his ears .

Jeff stopped just as he was about to open the door and waited for Ann to continue what she was about to say .

"I hope you're not planning on going downstairs like that!" Ann's lips were puckered pointing towards his torso .

Jeff looked down and saw that he's not wearing anything at all, he's butt naked . . . He slowly put down Ann and rushed to the wardrobe closest to find something to wear, while his face was flushed red from embarrassment .

Ann took the opportunity and went out of the room quickly before Jeff comes back . However, she was laughing hard and loud as she walked out of their bedroom .