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Chapter 286

Everyone could hear Ann's laughter down below the mansion . Sophia and Albert had just gotten out of their room and heard her loud and clear .

When Ann crossed path with them on the way to the dining room, Sophia couldn't hold her curiosity and asked her the question . - "What's so funny dear? We could hear you down here?"

"Hahaha! Nothing, nothing at all! Hahaha!" Ann couldn't stop laughing . However, she couldn't tell her parents what happened behind the closed door .

"Hmmm, Are you sure? "Sophia curiously asked once more .

"Love, if she doesn't want to share, let her be . It must be something embarrassing, or she would have told you already . . . Right, my dear?" Albert interjected while trying to get confirmation from Ann without being obvious .

"Hahaha! Hahaha!" Ann was still laughing, and not giving them the satisfaction of knowing what it is that she's laughing about .

Just as they were about to enter the threshold of the dining room, Eva's bedroom opened, and Ethan was discreetly trying to sneak out and was caught right handed by Sophia, Albert, and Ann .

"Oh, Sh*t!" Ethan was stunned and mumbled to himself for everyone to hear .

"You're right, Oh, Sh*t alright!" Sophia was looking at him eye bulging while looking at him sternly .

"Hehe! You should learn to get up early so you won't get caught right-handed . " Albert Tan teased Ethan .

"Mother! Let it go pleaseeeee! They're not children any longer . They know what's right and wrong . Right? Ethan!"

"Hmpt!" Sophia gave Ethan a looked that could kill .

Ethan secretly looked at Ann's direction and gave her a peach sign . He then moved his lips without a sound . "Thank you!" While looking straight at Ann who's ready to go inside the dining room



Soon, Grandmother Tan, Grandfather Go, and the two boys arrived as well, Ronald, Lea, Ethan followed them along with Eva and lastly the king of the house Jeff with a smiling face .

Everyone greeted each other first before finding a place at the table . Soon everyone was seated at the table happily next to their partners . The atmosphere was harmonious; everyone was excited about the upcoming wedding in a couple of days .

Bentong's eye was full of happiness, seeing all the delicious food in the middle of the table .

"Wow!!! I want one of everything . " Bentong happily shouted so they could hear him from all the commotion that's going on in the dining room .

Grandmother Tan and Grandfather Go heard what Bentong said and started filling up a plate for him to eat . Both of them acting like a doting grandparent to the boys .

Sophia decided to announce to everyone the press release she's planning on doing after breakfast .

"Everyone! Listen up! After breakfast today, I'm going to be giving a press release . I'm announcing to the whole world our relationship . "-She looked at Ann and Albert at the simultaneously . - " I'm giving you the heads up now, so you won't be shocked hearing it on the news later . "

"Will be right there with you for moral support . Right honey?" Ann asked her husband who's busy eating and looking like he's not paying attention at all .

"Yes, sweetheart! Whatever you say, I'm with you . But first, let me eat alright!" Jeff replied with a mouth full of food, which is unheard off .

Ann looked at her husband; she stared at him unable to believe what she's seeing . Here is a man who's always picture perfect no matter what he does . From his clothing and mannerism, he made sure to look the best, then yet . . . He's eating like a glutton . "Bring back my husband!" Ann shouted which scared the heck out of Jeff and he suddenly stopped eating and stared at his wife speechless .




Everyone started laughing out loud; they thought it was funny the way Jeff looks at that moment .

"From what I could see right now, Jeff has to be careful or he would be the one with a big belly and giving birth if he doesn't stop stuffing himself . Hahaha!" Grandfather Go banters

Jeff finally realizes that everyone was laughing at the way he was eating . He was embarrassed, but that did not stop him from continuing to shove food on his mouth . "What can I do, I can't seem to stop eating no matter what I do . Oh well! If I end up with a big belly, so be it . Right sweetheart?" He proudly announced and continued eating .

"Please!!! Lord, bring back my husband!" Ann shouted once again before joining the laughter .


After breakfast, Sophia and Albert Tan along with Grandmother Tan and Grandfather Go left ahead to go to the press conference to prepare .

Jeff, Ann, Eva, Lea, Ethan, and Ronald went together leaving the two boys at the mansion .

The whole place was packed with reporters from all over the Country . Everyone want's to hear what the Diva has to say .

Everyone has their own opinions of what Sophia's announcement was going to be . However, no one knows for sure what it is, and they all have to wait when she arrives .

"She's here!" One of the reporters shouted, and everyone turned to look at the direction the reporter was pointing .

Sure enough, Sophia's car arrived, and Edna rushes to meet with her along with the bodyguards for protection .

The door opens, and Sophia stepped out of the car looking like a million dollar . Who would have thought that she's old enough to be Ann's Mother, she doesn't look like a day older than early thirty .

The camera started flashing as she descended like the Diva she is .