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Chapter 288

The crowd suddenly became entirely silent after Albert and Sophia's outburst . The reporters were waiting for the continuation of their speech . This is headline news; no one wants to miss this chance of a lifetime .

Albert sat back down while Sophia took a deep breath before she continued with her announcement .

Sophia knows she's taking a significant risk with her career for what she's doing right now, but it doesn't matter any longer . What's essential is Ann's reputation, she would do anything to pay back what she owes, even if it meant for her career to plummet to the ground .

"The reason I called for this press conference was to inform everyone about my relationship with Ann Wen Tan . Someone has guts to defame Ann without checking the facts, and this is my way of correcting that error . " Sophia looked around to see if she has their full attention before continuing .

"She's my daughter, and her Father is my husband CEO, Albert Tan . Ann's not-a-nobody nor a social climber like someone written . She's the sole heiress of Tan Corporation and my daughter, that should count for something . Right?" Sophia said it a little louder than her usual tone of voice .

"Should anyone have any question for that matter, you may ask us . " She pointed to Albert, Grandmother Tan and Grandfather Go who's silently seating and waiting for their turn .

"Please! bare with me while I tell you our story . " Sophia sat back down next to her husband and was ready to tell the story .

However, Albert Tan beat her to the microphone and started telling their love story from the very beginning . Everyone sat quietly and listened without interrupting, which is unusual from a crowd of reporters .

The way Albert had made is sound was so . . . - beautiful that the reporters couldn't wait for him to finished and started sending the report to be used as headliners .

"Now that all of you knows the truth about our daughter, we would appreciate if you all give her a break and not to write derogatory remarks whatsoever or pay the consequences . We would not take this laying down . Thank you!"

Albert Tan finished speaking and felt relief afterward . He took a deep breath before . . . "If any of you have any question, feel free to ask now or forever hold your peace . " He sternly announces to all the reporters .

Grandfather Go was not to be overpowered; he wants a piece of the limelight as well . As soon as Albert Tan finishes, he started telling them how Ann and Jeff were betrothed with each other since birth as promised between him and grandmother Tan .

Once the reporters heard grandfather Go's story, they couldn't help themselves from commenting to each other .

"Wow! What a lovely love story, how I wish they would make a movie about all of them . "

"Yes! If they do make a movie about them and everyone's love story, it would be a big hit for sure . "

"I better start making my report before I get into trouble . A piece of big news like this would be a headliner for sure . Hahaha!"

All the reporters were busy making reports to their perspective companies . None was asking a question, and due to that, Sophia took the opportunity to gesture to everyone to get up and get ready to leave .

Albert Tan also got up and helped Grandfather Go and Grandmother Tan to step down from the podium and head down to the VIP lounge where everyone was standing by, in case they needed them for reinforcement .

"Phew! That was tiring for an old man like me . " Grandpa Go complaint while situating himself to the sofa .

Grandmother Tan did not say a word the whole time; she was just a bystander and a reinforcement if needed . "Let's all get out of here and get this over with, we have a lot of things going on right now, and this press conference was only a hindrance to the true event . "

Jeff and Ann thanked the elders for clarifying everything and for proudly announcing to the world who she indeed is, a daughter of a celebrity, and a sole heiress of an empire .

Everyone left while the reporters were busy making reports, no one realizes until later that Sophia and her entourage were all gone .


In the meantime at the Island where the wedding would commence, Rita and her crew were busy making all the necessary preparation for the pre-wedding party for all the guest from around the globe . Her list of guest keeps on growing daily, and she's concern that the island would be too small for the main event . They might night the whole Country for that matter . . .



Rita looks at the screen of her phone to see who wants to facetime with her at her busy moment . It was Mr . Chef from Jeff's household . "WTF does he wants now?" She mumbles to herself while giving instructions to her crew .

Rita doesn't have time for chit-chat and love life at the moment . Her priority is the event; it's what would make or break her RRWP Company in the business world . 'Chef would have to wait if he cannot then . . . He's more than welcome to find someone else . ' She thought while keeping herself busy with the task .

Rita's assistant came running with the news . . . "OMG!!! Did you see the news? Check the trending news right now; it's about the Diva and our bride to be . Look-look-look!" The assistant was almost shoving her phone to Rita's face due to the excitement .

Rita took a quick peek of what's on the screen before telling the assistant to go back to work . Once her assistant left, she hurriedly surfs the net for news about Ann and the wedding . Sure enough, it's the number one search on the web .

The headline reads [ Wedding of the year, bride to be true identity . Daughter of a Diva, sole heiress of an Empire . ] Etc . . . Etc . . .

Rita smiles after reading . . . She did not make a mistake, its the wedding that would put a mark in the industry for RRWP . "Thank you! Mrs . Ann Go! It's a match made in heaven; you're my idol!" She happily shouted . . .