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Chapter 287

Sophia smiled left and right to show her pearly white teeth. She stopped for a second to let the photographer take a good picture, not a stolen shot. "Make sure you photoshop it well before posting it alright!" Sophia jokingly shouted to the reporters.

Once she thought they had enough pictures, she continued and went inside to prepare for the press conference. Albert, Grandmother Tan and Grandfather Go followed her toward the VIP room.


Jeff and Ann's entourage arrived, and the reporters had a field when they saw them coming.

"Guys!!!! It looks who's here! CEO Jeff Go and Miss Wen, this is a bonus!" An excited reporter shouted for everyone to hear.

Once they saw that the reporter was telling the truth, everyone gathered up at the entrance where Jeff, Ann, and the gang would be entering.

"CEO Go, could you tell us why you're here?"

"Do you have anything to do with the press conference."

"CEO Go, could you tell us why you choose Miss Wen when many other candidates fit your background?"

"CEO Go...Please, answer our question, CEO Go!"

Jeff played a deaf ear from all the questions the reporters thrown to him. The elite bodyguards that were protecting them were getting hammered from all the reporters that pushing and shoving trying to get near them.

Everyone protected Ann; no one was able to get near her or Jeff for that matter. They circled them to preserve them for any mishap.

Once they reach the sanctuary of the VIP room, Ann finally able to breathe, but, not before she started feeling nauseated and about to throw up. She hurriedly went to the bathroom without saying a word.

Jeff who looks picture perfect with his Armani suit runs after his wife to see what's going on with concern in his eyes.

Ann was throwing up everything she had eaten for breakfast, and it wasn't much the begin with.

Sophia, Grandmother Tan, Lea, and Eva all looked worried and wanted to run after Ann as well, but Jeff's already beat them to it.

Suddenly, everyone heard the sound of a man throwing up, and they know it's Jeff.

They looked at each other first; then laughter was heard loud and clear inside the VIP room.


Sophia, Albert, Grandmother Tan and Grandfather Go were all seating at the table on top of the podium waiting for the press conference to commence.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for attending this press conference." Edna loudly announced to everyone.

"You may ask a question later, but for now our Diva has something to share with us." Edna bobs her head up and down to signal Sophia to go ahead.

"Hello! Mic. test, mic-test!" -Sophia tried the microphone to see if it's on and they could hear her. -"Hi, everyone!" She greeted with a smiling face.

"I ask all of you to clear something up in regards to the news that had been circulating lately. This is in regards to Miss Ann Wen who's soon to be Mrs. CEO Jeff Go." Sophia stopped for a minute and gulped some water to ease her parch throat.

"Recently a piece of news was spreading and degrading Ann in the process. it said..-Let me read it for all of you to hear." Sophia did just that, and people started talking among each other.

"There's something that you all don't know, and that's the reason we call for this press conference to enlightened everyone and the masses.

"However, before we continued there's a story I want all of you to hear," Sophia informs everyone.

Grandmother Tan and Grandfather Go told their story to the reporters, and everyone was awe how sweet their love story. Unfortunately, some reporters were not satisfied hearing the love story and started yelling and complaining.

"Gramps, and Grandma...We love your story, but what we want to know was the reason we are being called here right now?" One reporter yelled.

"Yes! We want to know the real reason we're called here today." Another reporter shouted.

The buzzing sound of reporters shouting, yelling, screaming, was deafening to Sophia's ear and after listening for a little bit, she couldn't hold any longer.


Sophia and Albert Tan shouted into the microphone that stunned everyone into silence...


"I think she said..."

"Did I heard it correctly?"


Once again, Sophia repeated the words loud and clear for everyone to hear...

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